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Content strategy Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Social Media Content Strategy for Urban Creek Council TINA
  • 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS The Ask What We Will Do Audience UCC Facebook Page and Twitter Account Audit Competitor Analysis Recommendations Other Ideas
  • 3. THE ASK UCC wants to understand better how to maximize the contribution by using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media tools, so it can move toward achieving its outreach goals.
  • 4. WHAT WE WILL DO Audit UCC’s content on its Facebook page and Twitter account to evaluate its current situation Analyze other non profit organizations’ social media content to see what we can learn from them Make recommendations for how UCC can improve its content on Facebook and Twitter
  • 5. Who are UCC’s audience?
  • 6. Meet Anna 34 years old, Berkeley, CA $64,000/year, Environmental Designer Cares about the environment and has donated to Save Mount Diablo. Has volunteer experience Loves green design and follows Green Roofs For Healthy Cities on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. If she see interesting pictures about green design on her social media, she will share with her friends. Follows California Native Grasslands Association, Walnut Creek Open Space on Facebook. Follows Conservancy in CA on Twitter because she wanted to get some event information about protecting the environment in the Bay Area. Pinterest board theme includes nature, lifestyle and green design content.
  • 7. Meet Mark 44 years old, Livermore,CA $58,000/year, High School Science Teacher Feels climate change intersects with people’s lifestyles. Wants to create a better living place for the next generation. Participated in Friends of Five Creeks volunteer project. Loves hiking and taking landscape pictures. He follows National Geographic on Facebook. Sometimes he will share the beautiful picture from a National Geographic post. Follows California Native Plant and The Trust for Public Land on Facebook. He loves to comment and shares his opinions on The Trust for Public’s posts. He has a Twitter account but doesn’t use it very often.
  • 8. People share valuable and entertaining content with the others on the social media. 94% of respondents carefully consider how the information they share will be useful to the recipient.
  • 9. Make the audience engage with your content on Facebook. They will bring new people to follow your social media account. Facebook Insights provides administrators with the “Friends of Fans” metric, telling admins just how many people they can potentially reach organically. Keep your fans interacting with your brand, and their friends will see all “liking” activity, comments and posts in the top right of their news feed.
  • 10. UCC Facebook Page and Twitter Account Audit
  • 11. UCC FACEBOOK PAGE AUDIT Tries to use image to engage with its audiences, but no explanation about what this picture is. Shows its past activities and volunteer impact on Facebook Page. Posts article and chart to try to educate people about preserving the environment.
  • 12. UCC FACEBOOK PAGE AUDIT Few people engage and interact with the content that UCC posts on Facebook, and they don’t like to share this content with others.
  • 13. UCC TWITTER ACCOUNT AUDIT Retweets the other organizations’ ideas which relate with protecting the environment. Broadcasts its event information on Twitter. Posts past activities photos and tries to engage with audience. Few people and organizations interact with the content that UCC posts on Twitter.
  • 14. What the other non profit organizations do on their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.
  • 15. THE NATURE CONSERVANCY Posts its projects updated information on its Twitter account to get user attention. Builds relationships with the other organizations by retweeting relevant information from them. The Nature Conservancy includes beautiful photos in its posts to engage and interact with users. Users would like to share these kinds of posts on their facebook page.
  • 16. THE TRUST FOR PUBLIC LAND Adds its opinions before retweeting the others’ tweets to interact with users. The Trust for Public Land strongly builds relationships with its audience through Facebook by replying to its followers’ comments and interacting with them. Follows the trends and includes hashtags about those trends.
  • 17. NRDC NRDC gives a clear CTA so its audience knows what it wants them to do. NRDC posts infographics to educate users. Creates interesting content related with important holidays to engage users. The voice that NRDC uses on Twitter represents its brand personality.
  • 18. OPPORTUNITY Builds Emotional Relationship with Users Opportunity Informs Users Engages Users Disconnected from Users
  • 19. The successful content on social media should engage users and build an emotional relationship with them.
  • 20. Recommendations
  • 21. FACEBOOK
  • 22. Create content worth sharing UCC should think about what its readers learn or take away from its posts. Example: Instead of just showing a picture, The Nature Conservancy created a paragraph to educate people about why protecting forests is important.
  • 23. Overlay powerful text on photos Not just any photos will help UCC to engage with its audience. Most pictures that people like included a simple powerful message in overlying text. Example: National Wildlife Federation created a powerful message in overlying text, which made this image meaningful and engaged users.
  • 24. Introduce content with infographic UCC could share the infographic about preserving the environment on Facebook because infographics are easy to understand, and people will share inforgraphics more often than the other content online. Example: NRDC posted an interesting infographic about what kinds of food people should buy on Thanksgiving to support protecting the environment, instead of only showing full text and numbers to explain its ideas.
  • 25. Question users for more engagement UCC should ask interesting questions in the post to engage its audience. Also, the questions are easy for people to respond to UCC and help it to build emotional relationships with users. Example: The Nature Conservancy creates fan engagement questions to interact with its audience. More people love to reply to this kind of content.
  • 26. Create content for important holidays UCC should create content for important holiday to build emotional relationships with its audience. Example: Charity: water created content that related with Thanksgiving and asked people to donate for an entire family in Cambodia. Example: The Trust for Public Land created a thank you post for its audience on the Thanksgiving Holiday.
  • 27. TWITTER
  • 28. Add opinions before retweeting Before UCC retweets relevant information from other organizations, it should add its own opinions. Also, tweets containing the word “RT” or “Retweet” receive higher retweet shares. It will help UCC to build relationships with other organizations or users. Example: The Trust for Public Land adds its opinions before retweeting the Wildness’s tweet.
  • 29. Post more tweets including images Tweets containing pictures received twice the engagement. UCC should try posting more tweets include images to engage the audience. It also would build emotional relationships with the audience through Twitter. Example: Charity:water always posts tweets which include photos. It makes its Twitter timeline feel “human” and engage its audience. Also, the photos help Charity:water develop an emotional connection with its audience.
  • 30. Define your voice on Twitter Twitter is about conversation. UCC should think about what voice it will use to talk with its audience. Also, the voice will represent its personality. A great voice can help UCC communicate with its users and develop relationships with them. Example: The voice of Etsy on Twitter is sweet, playful, warm. When users see this message, they will feel the brand personality. It’s also good for developing a relationship with its audience.
  • 31. Other ideas UCC website is dated. It plans to launch a redesigned website in the first quarter of 2014.
  • 32. Use Pinterest as UCC’s website.
  • 33. Why Pinterest? Visuals tell a story. Repinning content from other NGOs will foster interaction and relationships between NGOs. Pinterest introduces business accounts for brands, and there is now an “institution/non profit” category.
  • 34. Recommendation Tell your organizations story through the pictures. Board theme suggestion: WHO WE ARE
  • 35. Recommendation Have personality and keep the same tone in each board.
  • 36. Recommendation Focus on your audiences lifestyle, taste and interests. Board theme suggestion: CREEK, HIKING, NATURE
  • 37. Recommendation Build connections with your audience. Board theme suggestion: THANK YOU PAGE