Melaleuca Scam


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Melaleuca scam is one of the biggest secrets online. There are so many ways that you can determine if a Melaleuca scam truly exists and we will discover these in this post.

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Melaleuca Scam

  1. 1. This unbiased Melaleuca Scam report will help determine if the allegations from othersare true. Just because some one claims that a company is a scam does not make it so.There needs to be some research done to come to a resolute conclusion. I am not arepresentative for Melaleuca, therefore I am not compensated in any way from them.This is one of the reasons that there are various Melaleuca reviews online. Most of thetime the Melaleuca scam reports only surface because of disgruntled former distributorsor some former reps that could not make any money because of their own inabilities.Melaleuca may be the company of your choice or not, but you need to know if Melaleucascam truly exist or not.MELALEUCA REVIEW – COMPANY OVERVIEWMelaleuca scam does not exist in reality. Let’s get that out of the way from the beginning.Melaleuca is a legitimate business opportunity that offers solid and proven products thathave been in high demand to their customers. It was founded in September 1985.Frank L. Vandersloot obtained Oil of Melaleuca from his brother in law and thatcompany was closed later that same year. In 1985, VanderSloot founded Melaleuca, Inc.,a multi-level marketing company that sells environmentally friendly nutritionalsupplements, cleaning supplies, and personal-care products, and he has been presidentand chief executive officer ever since. Inc. magazine included Melaleuca on its Inc. 500list of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States every year from 1990 to1994 before inducting the company into its Hall of Fame in 1994.MELALEUCA SCAM? | UNBIASED MELALEUCA REVIEW…Melaleuca Review | What products does the so called Melaleuca Scam have to offer?The critical analysis of any business opportunity is the stability or worth of theirproducts. In order for you to prove or disprove the Melaleuca scam we have decided inthis Melaleuca review that we will take a look at some of the key products and productclaims. You may be aware of many people claiming that the results that they get fromthese products are too good to be true.Melaleuca oil (generally known as tea tree) has been used for centuries by culturesaround the world to heal wounds. Tea tree oil is an essential oil obtained by steam
  2. 2. distillation of the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, a plant native to Australia. Australianaboriginals used tea tree leaves for healing skin cuts, burns, and infections by crushingthe leaves and applying them to the affected area.Melaleuca offers more than 350 products. Here is a categorical list of products. • Vitamins & Supplements • Food & Weight Loss • Cleaning & Laundry • Medicine Cabinet • Dental Care • Facial Care • Hair Care • Bath & Body • Beauty • Candles & Air Fresheners Melaleuca is becoming extremely popular in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Australia, NewZealand, and the United Kingdom. Melaleuca continues to grow at an astounding rate. Ifthe Melaleuca scam were real, this Melaleuca review would be null and void, but theproducts that they are selling are some of the more unique and effective products on themarket. Their continued push for “green” products continues to make them a viable forcein the market.Melaleuca Review | Is the Melaleuca Scam a Good Business Opportunity?As we continue this Melaleuca scam review, we need to answer several questionsregarding the business opportunity. The reason I am focusing on this area is simplybecause this is the reason that most people have heard about this company.It pays to know what kinda company you are getting involved with and this situation isno different. Certainly no network marketing company is without faults and flaws,however you should be aware of any company that has too many. Melaleuca haswithstood the test of time as most network marketing companies are out of businesswithin their first 5 years.Like any other business opportunity there is a need that must be met. This need is“leads”. No business in the world can survive without them. You need to have prospectsthat are seeking the products or prospects that are seeking to earn money using networkmarketing as a vehicle to gain income.Melaleuca Scam Review | What Is The Melaleuca Compensation Plan?
  3. 3. Since Melaleuca is a consumer direct marketing company, the compensation plan is setup as so. The key to understanding the Melaleuca Compensation Plan is to remember thatall commissions and bonuses earned are based on the sale of products to end consumers.You do not earn any money for recruiting or signing up customers. You will earn yourcommissions and bonuses from actual sales to the end consumer. This encourages thedistributor to be a product of the product. Once you’ve referred a customer, you will earncommission from their sales, and with Melaleuca having a high customer retention ratethe chances of earning a commission increases.If you want to join Melaleuca you will need to contact a consultant to enquire about thestart-up costs. Thus the so called Melaleuca Scam actually proves out to be a fair and ascam free network marketing company.Since Melaleuca has been around for such a long time and is not a new company, it is fairto say that they are not a scam and therefore you may conclude that a Melaleuca scamdoes not exist. As far as I have done my research online and read as many Melaleucareviews you can imagine, it seems to be a legitimate business model to enroll.They key to becoming successful in the so called Melaleuca Scam is by being able togenerate a consistent flow of qualified leads on a daily basis.Learn how to create lead sustainability in your business and never have to purchase leadsagain: Click Here For Lead SustainabilityThanks for taking the time out to ready this unbiased 3rd party Melaleuca Review |Melaleuca Scam.Yours in Prosperity,Jimmy & Melodie WilliamsMobile Office: 478-832-2311Skype: jimmyrwilliams