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Digital workshop

Digital workshop






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    Digital workshop Digital workshop Presentation Transcript

    • presented by:Jimmy Bogroff, Director of Audience Targeting
    • So How Do Advertisers Reach Them:With The Right Offer,at The Right Time,ANDIn The Right Context?
    • Welcome to Today’sAudience Targeting Workshop
    • What We’ll Learn Today: How to Develop a Basic Audience Persona Understand How Companies Collect Information and Why Understand the Difference Between First Party and Third Party Data Define and Understand:Behavioral, Contextual and Demographic Targeting Define and Understand an Ad Network and an Ad Exchange Develop a High Level Media Strategy and Media PlanNote: Everything we are doing today will be oversimplified. The RealWorld isn’t a vacuum, but for today’s purposes we’ll be looking at thingsfrom a very straightforward perspective.
    • Audience PersonaActivity
    • YourAudiencePersona:Name,Age,Gender,OccupationWhatWebsitesDoYouVisit?WhatArticlesDoYouRead?WhatSocialSitesDoYouVisit?WhatWebsitesDoYouHaveaUserID?DoYouSharePics?Where? How?OfWho/What?HowManyDevicesDoYouOwn?PC/Laptop/Tablet/MobileAreYouPoliticallyMotivated?AreYouaFanofAnySportsTeams?WhatThingsDoYouSearchFor?WhatHaveYouSearchedForinthePastWeek? Month?WhatHaveYouBoughtOnlineinthePastWeek?Month?Year?DoYouWatchTVOnline?WhatTypesofVideosDoYouViewOnline?AreYouanOnlineShopper? OfWhat?AreYouanOnlineResearcher? OfWhat?DoYouHaveChildren?DoYouHavePets?What Do We Want to Know About Our Audience?
    • Time to BuildIt!!
    • TIME TO SHARELet’s Review Your PersonaDiscussion Points:Are Some of Your Interests MoreIntense or More Important to You?(mark down 1 – 10, with 10 being most intense)Are You in a Different Mindset DuringYour “Clickstream”Are There Different Times of DayWhere Something is More Interestingto You?Are There Any Brands or ProductsThat Are More Important to You?How Do They Align to Your OnlineBehaviors? Do They?What Are You MostEnthusiastic About?
    • How Do Companies Collect Data?C is for CookiesA cookie, is a small piece ofdata sent from a website andstored in a users web browserwhile a user is browsing awebsite.Upon their return the datastored in the cookie is sentback to the website by thebrowser to notify the websiteof the user’s previous activity.Cookies can be first party aswell as third party.
    • How Do Companies Collect Data?user idarticles,clicksvideo,social
    • user id /registrationMany sites use registrationdata to help them toidentify key demographiccharacteristics of theirusers.A User ID also helps them totrack user activity on theirsite, including their directactions and interests.This voluntary information isalso sometimes sold as 3rdparty data to otherwebsites, publishers, adnetworks, exchanges or dataproviders.
    • articles, clicksUsing The Example of OregonLive.com. A user could be categorized into a number ofinterest areas: Jobs, Autos, Real Estate, Rentals, Classifieds, News, Business, Sports, HighSchool Sports, Entertainment and Local News as examples.
    • social and sharingIn today’s age of social media, websites have created a dual benefit in providing theirusers with social sharing features. The user is able to share their favorite content to theirfriends. This helps a user to feel connected to the website and gives them a sense ofcommunity.In return the website is able to identify what content is being shared, which users aresocial influencers and a number of other social insights to aid in bolstering their targetingcapabilities.
    • video, musicVideo content and music provide another level of user engagement beyondstatic content. Websites featuring this type of content typically have highertime spent on the site.This higher level of engagement allows the website to capture a tremendousamount of information about the user’s top interests.It also gives their advertisers lengthier exposure to advertising.
