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Circle of success



Circle of Success is a one year management and leadership development process. ...

Circle of Success is a one year management and leadership development process.

Once you master all elements of COS you will be qualified to lead any organization to social and financial success in any economy.

Look forward to seeing you in one of our upcoming classes.



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Circle of success Circle of success Presentation Transcript

  • Jim White, PhD Presents Circle of Success®
  • Circle of Success® A Business Mastery Process JL White International Inc. "Inspiring Excellence in People" 705 Tully Road San Jose, Ca 95111 Phone: 408-297-7422 ♦ Fax 408-297-7416 http://www.jlwhiteinternational.com http://www.tesamg.com
  • Before We Proceed…
    • Please look at the next slide and circle the phase you believe your organization is in today…
  • The initial development or creation of the proposition/model/ business/formation/etc. After launch — start of active trading Frantic energetic early growth and sometimes chaos Still developing but more established and defined The business or organization at its fittest, healthiest and most competitive, popular and profitable Still effective, popular, can still be very profitable, but beginning to lose leading edge — vulnerability creeping in maybe Strong by virtue of market presence and consolidated accumulated successes, but slow and unexciting, definitely losing market share to competitors and new technologies, trends, etc. Doubts, problems, threats and internal issues overshadow the original purposes Inward-focused administration, cumbersome, seeking exit or divestment, many operating and marketing challenges Closure, sell-off, bankruptcy, bought for asset value or customer-base only
  • Your Individual and Organizational Goal Sheet!
    • Achieve ______________ top line revenue
    • Achieve ______________ EBIT
    • Achieve ______________ net worth
    • Achieve ______________ cash in bank
    • I want to reduce my work hours by ______________
    Company ________________ Name ___________ Date ____________ Where do you want to be 1 year from today?
  • Goal Sheet (continued)
    • I want to spend more time with my family.
    • How much more time
    • I want to inspire the people around me to be more productive. I want to create a culture of
    • I want to contribute to my charity
    • I want ______________
  • “ A program for fulfilling your potential” “ Conveying meaning and obtaining understanding” “ Developing Goals and Strategies for future action” “ Aligning resources in relation to goals” “ Recruiting, selecting, developing and retaining people” “ Measuring performance and taking appropriate action” “ Inspiring self-motivation in people to achieve goals”
  • Creator & Founder
    • Jim White, Ph.D. is CEO of Tractor Equipment Sales, Inc, President and Founder of JL White International, author of What’s My Purpose? and creator of The Circle of Success®, a customized, yearlong leadership and management transformation process. He is also the creator of the Jim White’s Classic Movie Series® and The Red Carpet Tour™ ..
  • Jim White (continued)
    • These innovative events have attracted more than 100,000 participants worldwide, including Fortune 500 CEOs, management teams, entrepreneurs, governments, and trade associations. Jim helps people dramatically and measurably increase their success in as little as 90 days. By 1991, Jim White had already achieved international recognition as CEO of Blount World Trade Corporation, owner and Managing Director of ACEC Centrifugal Pumps NV, Belgium, and as Vice President and Division Manager of Ingersoll Rand Equipment Corporation He had also bought, grown, and sold twenty-two companies over two decades, most of which were failing companies that he revived and developed into thriving, profitable enterprises.
  • Jim White (continued)
    • Whether working with multi-billion dollar corporations or the individual entrepreneur, Jim’s approach is the same: to help you clearly identify how you lead and how you live—professionally and personally—so that you can discover your life’s purpose. This is how leaders launch their real success and discover why living well shouldn’t take a lifetime. Jim has his Ph.D. in Psychology and organizational behaviors. Jim is also a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, which is a group of CEO’s, trainers, authors and other leaders that come together twice a year and brainstorm ways to enhance their contribution to the world.
  • About JL White International
    • JL White International, Inc. has added over a half-billion dollars to the bottom line of thousands of corporations and professionals in two dozen industries since its inception in 1991.
    • As a full-service management consulting and leadership development organization based in California, JL White International, Inc. offers powerful innovative and unique programs that lead to accelerated profit growth. The most dynamic process offered is the Circle of Success ®, an intense, year-long program that grew out of the work of founder Jim White. His management and leadership system has been likened to “corporate therapy,” focusing on the personal/emotional side as much as it does the professional/strategic tactics side.
