The Amazon Kindle


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Entrepreneurial venture project over The Amazon Kindle.

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The Amazon Kindle

  1. 1. EntrepreneurialVenture Project:Amazon Kindle By: Jill Hankemeier
  2. 2. Our objective is to effectively communicate the rapid success of Amazon’s Kindle by detailing productoverview/feature s, distribution, marketability, competition, and brand campaign.
  3. 3. • ‘To light a fire’— intellectual excitement branding• November 2007 release, sold out in 5 hours• Surpassed print book sales in 2010• Shop, download, browse, read, wireless networking
  4. 4.—The Beginning• Jeff Bezos, founder in 1994 used garage as warehouse space• By 1995, sold books across the country• Customers were asked to review books that created the ‘Amazon Community’
  5. 5. Growth Expansion• Significant growth in 1997• AMZN share generated $15.7 million in revenue• CDs, DVDs, small electronics, and household items• By 1999, Amazon’s netted $1 billion in sales• Reported a $1.4 billion loss in 2001, forcing Amazon to sign exclusive deals with retailers
  6. 6. Distribution• High power distribution system (sold 1 million Kindles in a week during Dec. 2011)• 80 distribution centers worldwide• Ships to 40+ international countries
  7. 7. Portability• It’s just like a book—you can take it anywhere• Download anywhere using wifi• Cordless feature separates itself from competition
  8. 8. E-Book Selection • Amazon has a relationship with the world’s top publishing agencies • An estimated 12.8 million E-Books sold in 2011 • 600,000+ books priced at less than $4.99, 1+ million under $9.99 • Many books are public and free • Under 60 second downloads • 48% of the 12.8 million E-Books sold in March 2011 were Kindles
  9. 9. Competition Barnes and Noble’s Nook release in 2011 Nook was too late in the game and lacked customer appeal True competitor is Apple’s iPadBiggest advantage over iPad is a significantly lower price ($70-$300 vs. $350-$800)
  10. 10. Market Primary marketedtoward women and children Big for students,less expensive than books Makers feel that cameras and GPS are not necessary
  11. 11. Kindle’s Global Market• Largest E-Book market in US and UK• Born global—since launch, been available internationally• Sold in over 180 countries• Globalization re-entered Amazon’s international presence• Next move is launching Mandarin Kindle in China
  12. 12. Conclusion• Kindle was 1st in electronic reading device• Value of price, selection, portability, and the reputation of Amazon• Tablet industry is risking the future of Kindle• Kindle spawned an industry, but it may be choked out by that‘Your brand is formed primarily, not by whatyour company says about itself, but what thecompany does.’ –Jeff Bezos, Kindle
  13. 13. References: • • • prn1/c95.0.403.403/p403x403/72261_491315284251937_372291036_n.jpg • • 0/371/ g?ve=1 • 18c418c6ae88a9b4.jpg • •*304.jpg?v=1 • • a47619268409e6167810ed6.jpg • high_large_verge_medium_landscape.jpg •
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