Eastwest Cartoon Competition Plan


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This slide was created by EASTWEST to leverage the presence of BDCoPS (Beijing Development Center of Popular Science) both within China and internationally.

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Eastwest Cartoon Competition Plan

  1. 1. 动漫大赛设计方案Cartoon Competition Plan<br />January 26th 2010<br />Prepared by:<br />Jim James, Director <br />jim@eastwestpr.com<br />Ryan Dutcher, Executive Associate<br />ryan@eastwestpr.com<br />Kelvin Chen, Associate<br />kelvin@eastwestpr.com<br />Contact : <br />Jun Yan, Vice Director<br />yanjunbeijing@126.com<br />YingqiuGao, Project Manager<br />vinciq@hotmail.com<br />Beijing Development Center of Popular Science (BDCoPS)<br />
  2. 2. 简介Introduction<br />2<br />感谢您对易思闻思公关的关注。我们得知此次动漫大赛的核心任务是扩大北京科普发展中心在国内和国际上的影响力。<br />Thank you for your interest in EASTWEST Public Relations. We understand that the key priority of cartoon competition is to leverage the BDCoPS&apos;s presence within China and internationally. <br />因此所提交方案突出该重点,涵盖了网页制作、社交关系营销、传统公关活动、颁奖典礼在内的一系列内容。<br />Our strategy reflects the emphasis. The ideas include an integrated program of website development, digital network marketing, traditional PR, and awards ceremony. <br />本演示中预算仅供参考,具体预算数额以实际支出为准。<br />The budgets are provisional, and are subject to final clarification upon actual specification.<br />
  3. 3. 五步骤法则5 Stage Methodology<br />3<br />
  4. 4. 调研 Investigation<br />www.eastwestpr.com<br />Singapore|Beijing<br />我们得知北京科普发展中心的主要项目包括:We understand that BDCoPS’s core business includes:<br />动漫大赛 A cartoon competition <br />科普论坛A Forum on science & technology<br />科普讲座A series of public lectures by Nobel price winners & high-profile scientists<br />中心早前所举办活动主要面向国内。中心希望在2010年可以吸引到更多来自国内和国际上的动漫创作者。BDCoPS has its previous work mainly focused in China. In 2010, BDCoPS wants to attract more event attendees from China and also encourage participation internationally. <br />中心同时期望在科普领域与国际组织寻求合作。BDCoPS is looking for opportunities for international cooperation with science & technology communities worldwide. <br />4<br />
  5. 5. 诊断 Diagnosis<br />5<br />
  6. 6. 中心目前所面临的主要问题如下:<br />Key issues faced by BDCoPS:<br />官方网页的可见度较低Official website has low visibility <br />网站域名模糊,不易在搜索引擎中找到 (如谷歌、百度);The domain name is not visible to search engine (e.g. Google, Baidu).<br />网站重要信息以图片形式而非文字显示,影响搜索结果;The site uses images instead of text to display important content.<br />网站缺少搜索引擎优化;The site is not SEO-friendly. <br />页面缺少相应的英文介绍,内容有待完善The site is not comprehensive and English equivalent site is missing.<br />中心希望加强在科普领域的国际合作,但对于国际组织以及开展合作的方式了解不多。BDCoPS wants to enhance international cooperation in the science & technology field. However, the organization has little knowledge of international associations or how to co-operate with them. <br />6<br />诊断 Diagnosis<br />www.eastwestpr.com<br />Singapore|Beijing<br />
  7. 7. 展望Visioning<br />7<br />
  8. 8. 我们的传播计划以构建国内和国际关系网络为中心。Our communications strategy centers around the building of relevant social networks both within China and internationally.<br />示意图显示了关系网络中的群体构成<br />8<br />www.eastwestpr.com<br />Singapore|Beijing<br />展望Visioning<br />我们的目标是提升大赛知晓度,广泛吸引世界各地的参赛者,协助中心征集4500件参赛作品。<br />Our goal is to increase awareness of the competition to assist in attaining 4,500 submissions and encourage more participation globally.<br />