  • You’re about to discover the best keep secret in corporate America and abroad alike
  • In Just 90 Days…
    • The Circle of Success™ gives CEO’s, owners, managers, sales teams, and more the ability to generate unprecedented profit, create stellar companies, and lives while they do it!!
    • The process will unmask the impostors in 90 days or less!!
  • Top Companies and CEO’s have been tapping into this process for 19 years
    • I recognized early in my career that I needed a unique and customized way to set my self apart from my competition and bang! I created a process that I named Circle of Success in 1991. I used the process to conduct due diligence, acquire, turnaround and sell 22 companies, operating in 43 countries, generating 1.8 billion in 10 years. I started teaching the process in 1991. It is hard to believe it has been 19 years. Wow!!
  • Now it’s your turn.
    • How to avoid layoffs and profit from doing so
    • What your customers and co-workers really think of you---and how even that will transform your bottom line…..and your life!
  • This one-of-a-kind
    • Yearlong process of “corporate therapy” brings participants face-to-face with who they are and how they lead—the good, the bad, and the unprofitable.
    • Participants gets a dynamic blend of business strategy and personal growth, all customized to their personal and corporate goals. It is where leaders launch their real success and discover why living well shouldn’t take a lifetime.
  • The Circle of Success has already added
    • Over $900,000,000 to our clients bottom line and millions to individual bank accounts.
  • Circle of Success ® : A Four Part Process Information Gathering Analysis & Preplanning 2 ½ -Day Off-Site Workshop Follow-Up Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  • Part 1: 360° Information Gathering Information Gathering Analysis & Preplanning 2 ½ -Day Off-Site Workshop Follow-Up Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  • 360° Information Gathering
    • Participant Information
      • Surveys of:
        • Participants
        • Partners
        • Supervising Managers
        • Peers and Direct Reports
  • Information Gathering, cont.
    • Company Information
      • Short and long term goals
      • Organizational structure
      • Size/number of employees
      • Sales and profit trends
      • Financial data
      • Strengths and weaknesses
      • Vital issues of concern
      • Productivity analysis
  • Information Gathering (cont.)
    • Customer, Client, or Vendor Survey
      • We survey up to 100 clients, vendors and/or a combination of both.
  • Part 2: Analysis and Pre-Planning Information Gathering Analysis & Preplanning 2 ½ -Day Off-Site Workshop Follow-Up Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  • Analysis and Pre-Planning
    • Analysis of Information Gathered
      • Personal contact by Workshop Leader with owner, CEO, partner or supervising manager
      • JLW customizes the Circle of Success ® Workshop based upon analysis of the life-changing 360° anonymous personal and organizational feedback
    • JLW Identifies Vital Opportunities
      • Personal and Professional Development
        • Personal growth
        • Communication
        • Planning
        • Organizing
        • Staffing
        • Controlling
        • Leading
    Analysis and Pre-Planning, cont.
  • Analysis and Pre-Planning, cont.
    • JLW Identifies Vital Opportunities, cont.
      • Organizational Improvement
        • Profitability
        • Productivity
        • Financial control
        • Organizational effectiveness
        • Business planning
        • Marketing/sales effectiveness
        • Quality management
        • Business mapping
  • Part 3: 2 ½ Day Off-Site Circle of Success ® Workshop Analysis & Preplanning 2 ½ -Day Off-Site Workshop Follow-Up Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Information Gathering
  • 2 ½ Day Off-Site Circle of Success ® Workshop
    • Teams of 12-16 CEO’s, Business Owners and Executives meet to:
      • Learn Circle of Success ® principles which will increase personal management effectiveness and business performance
      • Gain practical tools to improve professional management and leadership skills
      • Develop personalized goals and action plans to achieve Real Time Results™
  • 2 ½ Day Off-Site Circle of Success ® Workshop, cont.
    • Training, Coaching and Consulting on:
      • Functions of management
      • Effective communication
      • Accountability system
      • Capitalizing on strengths
      • Problem solving
      • Time management
      • Decision making
      • Managing for quality
      • Project Management
      • Image/Culture
  • 2 ½ Day Off-Site Circle of Success ® Workshop, cont.
