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Broward College Ecuador (2012)
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Broward College Ecuador (2012)


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Marketing ppt for Broward Center for American Education in Ecuador.

Marketing ppt for Broward Center for American Education in Ecuador.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Broward College Fort Lauderdale, Florida Ecuador
  • 2. • Located in Urdesa, Guayaquil, and also at Academia Cotopaxi, Quito. Quito• 2011 is the 26th anniversary in Ecuador as Brookdale/Broward
  • 3. What is Broward College? • BC located in Broward County (Fort Lauderdale) Florida. • BC is part of the Florida state system of higher education. • BC +60,000 students on 7 campus’.BC in Ecuador is the 10th • 20,000 students in adult/branch campus. Thisincludes India and alternative/distanceSingapore. education programs.
  • 4. Broward is……• One of the largest colleges in the United States.• A leader in U.S. international education with branch campus’ in Singapore, , Peru, Vietnam and Ecuador. Ecuador• BC also has affiliates in Cuenca, Siri Lanka, Colombia, Guatemala, Viet Nam, and Spain.
  • 5. Broward is….• The ONLY fully accredited U.S. college or university branch campus in Ecuador• At BC you can graduate with an associate degree in Ecuador and then transfer anywhere YOU want to complete your bachelors degree.
  • 6. What is Broward College?• At Broward College-students earn credits for the first 2 years (AA) of the 4 years required for a Bachelors Degree (BA or BS).• You can earn an associate degree (AA) before transferring to 4 year college or university in the U.S. and many other countries.
  • 7. What do we offer?• BC-Ecuador, students can begin U.S. college in Guayaquil or Quito. • save a LOT of money ($10,000 compared to $30,000 to $40,000 for two years of a U.S. college or university), • live at home (mature as a college student and young adult), • be with friends and family, • learn the U.S. college/university system (it’s very different).• and transfer in 18 months to 2 years to any college or university of YOUR choice.
  • 8. College or University• The curriculum is the same. Liberal Arts!• Broward College offers the first two years (60 credits) of a four year college or university degree. New home in Urdesa as of October 2011
  • 9. College or University? What’s difference?• You normally, need 4 years (120 credits) for a college or university degree.• In the first two years, all U.S. college and university students concentrate on General Education Requirements in a Liberal Arts system.
  • 10. What is Broward Ecuador?• Brookdale CC has been in Guayaquil since 1985 and since 2006 is a branch campus of Broward College in Fort Lauderdale, FL.• Over 2,000 students have studied at BCC-Ecuador and transferred since 1985.
  • 11. What is Broward?• Students have always transferred all of their BC credits to ANY college or university in the U.S., Canada, and other foreign countries.• No convenios, no acuerdos.
  • 12. Why Broward College in Ecuador?BC is the first, the most first experienced, the ONLY accredited, and ONL the most secure U.S. college choice in Ecuador.At BC your transferis guaranteed. Nocredit evaluation-and you do not loseany credits if youstudy at a localuniversity.
  • 13. What makes BC different? All B C he at le profes C is t a s N: B ATIO ted U.S. thei st a ma ors MUS r sp DIT CCRE y accredi ecia sters de T holdA lty. gr e e full r.only in E cuado in college BC m u stan st main d t of stud ent its li ards in t ain U.S. rs b h25 yea nd prog rary, aca e qualit ccess a r d y ofsu our capa am, labs emic ction is y biliti ,satisfa es, e comput ee. tc.. er g uarant You coll have Y oice e O just ge or u UR cho hav e a ch . •At B C, you est choice a fe n w a iversit e of ic eb ffilia y, and it’s th tes. not
  • 14. International Baccalaureate• Broward College accepts up to 30 credits with an IB diploma.• Depends on the courses and grades.• You can start college having already earned at least one semester of credits through IB.
  • 15. Phi Theta Kappa• PTK is the U.S. national honors society.• Requires a GPA of 3.5+ and completed 12 credits of college work.• As a member, students find many college and university scholarships through College
  • 16. Associate of Arts (A.A.) SeniorSpecialized Courses “Major” Junior TRANSFER Sophomore General Ed.Preparation for Major A.A. Freshman
  • 17. Transferring aka “2 + 2”From Broward YourCollege AAin Ecuador you can degreego to • Over 50% of the students in upper-division courses at the universities are community college transfers. • A statewide Articulation (transfer) Agreement creates a "2+2" system. • Students can earn a bachelors degree by taking the first two years of lower division work at a Broward College and the last two years at a state or private university.
