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  • 1. VIP “Home Hunter” Program
  • 2. As Homebuying Specialists… … We Will Help You:1. Find the best home for your needs2. Negotiate the lowest price3. Secure the best financing4. Meet your home buying needs with the least amount of hassle
  • 3. None of Our ServicesWill Cost You a Penny
  • 4. The ABC’s of Real Estate Service (What Most Realtor’s Do)Advertise homes in order toget you to call them
  • 5. The ABC’s of Real Estate Service (What Most Realtor’s Do)Beg You to Come In and TalkWith Them
  • 6. The ABC’s of Real Estate Service (What Most Realtor’s Do)Choose a Bunch of HomesThey Think You Will Like
  • 7. The ABC’s of Real Estate Service (What Most Realtor’s Do)Drive You From House toHouse Showing You Dozens ofHomes
  • 8. The ABC’s of Real Estate Service (What Most Realtor’s Do)Encourage You to Make anOffer on Every House You See
  • 9. The ABC’s of Real Estate Service (What Most Realtor’s Do)Feel Frustrated Because theHomes Selected are not toYour Liking
  • 10. The ABC’s of Real Estate Service (What Most Realtor’s Do)Get on Their Knees and PrayYou Will Buy Something AfterAll Their Hard Work
  • 11. Our Homebuying System... Focuses on Your Needs
  • 12. Step 1:Find Out How Much Home you Can Afford (by helping you get FREE Home Loan Pre-Approval)
  • 13. Step 2:Send You Information on Homes ThatMatch Your Criteria (our Unique Buyer Profile Service)
  • 14. Step 3:Help You Get the Home You Want Using Our Specialized Knowledge
  • 15. At Each Step,You will benefit from ourInnovative Consumer Programs
  • 16. Step 1: Home LoanPre-Approval Step 2
  • 17. HowMuch House Can You Afford?
  • 18. Home Loan Pre-Approval 3 Key Benefits
  • 19. Three Key Benefits... 1. You Know Exactly How Much Home You Can Afford
  • 20. Three Key Benefits... 2. You Get the Best Financing
  • 21. Three Key Benefits... 3. You Can Make a Stronger Offer
  • 22. Consider These Two Offers Buyer A Buyer B (You with pre-approved (Another Buyer who is NOT Home Loan) pre-approved) $350,000 $350,000 Cash Offer Conditional Upon No Conditions Financing
  • 23. Which Offer Would You Accept?
  • 24. Pre-ApprovalIt’s as Easy as 1-2-3
  • 25. Pre-Approval1. A home Loan Credit Report is Generated by the Credit Bureau2. Financial Details Are Verified3. All Information is Forwarded to the Underwriter for Approval
  • 26. You’re Approved
  • 27. Step 2:The Buyer Profile Service…
  • 28. What Are You Looking For in a Home?
  • 29. MultipleListingsService
  • 30. The MLS has information onthousands of homes for sale by ALL companies
  • 31. How Most RealtorsPick Out Houses:
  • 32. How Most Realtors Pick Out Houses:1. They make a random search through the MLS2. They pick 6-8 homes3. They try to sell you one of them
  • 33. The WRONG Person isdeciding which homes you’ll get to see...
  • 34. The Solution Our One-of-a-kind Buyer Profile System gives YOU priority access tohot new listings that match YOUR home buying criteria
  • 35. … We put YOU in control1. Your home buying criteria is entered into our custom computer database2. Every evening, our custom computer searches the MLS to find homes that match your specific criteria
  • 36. … We put YOU in control3. We only send you the homes that match your criteria4. You can pick the homes you like and drive by them
  • 37. … We put YOU in control5. When you see a home you want to look at give us a call, we’ll arrange a showing6. NO pressure to buy
  • 38. YOU are in control which means...
  • 39. YOU are in control which means... NO MORE... You get Searching AUTOMATIC through the access to hotpaper, looking at new listingshomes that may BEFORE other already be sold buyers
  • 40. YOU are in control which means... NO MORE... You only receive Wasted time homes thatviewing homes a match yourreal estate agent criteria and has picked out YOU pick the that don’t homes you want interest you to see
  • 41. YOU are in control which means...NO MORE... You pick out asPressure (most many homes asagents pick out you want to see6-8 homes and (there’s never try to sell you any pressure to one of them) buy)
  • 42. YOU are in control which means... Because youNO MORE... beat out otherOverpaying for buyers, you canthe home you negotiate the want best possible price
  • 43. Step 3:SpecializedKnowledge
  • 44. RE/MAX vs Industry
  • 45. Local Market
  • 46. Local Market
  • 47. When You find the home you want, we will1. Help you prepare an offer that meet your needs2. Present the offer on your behalf to the seller3. Negotiate all terms and conditions of the offer in your best interest
  • 48. In Summary...How You Benefit
  • 49. How You Benefit You get pre-qualified FREE of You can afford charge for a more home for home loan and your money get access tospecial financing
  • 50. How You Benefit YouAUTOMATICALLY receive the best You can beat new listings that out othermatch your criteria buyers to hot BEFORE the new listings average buyerknows about them
  • 51. How You BenefitYou are backed You get the by our house you want Specialized at the lowest Knowledge possible price
  • 52. None of these Valuable Services Costs You a Penny
  • 53. All We Ask in Return is Your Loyalty
  • 54. What to Say and Do When You ComeAcross Homes on Your Own
  • 55. What to Say and Do When You Come Across Homes on Your Own1. If you see a home you like, feel free to call for information but always tell the agent that you’re working with us (this will prevent you from being hounded by other agents with questions and sales pitches)
  • 56. What to Say and Do When You Come Across Homes on Your Own 2. Get the price and (if available) MLS number and we’ll send you complete information3. If you see a house you want to look at, always call US for appointments
  • 57. The Next Step...