    • Training, Coaching and Consulting on, cont.:
      • Productivity improvement
      • Teamwork
      • Leadership
      • Goal setting
      • Financial Management
      • Strategic, tactical, operational, and career planning
      • Business mapping
      • Public Relations
  • Part 4: Follow-Up Analysis & Preplanning 2 ½ -Day Off-Site Workshop Follow-Up Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Information Gathering
  • 7 Phases of Transformation Now A Detailed Look at the Year Ahead!
  • Phase I: 360º Fact Finding
    • The Circle of Success begins with an in-depth information gathering and personal assessment
    • This is when you meet and begin working with your senior consultant on identifying your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and obstacles, best qualities and blind spots.
    • Every step of the way these senior consultants--all of whom have been CEO's, executives, and top management leaders of successful companies--are as committed as you are to achieving your goals.
    • This fully customized mentoring relationship and the Circle of Success process itself combine to quickly achieve measurable results of 20 percent or more.
  • Phase I: 360º Fact Finding (continued)
    • During Phase I your consultant will invite input from five to seven people that you identify as knowing you best--for better or worse--what we call your “Key Outside Influences.”
    • This can be a mix of associates, management, staff, clients, vendors, family, friends, etc.
    • We also get feedback from your direct reports and your supervisor. Imagine finally knowing how people really perceive you and your ability to lead and manage.
  • Phase I: 360º Fact Finding (continued)
    • Results are delivered back to you by your senior consultant during Phase II, at your first Circle of Success workshop.
    • This is the first step in bringing who you are, what you do, and how you do it under the microscope. It is the first step in becoming your own and your company’s greatest asset.
  • 100 Customized Surveys
    • During your year as a Circle of Success participant and client of JL White International, we will develop and conduct 100 fully customized surveys with the clients and vendors you specify.
    • These surveys are compiled, mailed, and collected for you.
    • We then, with your permission, follow-up with each client and vendor by phone to gain more in-depth information and insights to help you: their purchasing schedules, and your selling opportunities; their customers, and your competition.
    • You learn how to negotiate better terms, be the first to offer needed products and services, and more. Learn where you succeed and where you can excel. You can use this service anytime once you begin your yearlong Circle of Success process.
  • Phase II: Management and Leadership Development Workshop
    • After completing Phase I, you are teamed with 12 to 16 executives from various industries—all at your level of experience and professional status—for a two and a half day workshop.
    • You begin right away to identify organizational and personal growth strategies specific to your areas of responsibility, concern, and desired improvement.
    • You are introduced to Real-Time-Results™ Checklists, 10-Minute-Turnaround Techniques, and DISC® language.
  • Phase II: Management and Leadership Development Workshop (continued)
    • You also learn Essential Factors for Enhanced Performance, which includes specific personal and professional goals, action plans, timelines, control checklists, time-management exercises, and the Circle of Success’s acclaimed “9 Keys to Personal and Professional Success.”
    • In just 36 hours, you not only learn what needs to happen, but start taking strategic action. Armed with a proven system for personal and organizational excellence, you leave knowing what you will do each week, each month, and each quarter of this yearlong process, as well as what you will do at 8:00 on Monday morning.
  • Phase III: Week-Two Feedback and Follow-Up Session
    • Just two weeks after the workshop, you and your senior consultant will schedule a time to meet for a one-hour, one-on-one session to review your goals, action plans, and timelines established during the workshop.
    • You will evaluate your progress so far, go over any questions, identify any unexpected hurdles, and clarify your path forward.
    • If it is your employees participating in Circle of Success, they and the senior consultant will also meet with the participant's manager or supervisor to review the results of the workshop, the feedback session, and to perform a “gap analysis.”
    • If necessary, this manager meeting will be followed by an additional review and coaching session, up to one hour in length, between the participant, his or her manager, and the senior consultant.
  • Phase IV: Week-Six Comprehensive Coaching and Accountability Session
    • Six weeks after your original workshop, you will meet together again as a group with your senior consultant for a four-hour intensive coaching session.
    • During this accountability session, you will each report on progress toward all personal and organizational goals and actions plans established during the workshop.
