Secrets of ViSalus Scam


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ViSalus scam secrets are shared in this article. If you are looking to start the 90 day challenge or wanting to start a home based business, do not join ViSalus until you read this article.

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Secrets of ViSalus Scam

  1. 1. Secrets of ViSalus Scam: Real Information Inside This ViSalus ReviewThe purpose for you being on this site is simply because you may have heard that there issuch a thing as “ViSalus Scam” and this may has caused you a bit of confusion if youshould dig deeper for more information.Let’s have a smoking-gun ViSalus review and give you enough information to make adecision whether this company and opportunity is the right fit for you.I am not a compensated by this company in any way, therefore the information that I willbe giving will be completely unbiased.VISALUS SCAM – COMPANY OVERVIEWIt is absolutely critical that the leadership, vision, and ethics are of the upmost level at thecorporate level to ensure that the company is heading in the right direction. Theoccupational name is a derivative of "Vi" meaning the basis for Life, and "Salus", whichrepresents good health and Success. The main guiding principles of the company are life,success and body health. ViSalus corporate level seats are CEO, Ryan Blair and ChiefSales Officer, Nick Sarnicola.In 2005 after building and losing two successful businesses in the bust, RyanBlair started a Detroit- based company named ViSalus Sciences. Even though thiscompany has been around over 7 years, it seems as though the past few years have seenthe most explosive growth.ViSalus, a weight loss and fitness program is now valued at $600 million. Most newnetwork marketing companies never make it past the five year mark. ViSalus with itsproven and remarkable track record of success has past this mark with flying colors. TheViSalus scam would be blowed up by now, but we shall dig a bit further in this ViSalusReview to garner more info on this sleeping giant of a company.VISALUS SCAM - VISALUS REVIEW OF PRODUCTS
  2. 2. The “ViSalus Scam” would practically unfold before your very eyes if the product was ofinferior quality. You see there could be a lot of demand for a product and this is one ofthe reasons that scam-artist and cons can prosper. Simply because they dangle the carrotin the eyes of the rabbit and he chases it all the way to the bank. This ViSalus review willinform you why there should careful consideration before joining this company.ViSalus has a vast array of products to assist in optimizing your health and well being.Examples of the products are essential oils, metabolic booster tablets, energy drinks likeThe Visalus Neuro, weight loss products like the Visalus Vi Shape Shakes and the Anti-Aging Visalus Vipak. This so-called ViSalus scam has created the Body by ViChallenge, combining genuine and life transforming products along with online andoffline support tools.ViSalus continues to gain momentum and notoriety as fitness pros continue to join in onThe Challenge. There are names such as Hulk Hogan, Jenny Lynn, Vince Taylor andMatt Lehr just to name a few. The Body By Vi Challenge, a weight loss initiativeencouraging people to lose weight and achieve fitness goals over a 90 day period. Theseare some of the products that you get to choose from when getting involved in thechallenge. 1. Starter Kit - Body by Vi Starter Kit - Not Sure Where to Begin? Try the Starter Kit! 2. Balance Kit - Includes 30 meals. Try a shake a day for breakfast and start the morning right. 3. Shape Kit - 2 meals per day for faster results. Includes 60 meals. Replace 2 meals per day with "the shake mix that tastes like cake mix" to accelerate your results. 4. Core Kit - Get fit faster, build more lean muscle, increase your energy. Includes 30 meals. Support for the active lifestyle with cellular rejuventation and healthy energy products. 5. Transformation Kit - Get fit faster, build more lean muscle, increase your energy. Includes 30 meals. Support for the active lifestyle with cellular rejuventation and healthy energy products. 6. Fit Kit - Fuel your body for ultimate performance with nutrients to burn fat, boost endurance, speed up recovery, and pack on lean muscle mass. This Kit is for high- octane lifestyles and any athlete looking to up their game!!
  3. 3. In our ViSalus review these are the products that we found that are being promoted.There are reports of some people losing as much as 145 lbs. Now, I am not sure how youmay feel about the company, but I am pretty sure that those people are sure that there isno such thing as a Visalus scam.VISALUS SCAM REVIEW - Is Visalus A Good Business Opportunity?The entire business opportunity for ViSalus Sciences is based on their product line. If anycompany offers a business opportunity with no products then you can pretty muchassume that company is a scam. According to CNBC Senior Stocks Commentator HerbGreenberg, ViSalus walks "a controversial line between legal direct selling and pyramidscheme." Just as other MLM business opportunities in the market, the company offers apercentage of the profits as commissions to a promoter based on the number of sales orreferrals. To become a basic distributor in ViSalus costs only $49.. However, theExecutive Success System costs $499, and this is the one that gives you access to all ofthe company’s benefits and rewards. You have seen the ViSalus board team, the team ofexecutive sales representatives and the products. We will look at the ViSaluscompensation plan in this ViSalus review to help us determine if ViSalus scams people ornot.VISALUS SCAM COMPENSATION – Does Visalus Pay Well?
  4. 4. ViSalus has a unilevel compensation plan which allows you to earn money in severalways. Having a unilevel compensation plan means that if someone becomes inactive,their downline’s volume (sales) is now counted at the level immediately above. You canmake money with direct sales and personal customer commission. Depending on youroverall GQV (which includes your downline of distributors and everyone’s customersunder you), you can get paid anywhere from 5% to 25%. This is actually a bit more thanmost other network marketing companies.Once you have reached the rank of Regional Director ($12,500 GQV + leg percentagerequirements), ViSalus rewards you with up to $600 monthly when you hit the 3rd Levelof the compensation plan, or you can just take a $300 cash bonus to put toward whatevercar you want. ViSalus has multiple bonus pools that are available on a weekly basis to itsdistributors. These bonus pools are based on the company’s total volume the previousmonth.The ViSalus compensation includes a First Order Bonus, Rising Star Weekly EnrollersPool, Team Commissions, Fast Start Bonus, Ambassador Bonus and The Rising StarPool Bonus.All of these bonuses and different levels of pay are useless if you do not take advantageof them. If you are looking for a gift a free ride, then business in the capitalistic systemmay not be the fit you are looking for. Can you make money in ViSalus? Of course youcan if you produce results.I have a good friend who joined ViSalus a couple months ago and she’s already mademultiple six figures. She did this simply by having a proven plan and being focusedenough to follow it through. This ViSalus review will provide you with the final resultsof our query.The Low Down On The ViSalus ScamThere is no ViSalus scam according to the information that we have been able to uncover.The products have helped many people lose weight and gain dignity and self respect.The business opportunity has helped lots of people make money, keep their familiestogether and live the dream lifestyle that they have dreamed of. There is no VisalusScam.They key to becoming successful in the so-called ViSalus scam as in any other homebased business is by being able to generate a constant flow of red-hot, laser-focused leadson a daily basis. This will help you and your fellow business owners to get into profits asfast as possible.Learn how to create lead sustainability in your business and never have to purchase leadsagain: Click Here For Lead SustainabilityThanks for taking the time out to read this unbiased 3rd party ViSalus Scam Review.
  5. 5. Yours in Prosperity,Jimmy & Melodie WilliamsMobile Office: 478-832-2311Skype: jimmyrwilliams
  6. 6. Yours in Prosperity,Jimmy & Melodie WilliamsMobile Office: 478-832-2311Skype: jimmyrwilliams