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PowerPoint shortcuts to improve the way you work.

PowerPoint shortcuts to improve the way you work.

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  • 1. PowerPoint Shortcuts Ctrl + A: Select all objects Ctrl: Holding down CTRL and clicking on individual objects/text boxes temporarily groups them together and allows you to treat them as one object. (Holding down Shift does the same thing) Ctrl + C: Copy Ctrl + V: Paste what ever you have copied. Ctrl + Y: Repeat last action. (F4 does the same thing) Ctrl + Z: Undo last change. Ctrl + D: Duplicate. This is faster than doing copy + paste. It’s also useful to use when you want to work on a slide you have created but still keep the original as a backup, e.g. highlight the slide you want to work on, then use Ctrl+D, a duplicate slide will appear, you can work on the duplicate and still keep the original. It is also useful if you wish to keep the same slide format for a series of slides. Ctrl + G: Group selected objects. Ctrl + Shift + G: Ungroup selected objects. Ctrl + M: Add new slide. Ctrl + Alt + V: Paste Special ~ new for PPT 2007 ~ menu allows you to change a text box into an image. Ctrl + W: Close presentation. Ctrl + Mouse wheel: Zoom in and out. Ctrl + ] : Increase font size Ctrl + [ : Decrease font size. Ctrl + drag: Create a copy of an object. Shift + Left click: Select multiple objects. F5: View presentation from starting slide. Shift + F5: View presentation from current slide. Number + Enter: When in a slide show you can jump to any slide by typing in its number and then pressing Enter. Tab: Toggle through objects. Have fun, the Sweet Team South West Office: The Old Co-op, 38/5 Chelsea Road, Easton, Bristol BS5 6AF South East Office: 18 Castlefields, Istead Rise, Northfleet, Kent DA13 9EJ mobile: 07796 990 220 email: info@sweet-tlc.co.uk web: www.sweet-tlc.co.uk Reg Co No: 5666504