    • Within this supportive group dynamic you also practice key skills such as goal setting, running meetings, and holding people accountable.
    • You share insights, examine the effectiveness of certain strategies and tools, identify any barriers, and create specific timetables for results.
  • Phase IV: Week-Six Comprehensive Coaching and Accountability Session (continued)
    • Because you are all at the same organizational level, meeting together creates an ideal brainstorming and mentoring environment for particular issues or trouble spots.
    • You learn what’s working best from one industry to the next so that you can maximize your own efforts and results.
    • Your senior consultant will facilitate this entire session so that you receive a wealth of constructive input that is sorted, examined, and tailored to your individual goals and desired results. You leave with individualized goals and action plans needed to produce results in the next 30 days.
  • Phase V: Quarterly Follow-Up Coaching and Accountability Sessions
    • You will continue to meet with your group and your senior consultant every three months after your original Circle of Success workshop.
    • Each of these fully facilitated, four-hour sessions is a time to examine progress toward your one-year goals, track successes, and create advanced strategies for continuing to move forward and overcoming any barriers.
    • Each of these sessions also provides one-on-one personal coaching time with your senior consultant to fine-tune each of your action plans and timelines.
  • Phase V: Quarterly Follow-Up Coaching and Accountability Sessions (continued)
    • Remember, participating in the Circle of Success will yield measurable results in as little as 90 days, so this first quarterly session will be a time to celebrate successes and harness the energy and confidence that comes with that success.
    • Your next goals—personal and professional—are clearly in sight and becoming a reality.
  • Phase VI: Circle of Success™ Revisited
    • One year after the original workshop date, all Circle of Success alumni will attend a one-day accountability and rewards session to share experiences and successes from the previous year and to revisit the key components of the Circle of Success.
    • You and your fellow participants will review your one-year goals as well as the specific steps and corrective actions necessary to reach those goals.
    • As you and the other participants now in the winner’s circle reveal which insights, strategies, and tools worked best at each step along the way, you add to your own ability to set and achieve ever larger and more meaningful goals for yourself, your company, your family, your community, and your world.
    • Achieving this level of mastery and self-sufficiency is the lasting legacy of the Circle of Success and your part in it.
  • Phase VII: Yearlong Executive Coaching Services
    • One of the greatest values of the yearlong Circle of Success management and leadership development process is the ongoing coaching support from your senior consultant.
    • In addition to the quarterly group sessions, you also receive up to 90 minutes of phone and/or e-mail support every month for twelve months.
    • Your senior consultant will be available at times of your choosing to assist with all issues and questions related to your goals, personal growth, organizational functions, and more.
  • Circle of Success® -- Platinum Package
    • This dynamic, yearlong process includes the following:
    • “ 7 Phases of Transformation” Current Market Prices
    • Phase I: 360º Fact Finding $15,000
    • Phase II: Management and Leadership Development Workshop $ 9,850
    • *Includes 100 Customized Surveys $25,000
    • Phase III: Week-Two Feedback and Follow-Up Session $ 5,000
    • Phase IV: Week-Six Comprehensive Coaching Session $ 5,000
    • Phase V: Quarterly Follow-Up and Coaching Sessions $20,000
    • Phase VI: Circle of Success® Revisited $10,000
    • Phase VII: Yearlong Executive Coaching Services $22,500
    • A $112,350 Value
  • Circle of Success® -- Platinum Package (continued)
    • The prices above reflect what each type of service would cost if purchased separately from JL White International. However, none of these services are available a la carte. The reason Circle of Success® helps participants achieve such overwhelming results, and has done so for over 19 years, is because we guide you through every phase, strategy, and action step—start to finish. You are never on your own to “wing it” or “see how things turn out.” We can keep prices in check because of the group dynamic. Still, there are no more than 16 participants in a group. This level of fully customized, one-on-one mentoring is not always the norm, but it’s the only way we do things.
    • You pay only $36,950
  • Registration Form
    • I’d really like to see you succeed. So, I’ve taken the Platinum Package a step further to create Platinum PLUS , to help you get started right away with your own platinum-level results in Circle of Success®.
