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Jobs2Web Full Overview

  1. 1. We help you optimize and measure every aspect of your interactive recruitment strategy.
  2. 2. HRIS. ATS. What Are You Missing? YOUR HRIS YOUR ATS YOUR RMS• Payroll/benefits • Workflow & compliance • Multi-channel• Employee performance • Applicant-centric • Engagement-centric• Post-employment focus • NOT a marketing engine • Analytics/benchmarking• NOT about recruiting • CONFINED analytics • EVERYTHING interactive
  3. 3. Recruitment Complexity & Incompatibility Social pages Career site Social apps Social API Job integration marketing Recruiting campaigns RecruiterATS system College, contacts Sourcing diversity tools Job Recruiting Employee distributor Niche events referrals CRM boards (passives) Search Mobile Job boards recruiting engines Job Job feeds Analytics aggregators (RSS/XML)
  4. 4. Recruit Better With Jobs2web Career site Branding Job Channels Social Talent & campaigns publishing & platforms networks community Job/category Search CRM Job postings Social pages marketing engines (passives) Recruiting Job feeds Sourcing Social Social apps campaigns (RSS/XML) tools Campus, Social API Employee Boards Mobile military integration referrals Recruiting Recruiter Aggregators OFCCP Social CRM events contacts Reporting & analytics ATS system
  5. 5. Optimize and MeasureYour Interactive Recruitment Strategy FIND BETTER ENGAGE BETTER KNOW BETTER SEO & mobile Career site Web 2.0 job & Career site strategy pages services Talent community Social networks Talent Candidate pipeline profiles • Visitor intelligence Email & RSS • Keyword rankings • Candidate demographics Job Job distribution marketing Sourcing • Social network monitoring • Campaign tracking Social media • Source cost Viral Job craigslist • Source quality marketing marketing • Benchmarking
  6. 6. Optimize and Measure Your Interactive Recruitment Strategy Jobs2web Career site Recruitment (widgets) Web 2.0 interactive sources Your marketing platformapplicant Search engines tracking (SEO) Active & passive system candidates Aggregators Optimized (organic)Your jobs landing pages Social media Talent community networksApply now! Talent communityApplicant status Recruiting Aggregators Dashboard® Publisher: extend reach (sponsored) Niche job boards Jobs2web analytics Visitor to apply to hire Search By source engines By department (SEM) By geography Major job boards
  7. 7. Recruitment Marketing Platform Career Site Talent Landing Pages Social Recruiting Host/design Job search Keyword LP Campaign LP Facebook RSS feeds Talent LinkedIn Social sharing Site updates Profile LP Event LP community Biz/brand LP Recruiter LP Twitter Social APIs Analytics/use Social site Mobile Recruiting Talent Community Mobile Mobile Passives Job alerts career site campaigns Recruitment Apps/NCAs Mem alerts Mobile SMS job Marketing Platform capture alerts Rec contacts CRM/APIs Recruiting Dashboard® Social net Tal pipeline Media Management Job Feeds & Postings Referral Recruiting Strategy Feeds/LPs Big boards Social nets Employees Tracking Campaigns ATS/hire stats Niche boards Mobile apps Alumni Internal mob Contracts Reporting Aggregators Craigslist Social referrals Viral
  8. 8. Career Sites That Support Strategy Find Better Engage Better Know Better• Career site design • Enhanced job profiles • Real time visitor level traffic• Enhanced job search tools • Passive candidate capture • Candidate behavior analysis• Social media integration • Talent community • Total visibility to all sources• Search engine optimization • Social network contacts • Apply chain measurement• Total branding experience • Job alerts • Hard coded source tags• Reduced click paths • Enhanced recruiter use • Enhanced reporting tools • Higher conversion rates • Total CPC/CPH metrics
  9. 9. FINDMulti-Channel
  10. 10. Market Jobs to Interactive Sources Career site (widgets) SEO sitemaps Search engines (SEO) XML feeds Aggregators (organic) Email alerts Social media networks RSS feeds TalentRecruitment community Marketing Pick & post Platform Aggregators (sponsored) Widgets Niche job boards Ad placement Search engines J2W managed automated (SEM) Sponsorship Job Category Source routing PREMIUM123 Engineering PREMIUM123 Engineering PREMIUM123 Engineering Dice Indeed PPC Major job boards
