Christmas market project


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Service design project for the City of Rovaniemi / Rovaniemen Kehitys Oy.
Development of a new service path and connecting website for Christmas market in Japan.

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Christmas market project

  1. 1. CHRISTMAS MARKET PROJECT Development of a new service path and connecting website for the City of Rovaniemi / Rovaniemen Kehitys Oy Copyright December 2011 Centre for Economic Development Transport and the EnvironmentCHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 1 8.12.2011 15:39:25
  3. 3. INTRO With this book we gladly present to you the results of the Service Design Group of the University of Lapland for the as- signment given by the City of Rovaniemi and Rovaniemen Kehitys Oy. In September 2011 elinkeinojohtaja Erkki Kautto asked the industrial Design Department of the University of Lapland to design a new service path for the Christmas Market service, that the City offers to local and regional Lappish companies. This task has been offered as a course to MA students. Main goals for the City to develop this service are the expanding of the Christmas Market service, now and in the future, and to promote Rovaniemi as the Official Hometown of Santa Claus by doing so. Improving connections to existing rela- tionships with companies and finding new collaborations with regional and local companies are the other aims. In this book we present: - a new Service Path for the City to work with (also on CD) - touchpoints, the real action points to do - a concept for new website aimed at the companies With this concepts we wish the City of Rovaniemi and Rovaniemen Kehitys Oy very good Christmas seasons this year and in the years to come! Esther, Mira, Sami, Elisa, Jinyu, Bao and HannaCHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 5 8.12.2011 15:39:33
  4. 4. DESIGN PROCESS Our group of 7 Master students Industrial Design of the University of Lapland started the service design task under supervision of docent Simo Rontti. The process from start to finish was a challenge. First meetings were mainly brainstorm sessions. The meaning of Santa Claus, general feelings and emotions about Christmas, positive as well as negative ones, and cultural differences how Santa Claus is received and known in different parts of the world were explored and presented. Small experiments in role playing the Sinco Lab as well. In next meetings we researched the benchmarking of other ´cities of Santa´ around the world, we experimented with the Sinco Lab further, brainstormed about new services, came up with a first batch of innovative designs and ideas, and we viewed the design task from different angles to get a better grip on the task and the expectations. The first Milestone meeting with Erkki Kautto brought more light in the dark. We identified the role of the City, being a facilitator, organizer, efficienty builder and in those way connecting the companies and built trust. Discussed were also the goals of the parties. Main goals for the companies are to sell and to promote and find new aftersales markets. Main goals for the Christmas Markets are the image and networking. Main goals for the City of Rovaniemi and Rovaniemen Kehitys Oy are to find new collaborations and promote the City of Rovaniemi as Official Hometown of Santa Claus. Benefits for the companies should be linked and shown in our solutions. Our focus was now shifted to the service operating model mainly. The need for a service website connecting the Christmas markets to the aimed companies became also clear. The companies are the users of the service and promote Rovaniemi through their products, and the need for a digitalized service connection through internet would be good.CHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 6 8.12.2011 15:39:34
  5. 5. A connected service website on the internet would serve as well as a tool for potential companies to join in future. Keywords: Flexible, Fluent and Efficient After the second Milestone meeting the path and website were developed further in more detail and with many changes. We user tested it in the Sinco Lab, did mock-up testing in the Sinco Lab, role playing in the Sinco Lab with realtime screens and sounds. Afterwards we again implemented those outcomes and changes into the website concept and service path design. In the last phase we tested the website as well as the service path many times in the Sinco lab. All our other innovational ideas we put in a ´Suitcase of Ideas´. This can be used in future to develop other services and products. Results: Service Path and Website Concept The website was tested in the Sinco Lab on usability and clarity, and adjusted every time. The new website concept is shown in the book, and the website functionality is extra shown on CD, with focus on functionality only. The service path, existing of different service paths for all the parties involved, we integrated into one path, mainly focused on the City and on the companies actions. In the path there are the Touchpoints and icons indicating which actions should be taken and when and by who. The Touchpoint list explains in detail what is the content for action to be taken by the City.CHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 7 8.12.2011 15:39:36
