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  • 1. KENDA
  • 2. HOOTERS takes pride in the smart, savvy women whowork for us but we also know that for many…our timewith them is limited, just a blip on the radar screen oflife as they go on to fulfill bigger goals. As acorporation, we want to help EMPOWER them to reachtheir dreams because in the long run theirACHIEVEMENTS are also our SUCCESS stories!•Why should we choose the shooting sports to do this?•The shooting sports is growing in popularity because itgives women an opportunity to become competent withhandling firearms, giving them a sense of control, ratherthan fear of the unknown. This empowerment translatesinto how they view life and their career choices.•HOOTERS Shooters will be trained and mentored bythe best shooters in the world! This will allow them toquickly join the ranks of some of the hottest, mostadmired female athletes in the industry. These lucky Jennifer Lamontwomen will be sought after as leaders, role models and Mrs. Colorado 2005mentors for years to come. Maybe they will even stay HOOTERS Shooters Mentorwith us as their career choice!
  • 3. Partnering with HOOTERS is a WIN for ALL of us!•NRA COMPETITIVE PISTOL - TOM HUGHES•USPSA - PHIL STRADER•3GUN - TARAN BUTLER•SOF - SCOTT NEAL of T1G, Brian Searcy Tiger Swan,•John Mc Phee, Grey Group, Red Northern and many more! May 12, 2012
  • 4. TARAN is truly one of the major influencers in shooting sports today. He knows everyone in the industry and has helped bring “Top Shot” competitors like Air Force firearms expert & veteran, George Reinas (below) to the top of the firearms industry. They are both excited to help HOOTERS take a leadership role that empowers women by promoting shooting sports in practical and tactical events. He will assist in any way possible with the HOOTERS Shooters and any productions that go with it. George has offered to train and assist as well.TARAN has the only outdoor range in the Hollywood areaused for filming and firearms training. He often providesinstruction to the Stars (like Rhianna, above) corporateleaders, SOF and competitive shooters. Additionally, heis the “Top Shot” firearms expert and is about to launchhis own label of guns and accessories in the next fewmonths. The first major network shooting show fromNBC is going to be filmed on his range…with Veterans!WE COULD BEAT IT TO MARKET!
  • 5. HOOTERS USPSA TEAM LEADERS Hooters will literally have 11x World & National Pistol Champion, one of the best competitive Dave Sevigny & Anna Brooke pistol trainers in the world to train their team! Dave is well known in SOF & is truly a pistol craft ninja! Formerly the Coach for Team Glock, Dave is a generational legend in the sport. We are VERY lucky to have him on board!Brooke was a novice shooter who has been trainingwith Dave for almost two years now. She recentlyWON her first Ladies Division Title which says tonsfor his coaching talents. She can lead the HOOTERSUSPSA team with legendary Sevigny, as he continuesbreaking his own records. Both are motivated to helpHOOTERS Shooters shine!
  • 6. JESSIE DUFF The “Queen Multiple National & World Class Pistol Champion Diva” of Competitive Pistol Sports! Jessie is truly known as the “Diva” of the shooting world. Recently, she married former MLB Matt Duff who is also her Co-Host on the “Friends of NRA” show and moved from GA. to MO.Jessie agreed to train and mentor the Hooter’s Shooters! She is excited aboutbeing connected to HOOTERS new image of a strong, skilled, sexy, smart and incontrol woman…like herself! Her contract restraints with Team Taurus USA are beingreviewed so she could take on any larger roles that may be prohibited duringcompetitions or her “Friends of NRA” production.
  • 7. TASHA HAMISH TASHA was the Co-Captain of2010 World 3Gun Champion Team FNH until injuries took her out of competition in 2011. She started Nursing school and is currently taking a break from the intense schedule she had to keep as one of the worlds best shooters! Tasha would like to work with HOOTERS Shooters as a SPONSORED trainer and mentor. She is great asset and we are very lucky to have her on board!
  • 8. MAGGIE REESE Maggie was first 3-Gun National Champion seen on Season 2 of “Top Shot”. Where she met her boyfriend Michael Voight, who is often an expert with Taran. Mike is also a 3- Gun Champ, trainer & friend to USPSA Pres. & competitor, Phil Strader. Sure Fire is their sponsor.Maggie has huge potential to reach STAR status with right sponsorsand publicity. She’s well known on the 3-Gun circuit as one of thefastest shooters in the Open division and has a super outgoingpersonality. Maggie will be great in productions on and off set!
  • 9. KENDA LENSEIGNE Overall World & National Champion! 4x World Point Champion Cowgirl and holder of 6 World Records! Kenda is one of Cowboy Mounted Shooting’s most renowned competitors who is just starting USPSA. HOOTERS will shine with Kenda on stage…. SHE’S a dream!
  • 10. GABBY FRANCOGabriela “Gabby” Franco is aProfessional Firearms Instructor withmore than 19 years of experience inPrecision shooting. She is currently a star on thisseason’s “Top Shot” and is the onlyfemale in the shows history, to makeit so close to the finals.Gabby takes pride in being a strongsupporter of the 2nd Amendment andempowering women by teachingthem how to protectthemselves, with and withoutfirearms. She is now training as aUSPSA pistol competitor and hasdreams of becoming the mostfamous female firearms instructor inthe world!
  • 11. JENNIFER LAMONTJENNIFER is the 2005 Mrs. Colorado-America. She was raised and went toCollege in Dearborn Michigan but hasmade her home in the hills of DenverColorado. She has always loved theoutdoors and considers herself a“tomboy”. She advocates shooting as away to empower women across Americaand is an excellent ambassador andmentor for HOOTERS Shooters!
  • 12. Tiffany Marshall Mrs. Georgia – America 2011Tiffany studied HealthAdministration at theMedical University ofSouth Carolina andgraduated in 2002. Shecurrently lives in Atlantaand is a huge supporter ofour 2nd Amendment rightsand the right to carry afirearm. She would makea wonderful ambassadorand mentor to HOOTERSShooters!
  • 13. JESSICA HARVEY 2011 Mrs. North CarolinaTim Abell-Host of “Grateful Nation” Jessica Harvey Mrs. N.C. Mike Hughes –”Top Shot” Point Blank Range Grand Opening, Mooresville NC. ( Patriot Promotions event. ) Jessica received her title of Mrs. North Carolina based on her individual presentation to the judges about supporting the 2nd Amendment and our right to carry. Mike owns Next Level Training in WA. - Tim Abell is an actor and veteran advocate.
  • 14. ANGELA AMIDON Adventure Academy MentorANGELA attended Marion Military Institute where she graduated asValedictorian. She was the first female to ever reach the rank of CadetLieutenant Colonel in the history of the academy. She also attendedNorth Carolina State University, earning undergraduate and graduate degrees .Serving honorably as a Military Intelligence Officer from 1998-2006, shespecialized in Counterintelligence and security. Her service includeddeployments ISO Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedomto Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Iraq with the XVIII Airborne Corps, FortBragg, NC. She achieved the rank of Captain. She is also the only female ontheUS VETERAN CORPS “ARCHANGELS” RAPPEL TEAM.
  • 15. TECH INSTRUCTION JUNIORS VIP EVENTS WE will never run out of content! Ashley –n- Brian (Brian’s legs) Shooter Profiles Adventure Academy