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SSC reading workshop
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  • 1. Good
    SYL Sat…
    Jill Bromenschenkel jillbromen@gmail.com
  • 2. Strategies!
    (orange sheet)
    Strategy, B/D/A, Description, i.e.
  • 3. From our wiki…
  • 4. Mix,
  • 5. 3
  • 6. ?
    What is Comprehension
  • 7. Rally
  • 8. Team
    & SHARE
  • 9. Think, pair,
  • 10. Developing a textbase: making connections within the text : Readers work with the information and ideas presented by the text. They develop a network of ideas that links the mean drawn from phrases, clauses, and sentences into larger ideas.
    Building a mental model: making meaning from the text: Readers build a world or create an image in their minds of the situation described by the text, using related knowledge and experiences and purposes they already have. They build a mental model, which is a representative of the ideas in the text base that is enriched by the reader’s knowledge .
    Hampton & Resnick
  • 11. Comprehension is the result of the interaction between the textbase and the mental model
    Developing a textbase: making connections within the text: Vocabulary knowledge, Syntactic knowledge, Knowledge of the text structures
    Building a mental model: making meaning from the text: Word knowledge, topic knowledge, discipline knowledge
  • 12. An understanding of the text, integrated with the reader’s knowledge, available to use again and again…
    In short, comprehension is…
  • 13. Show
  • 14. Students who are engaged and self-directed are more likely to be motivated to read than are those who have no clear purposes in mind.
  • 15. Ashlee’s sticky note
    AAHH! That’s not true! :0 I can’t believe they say that about Koreans! Anyway, we eat…
  • 16. Becoming a strong reader and an effective writer takes…Practice!
    Students need time to read texts, write texts, talk about texts, and use technologies to read and write.
  • 17. We must provide the time and experiences to develop our students’ habits and strengthen their literacy knowledge and skills
    *Read and write different kinds of texts
    *Read and write purposefully
  • 18. Students are more likely to readpurposefully if they can
    Choose texts that are rich in content and reflect their interests
    Collaborate with other students
  • 19. Select genres that help them shape their writings
    Choose writing topics independently
    Collaborate with other students
    Students are more likely to writepurposefully if they can
  • 20. MN
    Updated for 21st Century Learners
  • 21. Talking
  • 22. Accountable to the Community: listen, consider, build
    Accountable to knowledge: grounded, evidence, reference
    Accountable to rigorous thinking: acceptable standards of reasoning,
    Collaborating with Others: Ground Rules for Accountable Classroom Talk
  • 23. What’s happening now?
    What is the author trying to tell you?
    Why is the author telling you that?
    Does the author say it clearly?
    How does this connect with what the author told us earlier?
    How does this fit with what we know (about an even, topic or character) in the text?
    How could the author have said things more clearly?
    What would you say instead?
    What positions, interests or values are presented in the text?
    How does the text do its work through specific language and text features?
    Some questions to help initiate accountable talk…
  • 24. I wonder why the author says _____________
    Right now, I think ______________ is happening
    The words _____________ remind me of_____________________________
    How do I feel?
    I feel______________ because
    I think_____________ because
    K/1 : smiley faces, sad faces, puzzled faces 
    I think _____________ is going to happen because ________________
    Provide Sentence stems for Accountable talk
  • 25. The Case for Literary Texts
  • 26. The Case for Informational Texts
  • 27. Tier 1
    Common words: learned in everyday talk with friends and family about everyday things, words which are typically learned informally
    Tier 2
    Literate words: typify written language and academic talk.; more sophisticated, abstract and useful for expression complicated ideas
    Tier 3
    Specialized words, encompass terms in a specific subject, low-frequency, technical, topical words
    What words should students know?
  • 28. Sticky Notes
    Notebook Entries
    Two Column notes: Quote and My Thinking
    Venns (or Double-Bubble Maps)
    Webs: putting it all out on the table
    Story Maps: understand how story elements work together to create meaning
    D. Diller
    Options for Responses:
  • 29. From our wiki…
  • 30. Give one,
    Get one
  • 31. Thanks for
    joining me
    For SYL Sat…
    Jill Bromenschenkel jillbromen@gmail.com
  • 32. Additional Interactive
  • 33. Placemat
  • 34. Jot
  • 35. Everybody
  • 36. One
  • 37. OUTSIDE
  • 38. Centerpiece
  • 39. Quiz Quiz…
  • 40. Photo credits
    Slide 4, Kevin Saff, Flickr CC
    Slide 5, istockphoto
    Slide 7, David Friel, Flickr CC
    Slide 8, cabbit, Flickr CC
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    Connect with me!
    Connectivity Facebook Page for Educators: http://tiny.cc/FBConnect
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