Orientation on the public health module


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Orientation on the public health module

  1. 1. CHD IV-B MIMAROPAOrientation on the Public Health Module Nurses’ Roles, Duties and Responsibilities Presented by: Ms. Joan M. Belgado, RN, MAN
  2. 2. CHD IV-B MIMAROPANurses’ Roles A. Planner/Programmer B. Provider of Nursing Care C. Community Organizer D. Coordinator of Services E Trainer/Health Educator/Counselor F. Health Monitor G. Role Model H. Change Agent I. Recorder/Reporter/Statistician
  3. 3. CHD IV-B MIMAROPAA. Planner/ProgrammerFUNCTIONS1. Identifies needs, priorities and problems of individuals,families and communities.2. Formulates nursing component of health plans.3. Interprets and implements the nursing plan, program policies, memoranda and circulars for the concerned staff/personnel.4. Provides technical assistance to rural health midwives in health matters like target setting, etc.
  4. 4. CHD IV-B MIMAROPAB. Provider of Nursing CareFUNCTIONS1. Provides direct nursing care to the sick, disabled in the home, clinic, school or place of work.2. Develops the family’s capability to take care of the sick, disabled or dependent member.
  5. 5. CHD IV-B MIMAROPAC. Community OrganizerFUNCTIONS1. Responsible for motivating and enhancing community participation in terms of planning, organizing, and implementing and evaluating health programs/services.2. Initiates and participates in community development activities.
  6. 6. CHD IV-B MIMAROPAD. Coordinator of ServicesFUNCTIONS1. Coordinates with individuals, families, and groups for health and related health services provided by various members of health team and other Government Organizations and Non- Government Organizations.2. Coordinates nursing program with other health programs as environmental sanitation, health education, dental health and mental health.
  7. 7. CHD IV-B MIMAROPAE. Trainer/Health Educator/CounselorFUNCTIONS1. Identifies and interprets training needs of the RHMs, Barangay Health Workers (BHWs).2. Assist in the conduct of training for RHMs and BHWs on health promotion and disease prevention.
  8. 8. CHD IV-B MIMAROPAF. Trainer/Health Educator/CounselorContinued…FUNCTIONS7. Organizes orientation/training of concerned groups including non-government organizations.8. Acts as a resource speaker/person on health and health related services.9. Participates in the development and distribution of Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials.10. Initiates the use of tri-media: radio/TV, print ads, and other indigenous resources for health education purposes.
  9. 9. CHD IV-B MIMAROPAG. Health MonitorFUNCTIONS1. Detects deviation from health of individuals, families, groups of the community through contact/visits with them.2. Uses objective observation and other forms of data gathering like morbidity, registry, questionnaire, and checklists to monitor growth and development and health status of individuals, families, and communities.
  10. 10. CHD IV-B MIMAROPAH. Role ModelFUNCTION1. Provides good example/model of healthful living to the public/community.
  11. 11. CHD IV-B MIMAROPAI. Change AgentFUNCTION1. Motivates changes in health behavior of individuals, families, group and community including lifestyle in order to promote and maintain health.
  12. 12. CHD IV-B MIMAROPAJ. Recorder/Reporter/StatisticianFUNCTIONS1. Prepares and submits required reports and records.2. Maintains adequate, accurate and complete recording and reporting.3. Reviews, validates, consolidates, analyzes and interprets all records and reports.4. Prepares statistical data/charts and other data presentations for display and for presentation in staff meetings, conferences and seminars/workshops.
  13. 13. CHD IV-B MIMAROPAKey Areas of Responsibility Public health program implementation Trainers and supervisors of the Community Health Teams Data Management and Reporting Nursing Care services related to MNCHN strategies Health education and communication Program coordination Program monitoring (i.e., MNCHN, 4Ps recipients, etc.) Ethico-moral, legal and documentation/reporting responsibilities
  14. 14. Nurses’ Specific Roles and CHD IV-B MIMAROPAResponsibilities1. Participates in the implementation of various projects/programs/ systems and activities related to Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health and Nutrition (MNCHN) & Pantawid Pamilya Program such as: a. Maternal health services 1. Pre-natal care 2. Post-natal care 3. Family planning b. Child Health Care services 1. EPI 2. Nutrition 3. Dental Health Programs
  15. 15. Nurses’ Specific Roles and CHD IV-B MIMAROPAResponsibilities continued…2. Participates in the monitoring of the MNCHN programs/activities and Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program health related services;3. Prepares and submits reports related to MNCHN programs/activities and Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program health related services;4. Assists in the conduct of health education related to MNCHN;5. Assists other health team providers in the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to MNCHN for both normal and specialized treatment case;6. Provides nursing care services related to MNCHN.
  16. 16. Nurses’ Specific Roles and CHD IV-B MIMAROPAResponsibilities continued…2. Conducts regular monitoring of various health programs of the municipality. a. Maternal health services 1. Pre-natal care 2. Post-natal care 3. family planning b. Child Health Care services 1. EPI 2. Nutrition 3. Dental Health Programs
  17. 17. Nurses’ Specific Roles and CHD IV-B MIMAROPAResponsibilities continued…3. Verify/Validate the compliance to the conditionalities of the Pantawid Pamilya recipients. A. Monitor compliance of the households on the ff: a. pre/post/ante natal care b. facility based delivery c. complete immunization of children d. school performance of children e. attendance to learning and development activities for parents/guardian B. Ensure timely submission of Compliance Verification System (CVS) Form by the Rural Health Midwives.
  18. 18. Nurses’ Specific Roles and CHD IV-B MIMAROPAResponsibilities continued…4. Conduct health education and training a. mothers’ class b. Family Development Session5. Assist in the conduct of disease surveillance6. Train and Supervise the Community Health Teams7. Management of data gathered by the Community Health Teams8. Submission of Research Proposal9. Prepares and submits reports/project requirements: a. DTR b. Monthly journal report
  19. 19. CHD IV-B MIMAROPAThank You!