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GeoPuzzle 030
GeoPuzzle 030
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GeoPuzzle 030


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GeoPuzzles! Challenge your brain: …

GeoPuzzles! Challenge your brain:

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. GeoPuzzle 030 By Obilor Jim 2014 22 18 30 34 1 28 13 9 29 36 2 23 32 4 14 16 10 17 21 7 33 3 25 11 12 35 5 31 19 26 6 27 15 20 8 24 Down 1. A large, natural depression on the Earth’s surface. 2. Series of letters assigned to something. 3. A unit of memory size. 4. The 21st letter of the Greek alphabet. Across 1. Processing where all parameters are set up before a job is run. 7. Pertaining to NMO. 9. Resample systematically ( reduce the number of samples used to represent data. 12. A contemporary 'sans serif' typeface.
  • 2. Across 13. A large boat. 16. Period of ten years. 18. The range of frequencies over which a given device is designed to operate. 20. A systematic recording of data. 21. Reduce amplitude. 22. A high level programming language. 26. A type of wavelet. 29. A transducer of which the output is proportional to ground acceleration. 30. Component of a survey leg in the ease direction. 31. Multi-user computer operating system. 33. A technique to measure and display 3D distribution of velocity. 34. A type of event produced by the radial scattering of a wave. 35. Filter response characteristics. 36. Type of noise in marine seismic. Down 5. A ground position at which an observation is made with a geophysical instrument. 6. The unit of measurement of electrical resistance. 7. A common word in HSE process. 8. A design requirement for a 3D survey. 9. A long wall built to prevent flooding from the sea. 10. A type of wavelet. 11. A one-dimensional pulse. 14. Currents induced within conductors by a changing magnetic field in the conductor. 15. Longest river in the world. 17. A single series of devices through which data can flow from source to recorder. 19. A vessel carrying oil, usually on rivers. 23. A computer code for character and communication-control symbols. 24. The layout of an electrical transmission system or a synchronised transmission network. 25. Home to the US' oil and gas industry. 27. An incidental unintended effect produced by data acquisition or processing. 28. Refining process to break large molecules into smaller ones. 32. An offshore seismic or maritime working group. 33. Unit of weight (equivalent to 2000 pounds). You can play the puzzle online here...