B2E Resourcing Summary


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B2E Resourcing Summary

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B2E Resourcing Summary

  1. 1. What is B2E Resourcing? B2E Resourcing provides Interim Consultants for companies who can manage business change projects or programmes internally, but require external resource ‘on demand’ to fulfil specific project requirements. Our aim is simple To provide the most experienced high calibre Interim Consultants, with skills matched to your business needs, at competitive market rates. Primarily what sets us apart from other agencies is the quality of our Interim Consultant network The B2E Resourcing network contains over 3,500 high calibre interim consultants, the majority of whom were trained at top tier consultancies such as Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, PWC and Cap Gemini. The size of this network means that we can source Interim Consultants for most project briefs Our consultants have cross-industry experience, functional expertise across all aspects of consulting (i.e. Strategy, BPR, IT and Change Management), and specialise in all levels of ‘business change’ (e.g. Business Analysts, Project or Programme Managers). What are interim consultants? B2E Resourcing defines Interim Consultants as independent business consultants, with experience gained either at top tier management consultancies or blue chip organisations. Interim Consultants specialise in delivering ‘business change’ initiatives, as opposed to Interim Managers who are brought in to run line functions. Why Interim Consultants? Cost – As Interim Consultants are contracted directly to companies, they can provide significant cost savings - up to 50% - against the same skill set offered by a management consultancy. As a pure ‘on demand’ resource, you also only employ them when you require their services, thus providing a flexible resource solution. Experience –Interim Consultants will generally be over-qualified and can demonstrate a proven track record of delivering against the requirements of your role. They can be therefore be relied on to hit the ground running and make an immediate difference to the projects that they work on. Independence - although highly skilled and experienced, Interim Consultants are not tied to any consultancy or methodology. Independent and contracted to you directly for the scope of services that you have defined, our Interim Consultants expect to be accountable and take ownership for delivery. To put it simply, using Interim Consultants alongside your own internal resources provides arguably the most cost effective and efficient means of delivering successful business change within your organisation. B2E Resourcing Limited, 4th Floor, 7 St. Helen’s Place, London, EC3A 6AU Tel: 0207 856 2204 www.b2e-resourcing.co.uk
  2. 2. Our Clients We have successfully worked with national and multi-national clients across most industry sectors, providing Interim Consultants focused on Programme/Project Management, Change Management, Process Analysis or Business Analysis. Our satisfied clients include: Why B2E Resourcing? Quality: B2E Resourcing has a network of over 3,500 high calibre Interim Consultants, the majority of whom were trained at top tier consultancies such as Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, PWC and Cap Gemini. Entry criteria are strictly monitored and the community is actively managed. Knowledgeable: Uniquely, all our team are experienced ex-management consultants. As a result we understand your complex business change and performance challenges and can effectively screen all candidates to ensure that they are matched to your needs. Responsive: We are proud of our customer service focus and reputation. Generally, we receive over 20 applicants for each role within 24 hours of confirming the brief. We normally complete the assignment within 5 to 10 days depending on client timeframes. B2E Resourcing Limited, 4th Floor, 7 St. Helen’s Place, London, EC3A 6AU Tel: 0207 856 2204 www.b2e-resourcing.co.uk
  3. 3. B2E Resourcing Services Interim Consultants Our primary service is the provision of Interim Consultants to help clients fulfil specific resourcing needs on their business change projects or programmes. Permanent Placements Whilst the majority of the consultants in our network are currently working as Interim Consultants, we find that many are willing to consider a permanent position if the role is ‘right’. As a consequence, we are prepared to carry out search and selection assignments when we feel that the role would be of interest to one of our Interim Consultants. About the B2E Resourcing Team The London office of B2E Resourcing was opened in January 2004 and is staffed by consultants who have an in-depth experience and understanding of business change at mid and senior levels. Tony McNeill is an experienced and pragmatic management consultant with over 25 years business experience. He is a co-founder of B2E Resourcing having spent over 15 years working with Accenture helping a wide range of blue chip multinationals manage large-scale and complex change programmes affecting hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of employees. Tony.mcneill@b2e-resourcing.co.uk | 07831 442977 David Meggitt started his career with Robert Fleming the investment bank, working as an investment analyst. After eight years in London and Hong Kong he started working with smaller businesses prior to doing an MBA. For the last ten years he has been a management consultant advising companies on business/operations strategies. He joined B2E Resourcing in September 2004. David.meggitt@b2e-resourcing.co.uk | 07751 269 557 Jo Young has over 10 years of Change Management and IT consultancy experience with Accenture. After taking a 5 year break to have a family and to run her own business, she joined B2E Resourcing in November 2005. Jo's main areas of expertise are Change Management (training, organisation/job design, communications, process design), Implementation Planning and Execution and Call Centre management. Jo.young@b2e-resourcing.co.uk | 07798 685181 David Bowen spent 7 years at Accenture in the Change Management practice during which time he worked on major change programmes in Utilities, Government, and Telecomms. He then moved to UBS where he ran the PMO for a global SAP implementation before joining Financial Control as a Global Business Manager. After taking a career break to start his own business, David joined B2E Resourcing in March 2008. David.bowen@b2e-resourcing.co.uk | 07973 660 161 Jim Shaw spent the first 5 years of his career at Accenture, undertaking business process reengineering & change management projects for capital markets, retail banking & insurance clients. He then moved to BYT, an executive search and contingent recruitment consultancy, where he placed high-flyers into blue-chip and start-up clients. Jim joined B2E Resourcing in April 2008. Jim.shaw@b2e-resourcing.co.uk | 07525 128 428 B2E Resourcing Limited, 4th Floor, 7 St. Helen’s Place, London, EC3A 6AU Tel: 0207 856 2204 www.b2e-resourcing.co.uk