Linked in Sales Strategy


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The Do's and Don'ts of an Effective LinkedIn Sales Strategy. First and foremost, LinkedIn is a social network. It’s not a “hear my pitch network”. It’s about building relationships with people who have common interests. Find out more about HOW with specific examples.

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Linked in Sales Strategy

  1. 1. LinkedIn B2B Sales StrategyGetting Found, Filling the Sales Pipeline and Increasing Revenue
  2. 2. LinkedInLinkedIn is the premier social networking sitedevoted solely to professionals. There is no othersocial networking site in which you have a greaterchance of being able to interact with an influentialdecision maker due to the business focused natureof the community. LinkedIn remains one of thebest social networking sites to market yourbusiness-to-business (B2B) products and servicesbecause of this special demographic.
  3. 3. LinkedInFirst and foremost, LinkedIn is a social network.It’s not a “hear my pitch network”. It’s aboutbuilding relationships with people who havecommon interests.
  4. 4. Why LinkedIn? #1 Professional Network Gold mine for sales opportunities Able to establish yourself as an expert within the organization Source to Build Clients, Build Revenue & Source Talent
  5. 5. Why LinkedIn? Attract very specific professionals Generate new leads and fill pipelines  Create inbound leads consistently Shorter sales cycles Create a targeted tribe/online communities Maintain top of mind awareness through consistent thoughtful content Establish cutting edge social strategies
  6. 6. LinkedIn Sales Strategy FocusDevelop compelling INDIVIDUAL PERSONALPROFILES to Connect and build an onstagepresence and Credibility with target prospects,customers, vendor partners and peers to: Drive inbound leads and conversions Build Brand Awareness
  8. 8. Step One: Build Credibility byOptimizing Profile Improve LinkedIn profile by getting into psyche of target market utilizing relevant optimized keywords/phrases in: 1. Professional headline 2. Profile summary 3. Presentation, webinar, etc links 4. Reading recommendations 5. Regular post activity
  9. 9. How to increase lead generation and clientacquisition using the LinkedIn Profile?Get into the psyche of your target market  Ask what does the potential client want/need and how can you supply that need and answer that need using the professional headline in the personal profile that would compel a person to click on your profile to find out more  Add focus and/or goals met, numbers met, acquisition met from case studies
  10. 10. How to increase lead generation and client acquisition using the LinkedIn Profile?1. Professional Headline in Profile  Specific Key Words must be used here related to the value of what a person could be looking for relative to value propositions.  For Example for Jill Frank:  Experienced Internet Marketing Consultant, Consultant Social Media Strategy, Web Development & E- Marketing Strategy and Execution
  11. 11. How to increase lead generation and client acquisition using the LinkedIn Profile?2. Profile Summary Section Build credibility and Trust Add bullets points to highlight skills relative to your Company’s Value Proposition using relevant keywords/phrases. Talk to credibility plays. List of keywords/phrases media outlets articles, awards etc.  For Example for Jill Frank:  Small to Mid-Sized businesses hire Jill, owner of Sterling Communications Inc., and her team for the following reasons: - To replace the need for an in-house marketing department saving start-ups and established companies thousands to millions of upfront costs. - To stop companies from throwing money away at each “must-do” internet marketing technology and waiting for something to work. The difference between success and failure is creating AND executing the right internet marketing strategy. Sterling Communications strategy can create and help execute the right plan for your B2B or e-commerce budget and timeline.. - To create and implement successful Social Media Strategies from recruitment to creative lead generation and sales apps. - To integrate design and usability with data to develop the right web design strategy to drive conversions for e-commerce and B2B.B2B - To develop and execute internet marketing campaigns with PPC, Remarketing, Call Metrics and More - To develop Marketing proposition, positioning and messaging. - To develop realistic Marketing budgets
  12. 12. How to increase lead generation and clientacquisition using the LinkedIn Profile?3. Add presentations  Add website links with keyword titles of webinars, videos, ebooks, case studies that you have conducted establishing you as an expert relative to Value Proposition. Inbed the link using a link to track clicks etc.
  13. 13. Profile Enhancements: Free Apps Linkedin Apps – reach out to those outside of Linkedin but can tie them into your profile.  Slideshare – post presentations, pdfs, webinars  Tweets  Blog link/WordPress if applicable  Amazon Reading List RSS Feeds
  14. 14. Step 2: Generate Inbound Inquiries fromTarget Market
  15. 15. Step 2: Generate Inbound Inquiries fromTarget Market1. Select employees to lead participation  Designate a few sales employees to be internal LinkedIn champions. To be most effective, these individuals should be social-network savvy; knowledgeable about your products, services and brand messaging; and have a desire to engage with target audiences.  Participants should also have the time availability each week to respond to LinkedIn discussions and questions relating to their areas of expertise. Note: Marketing can help with messages, email campaigns etc.
  16. 16. Step 2: Generate Inbound Inquiries fromTarget Market – Engagement Strategy2. Utilize LinkedIn Advanced SearchFor Example:  Expand network to target market  Title  Fortune 1000s  Software Technology  City  State
  17. 17. Generate Inbound Leads LinkedIn Connect Strategy  Create very personal outbound invite campaigns  Connect  Take off line as quick as possible LinkedIn Group Strategy  Create your own community (groups) and have high participation through  Announcements  Posts with relevant content to groups  Join as many Groups with Groups searches and subgroups as you can  Engage and interact in Q&A in groups
  18. 18. Generate Interest/Inbound Leads Share content on LinkedIn to include a photo, make it visible to anyone or just connections or just groups Reshare from another connection
  19. 19. Creating a GroupThe Power Tree- Define Mission of Group:Find the common bond thatyou have with clients Software Developers Small to mid size Technology Companies- Create SEO FriendlyName- Remember it’s NOT aboutYour Company but thecommunity it serves Agile Method-Generate Conversation
  20. 20. LinkedIn Premium TestRecommendations Business Plus - $39.95 per mos/per user* Executive - $99.95 per mos/per user* Click on links above for full package detail options Key Differentiators: ‒ Inmail ‒ Number of full profile search results ‒ Full profiles of everyone in your network - 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree. ‒ Number of Introductions* Prices quoted at publishing time
  21. 21. Understanding LinkedIn PremiumFeatures:
  22. 22. End