    • YES , Jim, I want you and your certified trainers and consultants to take me through your proven, yearlong process to increase my profits at least 20 percent this year and help me have more fun and fulfillment in business than I’ve ever had! Ordinarily my cost would be $36,950, but if I register today, I save $5,000 and get your payment plan, too.
    Special Platinum PLUS Package Today Only!
  • Registration Form (continued)
    • _ X _ $5,000 Discount— Because you are a customer of TES!
    • _ X_ Payment Plan— Also today only , we put together a payment plan for you of four easy installments for each registered participant:
    • Pay today $7,987.50
    • Pay within 30 days $7,987.50
    • Pay within 60 days $7,987.50
    • Pay within 90 days $7,987.50
    • Total Cost Today--$31,950!
    YES! I want to register today and take advantage of the PLUS features marked below:
  • Registration Form (continued) Payment: Check or Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, or American Express 1st Deposit Due—$7,987.50 ___ Number of registrations today X $7,987.50 Today I am paying a total deposit amount of $ _________.
  • Registration Form (continued) Please Print Legibly Name: 1. 2. 3. (please ask us about registration for larger groups) Company Name: Address: City: State: Zip: Telephone: Email: Credit Card Number: Exp Date: Name as it appears on card: Signature: Date:
  • Client List JL White International, Inc.
  • Client List: Industries JLW’s techniques have been effectively implemented by professionals from many industries including:
    • Architecture/Design
    • Automotive
    • Banking
    • Business Services
    • Construction/Building
    • Consumer Products/Retail
    • Educational Facilities
    • Emergency Services
    • Engineering
    • Finance
    • Food Services
    • Government Agencies
    • Health Services
    • Law Enforcement
    • Manufacturing
    • Minerals/Mining
    • Municipalities
    • Non-Profit
    • Power companies
    • Technology
    • Telecommunications
  • Client List: Companies A partial Client List in these industries include:
    • ACEC Union Miniere
    • American Institute of Architecture
    • American Management Association
    • Anadarko Petroleum
    • Aramco – Saudi Arabia
    • Aresco
    • Army Corps of Engineers
    • AT&T
    • Bechtel
    • Belgian Government – Wallonia region
    • Borg Warner/Flow Serve
    • Boyles Brothers Drilling
    • Boys and Girls Club of America
    • California Builders Exchange
    • CDF San Mateo & Santa Cruz counties
    • Cisco Systems
    • City of Soledad
    • Concept Office Resources
    • Cort Furniture Rental
    • GE Power
    • Georgia Pacific
    • Goldman Insurance
    • Hayward Lumber
    • ILog, Inc.
    • Jacobs Engineering
    • Johnson Drilling
    • Kinkos
    • Kurz Instruments
    • Los Medanos Community College
    • Macy’s West
    • Meeks Lumber
    • MidSouth Associates
    • MM Sundt
    • Mobil Berryl Platform
    • Morrison-Knudsen
    • Nigerian Government
    • Occidental – Libya
    • Oil Ministry of Kuwait
    • Old Republic Title Company
    • Overseas Private Investment Corp.
    • Pacific Bell
    • Pacific Gas & Electric Company
    • Pacific Stock Exchange
    • Parsons-Brinckerhoff Companies
    • Peabody Coal
    • Penncon Construction
    • Pertamina – Indonesia
    • Pinkerton
    • PMI
    • Premier Technologies, Inc.
    • Price Waterhouse Coopers
    • Rolls Royce
    • Ruiz Foods
    • San Benito Sheriff Department
    • Santa Cruz County Planning Dept.
    • Shaw Development
    • Shell Refinery – Netherlands
    • Sprint
    • Sri Lanka Government
    • Stanford University
    • Sumed – Egypt
    • Sysco
    • Thai Government
    • Trader Joe’s
    • United Way
    • University of Phoenix
    • USAID
    • USS Posco
    • Volvo
    • Wells Fargo Bank
    • Williams College
    • Winzler & Kelly Consulting Engineers
    • Zadco – Abu Dhabi
  • Thank You! JL White International Inc. "Inspiring Excellence in People" 705 Tully Road, San Jose, Ca 95111 Phone: 408-297-7422 ♦ Fax 408-297-7416 www.jlwhiteinternational.com www.12high.com/tes www.tractor-equip.com