  9. 9. 目标群体 Audience Groups<br />www.eastwestpr.com<br />Singapore|Beijing<br />大赛公关活动可以针对多类群体开展。其中主要群体包括:The PR activities can engage with a number of audience groups. The primary audience would include the following: <br />Internal<br /><ul><li>Spokespeople
  10. 10. Staff</li></ul>External<br /><ul><li>Prospective cartoonists
  11. 11. Prospective sponsors</li></ul>Allies & Influencers<br /><ul><li>Media & Analysts
  12. 12. Industry Associations
  13. 13. Universities
  14. 14. Parents & Teachers
  15. 15. Science societies</li></ul>9<br />
  16. 16. 实施 Implementation<br />10<br />10<br />
  17. 17. 针对动漫大赛的不同阶段我们提出了以下传播方案:<br />We propose a communication plan based on the different stages of cartoon competition:<br />项目1:网页完善 Website improvement<br />项目2:数字网络关系营销Digital Network Marketing<br />项目3:传统公关活动 Traditional PR<br />项目4:颁奖典礼Awards Ceremony<br />11<br />www.eastwestpr.com<br />Singapore|Beijing<br />实施Implementation<br />
  18. 18. 网页完善 Website Development重新设计网页 redesign强化搜索引擎 SEO利用新的域名New domain name使用在线投票系统Online voting<br />12<br />www.eastwestpr.com<br />Singapore|Beijing<br />项目一<br />Program 1<br />
  19. 19. 重新设计网页Redesign Website <br />本图展示了大赛网页可具备功能,其中多数为交互式互动功能。<br />13<br />
  20. 20. 搜索引擎优化Search Engine Optimization (SEO)<br /><ul><li> 搜索引擎优化有利于网页提高在搜索结果中的排行位置Websites benefit from search engine optimisation to become higher in displayed rankings.
  21. 21. www.chinacartooncompetition.com为域名,在搜索时更容易找到网站 New domain namewww.chinacartooncompetition.commakeswebsite more visible to searchengine(Google)</li></ul>数据显示中心网页在英文搜索中无显示结果<br />Current site doesn’t appear in the search results in English.<br />
  22. 22. 在线投票 Online Voting <br />图一:英国商业奖在线投票系统样式图<br />图二:投票统计系统样式图<br />
  23. 23. 数字网络关系营销 Digital Network Marketing 构建圈子Creating Communities 制造话题Creating Conversation<br />16<br />www.eastwestpr.com<br />Singapore|Beijing<br />项目二<br />Program 2<br />
  24. 24. 内容策略Content Strategy <br />选择正确的地点,制造有趣的内容,发动相关的受众,开始对话。<br />CreateCompelling content to start conversations with relevant audiences in the right places<br />图一:操作流程图<br />图二:新型社交媒体平台汇总<br />17<br />
  25. 25. 创建社交圈Creating Communities<br />目标Goals:<br /><ul><li>将客户与互联网上的目标群体聚拢在一起Connect client to online target audiences
  26. 26. 善用手头资源,抓住新老媒体Create opportunities to make use of available content for both traditional and new media </li></ul>做法 How: <br /><ul><li>借助RSS和网络标签向主流媒体、网络新媒体、博客等发布内容Post content using RSS feeds and tags to mainstream and online media and blogs.
  27. 27. 将网络社交作为公关工具Utilize social networking as a PR tool for the client
  28. 28. 为客户建立并维护社交网站账户Create and maintain social networking accounts for the client
  29. 29. 邀请历届大赛的作者和参展者加入社交网络,为大赛造势Generate testimonials by inviting past cartoonists and visitors within the network to endorse the competition
  30. 30. 邀请目标受众,不断扩大客户的社交网络Grow the client network via invitations
  31. 31. 启动有关大赛的讨论,同时及时更新新闻Start conversations about the competition, as well as timely news updates</li></ul>18<br />www.eastwestpr.com<br />Singapore|Beijing<br />
  32. 32. 内容聚合Content Aggregation <br />收集、整理、链接所有与大赛有关的内容The collection, storing and linking of content,i.e., any content written or created<br />内容传播Distribution and Seeding<br />将新闻稿件、博客文章、要闻提示等相关内容及链接发送至相应的平台Disseminate content and links to relevant channels, i.e., press release, blog post, news alert<br />主动干预Engagement<br />我们将发起或参与网络上的交谈,施加干预。Engagement are the conversations we have on-line. It is our role to start or join these conversations<br />创建对话Creating Conversations<br />19<br />
  33. 33. 传统公关活动 Traditional PR媒体关系管理 Media Relations协会组织公关Association Outreach <br />20<br />www.eastwestpr.com<br />Singapore|Beijing<br />项目三<br />Program 3<br />
