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  • 1. Universidad Juárezdel estado de Durango
  • 2. Centro Universitario deAuto-Aprendizaje en Lenguas
  • 3. Final ProjectInterview
  • 4. To establish the application of the theories: cognitive and constructivist of the English teachers in the “Bachillerato Tecnológico Industrial y de Servicio No. 110”; We applied 3 interviews to different English teachers.
  • 5. These interviews were designed for us to detect the knowledge ofthe teachers about the educational theories and find out in which one they support their didactic strategy.
  • 6. Interview • ¿What are you suppose to teach in school? The student to be competent in the academic area (parents-student-school). • ¿Which is the function of the professor in class? Be by the side of the student in his process of learning, supporting him with learning strategies and applying competences. • ¿Which is the part of the student in the classroom? The student has to have the initiative of investigating and apply in practice. • ¿Which should be the final propose of education? To form a competent student.
  • 7. Interview • ¿What kind of strategies does the teacher have to applied to get the student to learn? Collaboratively work through the multiples intelligences and knowledge based on problems. • ¿What are you suppose to evaluate in the apprenticeship? Knowledge and attitudes. • ¿What instruments of evaluation are you suppose to use? Observation, diagnostic evaluation, etc. • ¿What are you suppose to evaluate, just the results or the final products of the learning? You`re suppose to evaluate the products which are the result of the learning, also the participation, attendance, attitude, team work, individual work, feedback, self-evaluation, etc.
  • 8. Interview
  • 9. The importance of the application ofthe educative theories is reflected in the significant knowledge that the students acquire.
  • 10. Interview: Final Project Team Karina Yolanda Márquez Reyes Jaime Castro Leyva Cynthia Lizeth Carrasco Rubio Gabriela Fernández Quintana Danira Yazmin Reyes Rodríguez