  6. 6. SERVICE PATH The Service Path shows all the steps in time necessary to organize the Christmas Markets (CM). Timeline cycle is from February til February. Blue path is for the City of Rovaniemi / Rovaniemen Kehitys Oy. This is the main path, since the City is the actor, to take action. Orange is the service path connection to the joining companies. This is also an action line. Red shows actions connected to the local contact person at the Christmas Markets (CM). Yellow shows actions connected to the shipping company. Each step in time is put in a box and given a name. The arrows show the direction of communication. Who is responsible of taking action. The grey boxes are the Touchpoints, the points of real action. The Touchpoints have each a letter of the alphabet. In the Touchpoint list is written in detail what is the content of each Touchpoint/action, referring to the letters of alphabet.CHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 8 8.12.2011 15:39:38
  7. 7. Jinyi Sus role in desIgn team Analyze and general service path Focus on user experience design area Interaction website concept design and prototypeCHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 2 8.12.2011 15:39:27
  8. 8. TOUCHPOINTS CM = Christmas Market cp = contact person info = information www = website NOTE: the five most important touchpoints for communication are highlighted in green A) Email First contact to local CM contactperson, general information gathering via e-mail - Info about dates new CM - Info about stand (maybe already rough lay-out info if available?) - What kind of products are needed at the CM (high or low quality?) - Information about last years CM´s - Is this CM on a new location, or same address/location? B) Phone Contacting the potential companies, via personal phone call - Giving info to new potential and/or earlier participating companies about the CM - Ask if they are interested? - Info about website, dates, prices - Tell the companies about the email that will be send with the link to the website, tell about possibility to subscribe on the website, and ask if they want to receive the info also in paper form? C) Email, Pdf, www Giving the companies additional information, via e-mail, pdf and website - Email includes: website link and contract pdf (printing version for companies that don´t use internet) - Website includes: - Video of CM´s from past year - Prices about taxes/export/import - Password and my account to directly to join - Contract pdf concept printing version - Other info necessaryCHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 11 8.12.2011 15:39:40
  9. 9. D1) Email, phone Invitation to first meeting with joining companies, via e-mail and phone invitation - All companies together for 1st meeting (beginning of May) E) Meeting 1 Meeting together with all the joining companies, at the office of City of Rovaniemi / Rovaniemen Kehitys Oy Talking/explaining about: - The contract - Products and possibilities for products - The stand lay-out (roughly), explaining more about the CM process - Who is responsible for what - What price level in the stand? - Who is selling in the stand? - Do the companies want the aftersales? - Do the companies want to donate leftover products to local charity? - Do the companies want to join the Unicef 1 euro action? - Do the companies want aftersales in that specific country yes, or other country no? - That the local CM contactperson helps to set up contacts for aftersales during the CM, but not after: afterwards the companies are on their own (no help from Rovaniemi City or CM cp) and have to take contact with local agents themselves - Information about the product lines (for example no alcohol, no food) - How the shipping is organized - How and when to bring the products to the collecting point, deadline 1st November - Answering questions, explaining unclearaties F) Email Getting more detailed information about the stand of CM, via email - With the local contactpersonCHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 12 8.12.2011 15:39:42
  10. 10. D2) Email, phone Invitation to first meeting with joining companies, via e-mail and phone invitation - Companies one by one meeting (end of May) G) Meeting 2 Meeting together with the joining companies one by one, at the office of City of Rovaniemi / Rovaniemen Kehitys Oy - Contract discussion and making the concept shipping contract ready! - Companies confirm which products they want to sell, how many, prices, promotion - More about the lay-out from the stand, and showing rough lay-out plan of the CM´s - Decoration wishes from the companies for in the stand H) Email Sending applications to CM´s - To the local contactperson from the CM´s in the different countries I) Email Receiving confirmations of the CM´s - From the local contactperson from the CM´s in the different countries J) Meeting, email, phone Making final shipping contracts, using email or phone or meeting - By email or in meeting with the joining companies one by one, the shipping contract is made ready - Other important details about times and places of the CM´s - Local contactperson CM information - Info about how many products will send: weight, size and other information - Sending the shipping contracts to the shipping company afterwards - From now on the joining companies can also use the local CM´s contactpersons to start using the local network for the aftersales, about 2 to 3 months beforeCHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 13 8.12.2011 15:39:44