  34. 34. 目标:加大动漫大赛的曝光度,吸引参赛者及赞助商。To leverage activities in the BDCoPS Cartoon Competition for increased visibility to attract submissions and possible sponsorships<br />在大赛启动阶段、进行阶段以及大赛后期,向相关协会组织和媒体单位发布新闻 Press releases can be distributed to relevant associations and media for launch, event and post-event.<br />大赛前期、中期和后期亦可安排媒体采访和媒体推介会。Interviews and briefings can be arranged before, during and after cartoon competition.<br />保证主流媒体上的报道。Editorials can be secured with key media.<br />时长:持续Duration: Ongoing<br />目标群体: 协会、商会、相关媒体单位Target: Associations, Councils and relevant media<br />媒体关系管理Media Relations<br />21<br />
  35. 35. 协会组织公关Associations outreach<br />www.eastwestpr.com<br />Singapore|Beijing<br />北京科普发展中心及相关组织可以共享资源,如新闻发布、新闻稿件及赞助机会。News, press releases, and sponsorship opportunities can be shared with these associations that would be relevant to the BDCoPS.<br />新加坡科学教师协会Science Teachers Association of Singapore<br />中加商会<br />Canada China Business Council<br />美国科技中心协会<br />Association of Science-Technology Center (US)<br />中美商会US China Business Council<br />国家科学教师协会(美国)<br />National Science Teacher Association (US)<br />英国文化委员会<br />British Council<br />国际科技教育协会(美国)<br />International Technology Education Association (US)<br />中澳商会<br />Australia China Business Council <br />22<br />
  36. 36. 颁奖典礼 Awards Ceremony<br />23<br />www.eastwestpr.com<br />Singapore|Beijing<br />项目四<br />Program 4<br />
  37. 37. 目标:提升动漫大赛的影响力,为优秀动漫创作者颁奖Objective: Raise the profile of the cartoon competition and reward artists.<br />为参赛人员提供动力,从而吸引高质量作品,实现北京科普发展中心的目标Will create an internal drive to submit quality cartoons relevant to the goals of BDCoPS<br />提升人们对北京科普发展中心的兴趣和认知度Will raise awareness and interest in BDCoPS<br />制造媒体曝光机会Will create media opportunities.<br />颁奖典礼Awards Ceremony<br />24<br />
  38. 38. 评估Evaluation<br />25<br />
  39. 39. 评估 <br />Evaluation<br />www.eastwestpr.com<br />Singapore|Beijing<br />评估方法<br />Measurement of Success<br />Visibility<br />High<br />12 months<br />6 months<br />Branding<br />Low<br />High<br />Start<br />Low<br />26<br />
  40. 40. 评估 <br />Evaluation<br />www.eastwestpr.com<br />Singapore|Beijing<br />评估方法<br />Measurement of Success<br />High<br />Competition Engagement<br />0%<br />100%<br />Number of Submissions<br />Low<br />27<br />
  41. 41. 预算 Budget<br />www.eastwestpr.com<br />Singapore|Beijing<br />以下预算仅供参考,实际预算以活动落实中具体细节为准。<br />Here is a provisional budget based on the ideas laid out. They are subject to more specification.<br />28<br />
  42. 42. 预算 Budget<br />www.eastwestpr.com<br />Singapore|Beijing<br />以下预算仅供参考,实际预算以活动落实中具体细节为准。<br />Here is a provisional budget based on the ideas laid out. They are subject to more specification.<br />29<br />
  43. 43. 预算 Budget<br />www.eastwestpr.com<br />Singapore|Beijing<br />以下预算仅供参考,实际预算以活动落实中具体细节为准。<br />Here is a provisional budget based on the ideas laid out. They are subject to more specification.<br />30<br />
  44. 44. 预算 Budget<br />www.eastwestpr.com<br />Singapore|Beijing<br />以下预算仅供参考,实际预算以活动落实中具体细节为准。<br />Here is a provisional budget based on the ideas laid out. They are subject to more specification.<br />31<br />
  45. 45. www.eastwestpr.com<br />Beijing | Singapore<br />Cartoon Competition PlanBeijing Development Center of Popular Science (BDCPS)<br />谢谢!<br />January 25th 2010<br />Prepared by:<br />Jim James, Director <br />jim@eastwestpr.com<br />Ryan Dutcher, Executive Associate<br />ryan@eastwestpr.com<br />Kelvin Chen, Associate<br />kelvin@eastwestpr.com<br />