  • 18. Where do our students go?• University of Florida • Loyola University• Florida International • Georgia Tech• University of Miami • Boston College• Boston University • Columbia University• Babson College • Univ. of South• Georgetown University Carolina• George Washington U. • University of Notre• Dame University of Texas• • Univ. of Pennsylvania Texas A & M • Univ. of New Orleans• Harvard University • Tulane University• Florida Atlantic University • Univ. of Hawaii
  • 19. More U.S. Schools• Worcester Polytechnic • New Hampshire Univ. Institute • Univ. of Massachusetts• Hawaii Pacific University • William & Mary College• Univ. of North Carolina • University of Tampa• St. John’s University • Univ. of Central Florida• Northeastern University • Barry University• Univ. of Kentucky • Univ. of Oklahoma• Univ. of Washington • Rutgers University• Penn State University • and anywhere else• Belmont Abbey College YOU want to go.
  • 20. How do I earn a degree?• Your goal is a bachelors degree (120-128 credits, depending on your major).• NO SAT or TOEFL exam required (but can be valuable).• Admissions exams include English, Reading, and Math.
  • 21. How do I earn a U.S. degree?You can earn up to 60 creditshere in Ecuador at Broward, thentransfer to any college oruniversity of YOUR choice. choiceYou can also earn yourAssociate Degree here inGuayaquil or Quito.
  • 22. How do I earn a degree?• Earn up to 60 credits (or an AA degree) in Ecuador and then transfer anywhere you want in the U.S., Canada, and other countries in South America, Europe, and around the world.• Remember, the choice is YOURS. NO YOURS convenios or acuerdos to restrict YOUR choices.
  • 23. What are credits?• The U.S. college/university system is based on Liberal Arts. Arts• All majors (especializaciones) must take courses in Humanities, Math, Science, Social Sciences, Literature, and Communications.• Each course is worth 3 or 4 credits depending on class time. Most are 3 credits, math and science courses usually are 4 credits (includes a lab credit).• In the U.S. system, your goal is to earn 120 credits and a Bachelors degree in your major. major
  • 24. “Especializacions”• All “majors” are offered because in the U.S. system, students do not normally “declare” a major until the 3rd year of college or university.• Your academic options are open until you have finished two years of studies and been exposed to many different academic disciplines.
  • 25. Choosing a MajorResearch(web, advisors, faculty)Career Exploration(web, counselors, volunteer)The sooner you decide, the morespecific your advisement will be.
  • 26. How to accumulate credits• Sep/Oct: 6 credits • In 18 months you have• Nov/Dec: 6 credits earned 60 credits (1st two• years of college) and are Jan/Feb: 3 credits ready to transfer to your• Feb/Mar: 6 credits 3rd year.• Mar/Apr: 6 credits • Or you can earn more or• May/Jun: 6 credits less, depending on your• Jul/Aug: 6 credits personal plans and• Sep/Oct: 6 credits schedule. This is not a rigid order of courses to• Nov/Dec: 6 credits be taken.• Jan: 3 credits• Feb/Mar: 6 credits• Total = 60 credits in less than 2 years.
  • 27. BC School Year• BC has seven semesters per calendar year (12 months).• Each semester is seven weeks long.• One short three week semester in January.• Most courses meet twice each week. Some courses are Internet “enhanced” or “blended” courses.
  • 28. How Much?????• $155 per credit (January 2012)• Books cost $25.00 per.• Per semester fee of $30.00.• Total for 60 credits-$7,500• Total for two years (4 semesters) of U.S. college is less than $10,000.• One semester at a U.S. college or university can cost $10,000 to $20,000.
  • 29. Conclusion• Broward/Brookdale College has 25 years in Ecuador serving students just like you.• As Broward College in Ecuador, your U.S. college & university options are unlimited.• You will be better prepared when you transfer. More mature, academically experienced, and ready to transfer.
  • 30. CONCLUSION• You will save thousands of dollars for your junior and senior year in the U.S. or other countries.• You have another 18 months to two years with family, friends, and go when YOU are ready.• Broward College has been trusted by over 2,000 students now in U.S. colleges, or graduated.