The role of homework in education


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The role of homework in education

  1. 1. Represented by Jiayi Liu Educ 100W Mar. 27
  2. 2. • The real aim of doing homework in education• Misunderstandings and misusages of homework• How much should homework count in the whole grade• What amount of homework is suitable for students to promote learning• The impacts of homework from academic, social and political perspectives• How to make a change to the current homework pattern and what kind of changes should we make
  3. 3. Parents’ survey Students’ survey • On average, the vast majority• Around half (46.37%) of the of students (over 90%) spend parents surveyed think the more than an hour a night amount of time their child completing homework spends doing homework is • When this information is too much viewed by grade level it• More than half (60.12%) of becomes apparent that a large number of students in grades the students spend more 6‐12 are spending between than one hour per night to one to three hours a night on do homework reported by homework their parents
  4. 4. Teachers’ survey• Most staff were in agreement that homework shouldbe assigned at least two times per week with honorsand AP teachers more frequently stating that it shouldbe given every night.•A large portion of teachers in grades 6 to 8 seemed tofeel that homework should not take more than twentyminutes•This response did not seem to align with the studentand parent response for actual time it takes tocomplete assignments in middle school.
  5. 5. • With so much homework assigned, students nowadays are stressed out and not benefit as much as their teachers expect them to do from the homework• Many problems are also caused by the heavy work, i.e. cheating, procrastination, learning inefficiency, family relationship, etc.• A large amount of homework are pointless, just means of busy work, i.e. transcriptions, math arithmetic questions• Teachers tend to account homework for a part of the whole course grade with up to 40 percent, which forces students to do the homework• Studies showed no strong correlation between homework average and standardized test scores
  6. 6. Question #1• what do you think is the real aim of doing homework in education?
  7. 7. Question #2• How do you feel about these misusages of homework and what do you think is the cause of this phenomenon?
  8. 8. • homework should advance a spirit of learning, which is to say if you are going to have homework at all, it must be about promoting real learning• make homework be more student-directed. Kids tend to learn better when they have a say in what they have done• homework should promote a balanced schedule, which means that kids should also have a chance to chill out and enjoy their time of just being kids beyond homework• qCAs
  9. 9. Questions #3• Based on the guideline, how much homework do you think is too much?• To be more specific, what percentage of whole course do you think should homework account for? Or in other words, what do you think the course grade should be made up of?
  10. 10. • Studies showed that a lot of families are lack of communications and family time, which may be the main cause of the bad family relationship.• The indirect cause may be too much workloads that our children have after school• Homework becomes a barrier between parents and children, shorten the time they could spent together
  11. 11. Question #4• Homework is considered as the intersection between schools and families, but there are voices said that family relationship are worse due to the appearance of homework.• What do you think is the impact of homework on students and their families? Does homework really ruined students’ family lives?
  12. 12. Question #5• French president had abolished the homework of schools and promised to shorten the school days. Finland students also do not have homework after school.• What do you think about these education policies? Do you think the Canada government should also make some changes to the current homework pattern?
  13. 13. Question #6• Like we mentioned above, if we need to change the current homework condition, what suggestions can you make?
  14. 14. Thank you for listening and participating!