Facebook Timeline System Countdown - Deadline is Near


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Million of FB users will be affected by the mandatory change over the new Timeline system...Everything will be different from the old wall right to what is the default first thing new visitors see. Learn what you should done to cope with this transition.Check it now: http://bit.ly/FB_Timeline_Ignition

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Facebook Timeline System Countdown - Deadline is Near

  1. 1. Facebook Timeline. Facebook Is Changing Deadline: 31 March 2012
  2. 2. Facebook Timeline... Tick-ack... Facebook Deadline: March 31,2012 Check now this FB Timeline Graphic Package1. Facebook Timeline - Countdown. Deadline: March 31, 20121.1 Short Overview of Facebook Timeline New Profile Interface On September 22, 2011 Facebook has introduced his new profile user interface for FB users; Timeline. This is a new visual interface that creates a storyboard of your live and related activities on your Facebook account. Timeline profile will depict the main photos, the main events of your social and professional live through pictures, maps, movie clips, friends, posts, pages viewed, applications, likes, dislikes etc. You will grant one or more "Stars" to the specific postings underlining how important was that event in your live.Personally I think it is a great way especially for small business to make more appealing theirpages and overall FB experience.What I dislike is that this requirement is mandatory...2.1 Facebook Timeline Milestones • FB Timeline new profile interface was launched on September 22, 2011 in F8 Convention; • FB Timeline to become mandatory for all users was announced on January 24, 2012 • FB Timeline to be automatically upgrade to all users as of March 31,20123.1 What to do, then...? Make a Killing FB Timeline PageFacebook timeline interface is an excellent medium for getting attention. The new FB Timeline profilewill help internet marketers to market their products and services more efficiently.Dimensions of Facebook timeline cover pictures is actually 849 by 312 pixels, together with thissufficiently large size cover image, online marketer will be able to promote his products and services,including his / her ideas...:). If you are going to buy a professional FB Timeline package you don’t have toworry about these technical details...With FB Timeline interface, most of the products and services can easily get promoted and marketed,thus increasing the FB ad revenues.So it appears that is a win-win situation, the online marketer gets more traffic and sales and FB getsmore paid ads.... FB is moving more to a more professional looking interface, so it is better if you have aFB account (and who hasnt one these days?) to contact a professional "FB Timeline" creator/vendor.There are many companies in the market, which provide professional looking Facebook Timeline profilecovers at a low price... You can in this way to enhance your profile page, with less trouble and withguaranteed results. Check this: http://bit.ly/FB_Timeline_Ignition
  3. 3. Facebook Timeline... Tick-ack... Facebook Deadline: March 31,2012 Check now this FB Timeline Graphic PackageYou will get more friends, more "likes" and if more favorable comments on your FB page. If you are anonline marketer, you definitely have to buy a professional FB Timeline theme...4.1 What to do about FB Timeline...You have two choices; one is to try yourself to read some technical documentation Facebook isproviding about how to build a basic FB Timeline profile, get some training from free tutorials on Googleor Youtube, and keep your fingers crossed that your endeavor will be according to the approvedFacebook specifications; and two get a reliable package with training, templates and psd files, even aWordpress solution for one click FB Timeline installation...Its your choice.There are a lot of good offers in the market today...However you should do your homework and search,compare, analyze etc. I have done some research for you and I find something that worth a look...5.1 My recommendation: FB Timeline IgnitionIn my opinion FB Timeline Ignition is the most complete Timeline business package in the market. It wasdeclared the WSO of the day for March 26, 2012...Everything you need is provided: manuals, training videos, and guides through the entire process,templates, sales materials, postcards, psd files for further customization, etc. FB Timeline Ignition is acomplete “Business in a Box”. The offer ends on March 31st, 2012.Check now this truly amazing offer!Here below I inserted some image from the FB Timeline Ignition – Sales PageExcerpts from the sales page: Check this: http://bit.ly/FB_Timeline_Ignition
  4. 4. Facebook Timeline... Tick-ack... Facebook Deadline: March 31,2012 Check now this FB Timeline Graphic PackageAnd a brief presentation of the main features of the FB Timeline Ignition Product: Check this: http://bit.ly/FB_Timeline_Ignition