  11. 11. K) Email or phone call to shipping company Collecting all products from all joining companies in one place, a picking up all products - Email or phone call to shipping company that all products are collected and ready to be picked up - Deadline for the companies to bring the products to Rovaniemen Kehitys Oy is 30th October - Pick up is 1st or 2nd of November by the shipping company from where to pick-up and destinations L) Email and website Making stand plan ready - Contacting the CM´s contactpersons to decide last changes in decorations - Status of the products: did they arrive, on time, and in one piece? - Last small changes to decoration of the stand according to companies wishes - This is always 2 days before the opening of the CM´s! M) Phone Shipping company contacts local contactpersons at CM´s when products have arrived at the local airports - Time and place for final destination / address CM - Receiving of the products at the CM´s (the stands are usually built up just 2 days before the CM´s opens!) N) Email or phone Contacting with local contactperson CM to share the stand plan and making final adjustments - Asking last opinions from companies - Definite visual layout about stand, clothes, graphics, tv screen - Last time changes and last detail changes - Making and showing photo/videoclip from stand to companies to show the last layout if possible, otherwise info sharing thru phone, www or emailCHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 14 8.12.2011 15:39:45
  12. 12. AT THIS POINT THE CHRISTMAS MARKETS STARTS O) Email or www Giving information to the assisting salespersons in the stand and updating sales to companies, via website and/or email - Helps for sharing of info about products, companies, Joulupukki and Rovaniemi-city - Updating sales and keeping in touch with companies - To be developed website including kassa system (calculating sold products automatically or manual, for example every second day) - This touchpoint continues during the whole CM!! P) Email, www and phone Local contactperson CM networks and tries to find potential local businesspartners for the companies for aftersales, via email, phone and/or website - Contacting companies - Following the selling status - Helping with setting up aftersales contracts - Choosing aftersales partners Q) Email, www and phone Collecting the leftover products, local CM contactperson informs / asks the companies what to do with the product leftovers, via email, phone and/or website 1. Aftersales? 2. Charity? or 3. Return leftovers to Finland?CHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 15 8.12.2011 15:39:47
  13. 13. R) Phone Contacting shipping company for sending leftover products back to Finland by phone, and phoninh the companies to pick up the leftovers, via phone - Receiving the leftover products back at City of Rovaniemi office - Giving back the leftovers to the companies S) Evaluation / feedback meeting 1, with report Receiving the results of the CM´s - All companies together or separately - Evaluation meeting beginning of February (before organizing the new CM´s): how was it / how did it go: the experience, local contacts, stand, communications, shipping, product sales, aftersales contacts - Fixing possible mistakes and implementing new changes if necessary - Updating website - Impressions and info sharing about aftersales on local markets by the companies T) Evaluation / feedback meeting 2, with report Meeting about aftersales and receiving feedback and results of aftersales 3-6 months later - All companies together or separately - Meeting about aftersales, how did it go, suggestions etc, evaluation selling status - Video film about the CM (if possible) - Questionnaire for feedback and suggestions - Collecting ideas for changing and implementing changes - Media afterwards: Lapin Kansa?CHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 16 8.12.2011 15:39:49
  14. 14. CONCEPT WEBSITE The website is aimed at potential and joining companies. The website has 2 parts: 1.Welcome part: gives information needed before joining (Home, Home | Previous Markets | Companies and products | Participation | My Account Previous Markets, Companies and Products, Participation, My Account). 2.My Account part: when the companies have decided to join and been given a password, this part gives information about sales and products (Planning Christmas Market, Sales Info, Contact). Planning Christmas Market link gives more information on the Timetable, My products, Stand Info, Transport Info and Feedback. All the functions and content have been developed, user tested and adjusted many times in the Sinco Lab according to the wishes of the City. We therefore suggest to use this website as a real basis for further development in future. NOTE: In this book is shown the graphics of the website (layout shows how it should look like). On CD is shown the functions of the website (how to click to next links and what information it gives). Both examples are actually the same website.CHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 17 8.12.2011 15:39:54
  15. 15. Home | Previous Markets | Companies and products | Participation | My Account Home | Previous Markets | Companies and products | Participation | My AccountCHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 18 8.12.2011 15:40:02
  16. 16. Home | Previous Markets | Companies and products | Participation | My Account Home | Previous Markets | Companies and products | Participation | My AccountCHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 19 8.12.2011 15:40:11