  11. 11. Automate Recruitment Administrivia Manual Marketing Definition Promotion Sourcing Facilitation Search/send on Get/review job Post to Monster Review apps LinkedIn Post to Search/send in Deal with bounces Post into ATS CareerBuilder ATS to prev apps & spam Interview mgr for Search/send to Forward goods to Post to Craigslist hot points ZoomInfo manager Search/send to Interview coord Email internally personal contacts & prep Search/send Interview Post to Twitter to search engines follow up Search/send Declines, Post on Facebook to Facebook rejections Write blog article Search/send References & (or post on blog) to niche boards background Post to Search/send Offer prep & FriendFeed tweeple accept Eats 80% of recruiter time
  12. 12. The Recruiter Circus Search/send Search/send on to niche boards Post to Monster LinkedIn Hiring Post to Search/send in managers ATS to prev apps CareerBuilder Candidates Recruiter Post to Twitter Post to craigslist“Find me a great candidate” Search/send to Recruiter personal contacts Email internally Post on Facebook Search/send to search engines Post to FriendFeed Search/send to Facebook
  13. 13. Optimize Reach & Recruiter Efficiency1. Recruiters select job & sources: pick & post Job aggregatorsRecruiters/analysts post individual jobs to one or more sources •Pay per click(major job boards, niche sites) with j2w “return address” •Organic Publisher: sponsored channels ATS Updated Job Job Job nightly Job Job Job Niche boards/sites •Annual subscription2. Recruiters select job, not sources •Pay per postRecruiters indicate job for sponsorship (insert code in job •Pay per clickdescription), publisher routes job to pre-determined sources Recruitment ATS Marketing Job Job Job Distributed Platform Job Job Job nightly Ad codes: Premium3. Automated routing no recruiter post needed Major job boardsAutomated rules-based routing (matching job dimensions) to •Pay per postpre-approved sources based on client priorities & budget •Pay per slot ATS Key Job Dimensions Job Job Job •Job dept or category Distributed Job Job Job •Business unit nightly •Location/facility
  14. 14. Search Engine Optimization• Over 1 million visitors per month• No one else even comes close!
  15. 15. ENGAGEMarket
  16. 16. Add Marketing, Candidate Options to Jobs Branded job pages Capture passives Capture passives Social sharing ATS or Evergreen job content Market related jobs Single step to apply
  17. 17. Web 2.0 Interactive Strategy PagesDedicated landing Capture passivespages Social networks Job level marketingCapture passives Social sharingIntegrated Sub filteringmatching jobs Dramatically improved candidate experience
  18. 18. Strategy Page Examples Career Paths Locations Business Units Product/Service Lines Events Recruiters Print Military Diversity Campus
  19. 19. Your Branded Interactive Recruiting Site Capture passives Social networksMarket job categoriesKeyword job searchEmphasize key jobs Geographic search
  20. 20. Jobs2web Deployment Flexibility Integrated Parallel Hosted
  21. 21. ENGAGEBuild Talent Pipelines
  22. 22. The Strategy Shift Filing Cabinet Applicant Tracking Dynamic Talent Systems Communities • Requisition focused • People/relationship focused • 1 time use of applicants • Ongoing applicant contact • Manual data entry/use • Dynamic join/profile/update • Manages apply process • Automated touch/apply/alert • Compliance reporting • Real-time reporting
  23. 23. Build Your Own Talent Communities
  24. 24. Better Talent Community Development Career site Private supply chain of talent Search engines Socialnetworks Jobs2web Talent site community ATSSourcing,recruiting Job boardsReferrals Jobs
  25. 25. Job Alerts Per Week: 2.3 Million (Average)3,500,0003,000,0002,500,0002,000,0001,500,0001,000,000 500,000 0
  26. 26. Talent Community Impact
  27. 27. Leverage Social Networking
  28. 28. KNOWMeasurements
  29. 29. Recruitment Advertising Spend
  30. 30. Measurement: Holy Grail Of Job Marketing!