    • What Information is Collected?They Learn About You Through:Registration DataInformation Volunteered•Age•Gender•Articles:• Commented On• Tweeted• Shared to FacebookInterests and BehaviorsObserved and Collected on All OwnedAssets•Click Behaviors• ads• articles• offsite links•Photos and Videos Watched•Sections VisitedAdvertisers and Publishers Are Trying toAnticipate Your Needs.They Are Keenly Interested inUnderstanding:“What Is This User Thinking?”
    • Collected InformationbecomesFIRST PARTY DATA
    • First Party DataThe Information You VolunteerSEARCHESWEBSITES VISITEDFacebookOregonLive Linked InYahoo!RealGM PandoraCOMMENTS MADE (USER ID) FORMS FILLED OUT
    • Source: http://www.emarketer.com/Article/Third-Party-Data-Guides-Campaign-Targeting/1009894Advertisers, Ad Agencies and Ad Platforms and DataIntegration and Blended Data3rdParty Data is a Normal Part of theTargeting Process.Advertisers and Agencies areIntegrating CRM, First Party Custom,Third Party Online, Third PartyOffline and More!
    • THIRD PARTY DATAUser Behaviors + Information That is Bought and SoldMost Companies Will Blend Together TheirOwn Data with Purchased Data from ThirdParties. This Can Include Offline Sources.DMPs or Data ManagementProviders help publishers, adnetworks, exchanges and otherparties to organize their FirstParty Data.These DMPs can also provide amedium for this information tobe packaged for distribution asThird Party Data.Third Party Data can also bepulled from other sourcesPurchase Data (MasterCard)Offline Behaviors
    • What is an Ad Network?An online advertising network or ad network is a company that connectsadvertisers to web sites that want to host advertisements. The key functionof an ad network is aggregation of ad space supply from publishers andmatching it with advertiser demand. The phrase "ad network" by itself ismedia-neutral in the sense that there can be a "Television Ad Network" or a"Print Ad Network", but is increasingly used to mean "online ad network" asthe effect of aggregation of publisher ad space and sale to advertisers ismost commonly seen in the online space. The fundamental differencebetween traditional media ad networks and online ad networks is that onlinead networks use a central ad server to deliver advertisements toconsumers, which enables targeting, tracking and reporting of impressionsin ways not possible with analog media alternatives.Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad_network
    • GoalsforaPublisherMightInclude:•IncreasedMonetizationofUnused(Remnant)Inventory.•IncreasedPageTraffic/Readership.•AcquireTechnologicalCapabilitiestoReachTheirCoreAudience.GoalsforAdvertisersMightIncluded:•ReachingaUserintheRightContext/Setting/Mindset.•ReachingaUserAccordingtoDefinedInterestsandBehaviors.•IncreasedFrequencyofMessaging.•Re-MessagingUsersWhoHaveBeenonTheirSite,orSpecificSectionsofTheirSite.Image source:Ad Networks Connect Publishers, Users andAdvertisers
    • There’s LOTS of Ad Networks
    • And They Exist for Different Kinds of ReasonsVertically Aligned (Travel)Or Specializing in Specific DevicesWith Specialized TechnologyOr Performance Related Goals
    • What is an Ad Exchange?Ad exchanges are technology platforms that facilitate the bidded buyingand selling of online media advertising inventory from multiple ad networks.The approach is technology-driven as opposed to the historical approachof negotiating price on media inventory.Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad_exchange
    • So How Complicated Can it Be?
    • BEHAVIORAL TARGETINGHistorical Look Back 2005 to 2011Even in 2006 US Marketers Understoodthe Significant Advantages ofTargeted Advertising andSegmentation.
    • TARGETING IS NOW MAINSTREAMIt is no longer a question of “if” you are targeting, it is “how.”