  17. 17. Home | Previous Markets | Companies and products | Participation | My Account Home | Previous Markets | Companies and products | Participation | My AccountCHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 20 8.12.2011 15:40:19
  18. 18. Home | Previous Markets | Companies and products | Participation | My Account Home | Previous Markets | Companies and products | Participation | My AccountCHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 21 8.12.2011 15:40:27
  19. 19. Home | Previous Markets | Companies and products | Participation | My Account Home | Previous Markets | Companies and products | Participation | My AccountCHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 22 8.12.2011 15:40:37
  20. 20. IDEAS SUITCASE During the whole process we came up with many more ideas and innovations. These ideas are presented here in this ´suitcase full of ideas´, and can be used in future as marketing tools and to develop further into new designs and services for the City. Our best ideas are collected on next pages.CHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 23 8.12.2011 15:40:41
  21. 21. FLYERS: Snow flaked/reindeer shapes Printed with web address & information about Rovaniemi Local people in Rovaniemi participate to hand-draw the flyers Elfs give the flyers in the market SURPRISE TAGS: Same graphic for all the company: Christmas cookies e.g piparkakku Some info on sides about : Santa, Rovaniemi, Company, product SPECIAL SANTA LOGO FOR ALL PRODUCTS Design a clear logo for Christmas market specially Printed on all productsCHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 24 8.12.2011 15:40:45
  22. 22. LAPLAND AND CHRISTMAS QUIZ OR COMPETETION FOR CUSTOMER Many questions about : Santa and Santa village, Rovaniemi Lotto: Different prizes 1.PRODUCT COMPETETION FOR COMPANIES Interesting and innovative competition Prizes: Free delivery, A year long promotion to be `The official supplier of Santa Claus ´ Lucky Draw: Companies that attend the CM can have a chance to win a trip Co-operation with local manufacturersCHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 25 8.12.2011 15:40:48
  23. 23. PASTEBOARD AT THE CHRISTMAS MARKET FOR CUSTOMERS Pasteboard in front of the stand Customers put their faces in the hole and take photos CHRISTMAS AND SANTA DECRATION Reindeer shape balloons Nature element from Lapland PICTURES OR VIDEO CLIPS FROM LAPLAND FOR CUSTOMERS On screen information on the stand: Northern lights, Santa Claus Village, Elfs, Animal , Snow Self-service touch screenCHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 26 8.12.2011 15:40:52
  24. 24. COMPUTER BASED INFORMATION PATH Communication in internet – city of Rovaniemi/companies about: Products Companies Christmas Market itself Market history Future plans Data for customers Deliver info about ordered products Mailing list service for customers Collect customers’ email address in the market Sent emails to customers afterwards with info about new products and next year’s Christmas market Web domain for the products Information about Santa Claus and Lapland Resale places via contact person Charity Co-operation with other companiesCHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 27 8.12.2011 15:40:56
  25. 25. RECOMMENDATIONS As designers we are in a constant mode for better solutions for improvement. In the last weeks and days we still found new ideas and thoughts about making changes to the path and the website, and actions for further developments in future by the City. Here a short list of recommendations to develop further in (near) future: - Develop a promotion video of Rovaniemi to show in the stand, maybe with a 1 minute video interview with Santa - Website development, on product control and monotoring - Official graphics development to be used in decoration of and in displays in the stands, in one format, so in other words a clear new house style (with features: christmas, nature of Lapland, Santa) - Develop a video of each company, or one video of the companies together: for example how to use the Martiini knives - Develop a good kassa and/or scanner system for selling the products connected to the website, which is in constant updating mode - Develop a video to show at the CM: general video about the joining companies, and showing Lapland as an area, and showing Santa coming from RovaniemiCHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 28 8.12.2011 15:40:57
  26. 26. - Develop better visibility through stand and website - Develop the website further also for visitors, normal public - Standard control moments - Own identity of the companies should be preserved in the stand and process - Develop instructions for exceptional situations, such as shipping that failed to be on time or disasters that happen to the products - Use the aftersales moments to test the (new) markets in the countries - Use the evaluation meetings in February to implement good changesCHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 29 8.12.2011 15:40:59
  27. 27. OUR TEAM We thank you for the opportunity to work for the City and wish you a very Merry Christmas in 2011! Esther Dorsman 040-8107649 Mira Nummi 045-6339115 Sami Vähä 040-5895950 Elisa Heikkilä 050-3287009 Bao Xin 041-7062953 Jinyu Su 044-5480597 Hanna Ruotsalainen 044-5829380CHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 30 8.12.2011 15:41:01
  29. 29. CHRISTMAS_MARKET_PRESENTATION.indd 32 8.12.2011 15:41:04