  31. 31. Strategic Framework©2011 Jobs2web Inc. All rights reserved. Version 2.0.
  32. 32. Solutions Recruitment Marketing Platform Solutions Branded Site Talent Community Social Network Job Publishing & Recruiting Campaign Management Job Scrape Email/RSS Marketing OFCCP/Compliance Advanced Keyword Search ATS Configuration Analytics Events Recruiter 2.0 Job Optimization Dashboard Campus Profiles Employee Talent Landing Referral Mobile Recruiting Global Support Pages Marketing Client Strategy Director/Manager team Talent Community Marketing *Coming Soon!
  33. 33. Net Promoter Score And Client Retention Q. How likely are you to recommend jobs2web to a peer or colleague with similar recruiting needs? 0 to 6 7 to 8 9 to 10 Steadily rising trend • Feb 09: NPS = 12.6 • Apr 10: NPS = 22.6 16% 32% 52% • Apr 11: NPS = 36.00% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Detractors Promoters Promoters (52%) - Detractors (16%) = NPS = 36% Overall NPS = 50% Long -term customers (3 years or more)
  34. 34. Helping You Recruit Better ENGAGE BETTER KNOW BETTER Emerging sources Time-to-fill Advertising budget 10 - 20% 25 - 50% 2X Recruiter time Headhunter fees Qualified applicants 20% 10 - 20% 3X
  35. 35. Value Creation
  36. 36. Strategic Marketing Plan (SMP) Approach What are your unique challenges? 1. Client • 4 Ps • Strategic business plan/critical pipeline initiatives discovery/ • Market baseline: Google Analytics, cube data input What are your business and hiring objectives?What can we do to • Situational assessmentimprove? • Critical hiring areas• Weekly tuning and 2. Confirm and markets monthly optimization 5. Optimize • Critical audience• Monthly plan objectives segments: Hourly, optimization campus, military, (grounded in analytics referrals, alums KPI trends, • Key strategic initiatives benchmarks) • Demand planning objectives Is it working? What’s the plan and how will we • Monthly KPI review, trends measure it? by hiring area, segment, 3. Build • Grounded in solutions architecture, best practices market 4. Measure strategy/ • Client benchmarks • Monthly KPI benchmarking across the cube: By tactical plan • Custom tactical plan segment, industry • Lock on KPIs
  37. 37. Jobs2web Background Headquartered in Minnetonka, MN in 15,000 foot facility with nearly 100 committed people that do: 2011 • Awarded TRUSTe Privacy Seal • Compliant with US - EU • Research & development Safe Harbor & US -Swiss Safe Harbor Frameworks • Marketing & sales 2010 • Staff and facility expansion • Implementation & support • Job publishing and analytics • First annual user conference • Account management • Finance & operations 2009 • Career site services launch • Proven leadership team • Top HR product award • Introduced advanced analytics 2008 • Client Advisory Board • Introduced recruiting dashboard • Leveraged social networking 2007 • Extended industry partners 2006 • 30 clients • Recruiting platform introduced • SEO leadership • First clients - Xerox, Merck2005• R&D core technology• HotGigs staffing exchange
  38. 38. Key Evaluation StepsKey steps Output InvolvementParticipants identified Prospect lead, key stakeholders and Usually a 15 to 30 minute phone conversation executive decision makers identifiedExecutive discovery session Purpose, payback, players, process Online organization input and ROI survey that takes mutual qualification completed about 20 minutes sequence of events defined About a 1 hour information gathering phone session done minimally with the executiveRequirements gathering Input survey Online organization input survey which takes about Requirements gathered 15 minutes About a 1 hour information gathering phone session with each key stakeholderSituational assessment overview Requirements summary presentation 60-90 minute session – generally a webcast Audience usually includes all partiesRecommendations deep dive Custom recommendations based on 4-8 hour detailed recommendations face-to-face situational assessment session with output examples, heavy interaction, Pre-proposal review Q&A ROI projectionFormal proposal Proposal Revised proposal based on prospect feedback done Supporting contracts either webcast or face-to-faceAgreements executed Interactive recruitment partnership Generally done via phone
  39. 39. Questions?
  40. 40. Thank you!