    • • And the Ability to BuildCollections of User GroupsWho Are “Like-Minded”• Developing Influencer GroupsCan Create Viral Experiencesin Social Channels.• Proper Storytelling CanCreate Unique InteractiveEngagements and Activations.• Technology Allows Digital Marketers to ReachHighly Specific Audiences En Masse.• And Enables Digital Marketers to Reach OnlyThose Who Are “Raising Their Hands” (or toCreate Exposure to Those Who Are Not)• This Also Affords a Great Deal of Potential toCreate Demand.DIGITAL MARKETINGSOME ADVANTAGES:
    • Growing Audiences
    • Behavioral Targeting
    • BEHAVIORAL TARGETING Online Interests, Searches, Contentthey’ve viewed Purchase Decision Behavior Intent Shopping Interests / Enthusiasts Charitable Donors Diet and Fitness Green Living Parenting Pets Tech Enthusiasts Segments (including Condé Nast) Arts & Culture Home & Family News & Politics Style, Fashion, Clothing
    • Demographic Targeting35 Year Old ManHHI of 100K +
    • DEMOGRAPHIC TARGETING• Age• Gender• Income• Level of Education• Language• And More!
    • Contextual Targeting
    • CONTEXTUAL TARGETINGTarget users by the type of website content they are engaging with.Sample of Content Categories and Sites:Business and Industry Business Education JobsEducation College and University Continuing EducationSports Football Basketball
    • MobileSiteNetwork Site(Desktop)Network Site(Desktop)RE-MESSAGINGInvite Them Back With Re-MessagingMobileSiteNetwork Site(Desktop)Network Site(Desktop)Your ad reaches users who have already been to your site. The ads are served across their clickstream on sites that the users visit throughout their day.
    • RE-MESSAGINGTypes and UseSite Re-Messaging. Reach people who have already visited your site. Typicallyused for efforts around branding or awareness, as well as offers where allvisitors would be eligible for participation. I use this as an audience profilingstrategy to help websites identify who their core audience really is.Creative Re-Messaging. Reach people who have: viewed, interacted with, orclicked on the ad. This could allow for sequential messaging strategies, or foraccelerated offers.Section Re-Messaging. Reach people who have visited a specific section of yourwebsite. Can be used to develop cross promotional messaging opportunities orto more appropriately align your creative messaging to a specific audience.Exclusion Re-Messaging. Remove the people who have already converted andfocus on only those who have yet to take the desired action. Can also be usedfor audience segmentation strategies or for interactive storytelling throughstaged activations.
    • The purpose of this RFP is to create awareness for Nike’s next generation of the NIKE+ Fuel Band.The goal of this effort is to reach early adopters of new technology, as well as people who livehealthy and active lifestyles. These people typically own the latest smartphone and/or devices, aredaily and competitive runners, share their achievements with their friends, and listen to music whilerunning.This audience tends to be more digitally savvy.The secondary goal of this effort is to push these early adopters to endorse the product with positivereviews, and to share and promote the benefits of using the fuel band with their friends.http://www.nike.com/us/en_us/c/nikeplus-fuelbandWe will consider a mix of targeting to reach these users. Should your plan include ad networks,please include in your response the reason why you feel Nike would be well positioned here, and thetypes of websites we could expect our advertisements to show up on, or the types of behavioraltargets you feel would be a good fit.We will consider plans that include, standard banner units, pre-roll video, in banner video, richmedia, and high impact placements like page takeovers.Please provide a recommendation on the appropriate mix of media from the above.Audience Personas will help us to evaluate that you have a good understanding of this audience,and will help to justify any other audiences you identify in your research.NIKE+ Fuelband MockRFP
    • CREATIVE LIBRARYRECTANGLE / LREC –300X250LEADERBOARD - 728X90MONSTER / HALFPAGE - 300X600Source: http://www.moat.com/search/results?q=Nike Ad sizes not to scale
    • NIKE+ Fuelband site
    • time permitting+resources!
    • http://static.googleusercontent.com/external_content/untrusted_dlcp/www.google.com/enGoogle Whitepaper on Real Time Bidding:
    • Google Trends
    • ComparisonNike vs. Adidas