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Take advantage of this step by step tutorial on how to build a Facebook Fan Page. …

Take advantage of this step by step tutorial on how to build a Facebook Fan Page.

This tutorial is in No way endorsed or associated with Facebook the company. This tutorial has been created by the Kenai Peninsula Tourism Marketing Council as an educational aid for the KPTMC Members.

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  • 1. FACEBOOK 101 Building your Page Learn how to… Become Familiar with your Fan Page Learn how to… Learn how to… Build a Facebook Navigate to your Fan Fan Page Page’s administrative control content TODAY! You will… Get the Checklist! Facebook’s Marketing Boot Camp Week 1 ChecklistThis tutorial is in No way endorsed or associated with Facebookthe company. This tutorial has been created by the KenaiPeninsula Tourism Marketing Council as an educational aid forthe KPTMC Members.
  • 2. FACEBOOK 101 Building your Fan Page Lets get started!
  • 3. FACEBOOK 101 http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php Visithttp://www.facebook.com/pages/create.phpand Select your page type
  • 4. FACEBOOK 101 Select your Industry•Select your CategoryTip: If you can not locatethe correct Category, trytesting out the other pagetypes.•Fill in the fields foryour fan pagesinformationTip: Spelling and Grammarcount here
  • 5. FACEBOOK 101 Upload your Brand Logo•Upload your brand’sImage.Tip: Logo’s with colorsthat compliment yourTimeline’s Cover work bestfor retaining visitors,(Facebook Cover will beexplained in further detaillater).•Logo Dimensions are180 pixels by 180pixels.Tip: If you do not haveaccess to photo editingprograms or an image,you can always visit yourwebsite and save yourlogo to your desktop foruploading.
  • 6. FACEBOOK 101 About your Fan Page When filling out your “About information”, Mission statements work great for the Basic Information field. If you have a Twitter handle, blog, website, Yelp, Travel advisory or other rating networks, you can encourage fan’s to easily navigate to them by adding themto your about section.
  • 7. FACEBOOK 101 Setting your Pages URL Facebook has given you the ability to name your page from the get-go. Your page will no longer be assigned a /#123987123 designation. Your page will be unique! Tip: While naming your page, be conscientious ofhow this URL can be used. Do you want it on your business cards, advertisements, publications, etc…? Keep it short, simple and correct.
  • 8. FACEBOOK 101 Navigating to your Fan Page Your Personal Facebook Page and your Facebook Fan Page need to be identified differently. Look at your Personal Page as your HOME. These are your personal views and personal perspectives. Look at tour Fan Page as your BUSINESSES STORE front. You will not post as an “I” but as a “We” on behalf of your Fan Page. You will also navigate to these locations and control them in a similar way. When posting on your fan page, you willnavigate to your page and become your Fan Page, then post appropriately. When you are ready to post on your personal page, you will navigate to your personal page and become your personal account.
  • 9. FACEBOOK 101 Navigating to your Fan Page Navigating to and from your Personal Page and Fan Page can be done by clicking the arrow in the top right hand corner. You can also tell which account you are currently communicating with which is located next to the Home link.
  • 10. FACEBOOK 101 Updating your Information Update your Fan Page’s information by navigating to the Edit Page drop down. From here you will have the ability to edit many components of your Facebook Fan Page.
  • 11. FACEBOOK 101 Updating your InformationFrom the Your Settings tab, you can dictate who your profile will display your posts asand email notifications as based on who youare administering as.
  • 12. FACEBOOK 101 Updating your Information From the Manage Permissions tab, you can put your page in a state ofconstruction until you have finished the design by checking the “Unpublish Page”.You can restrict who views your Fan Page by Country and Age. You can also restrict posting to your Timeline, the ability to send private messages and moderate specific words and profanity. This is also where you will go if you need topermanently delete a page.
  • 13. FACEBOOK 101 Updating your InformationFrom the Basic Information tab, you can change yourpages category and set it as “The Official Page” of your service, product, business or cause.
  • 14. FACEBOOK 101 Updating your Information From the Profile Picture tab you can change your Profile Picture.
  • 15. FACEBOOK 101 Updating your InformationFrom the Featured tab you have the ability to featurea page owner and/or other pages you have liked. This may be applicable if you are the administrator of several Fan Pages (Property Locations) or an administrator is a Local Celebrity (we’re all a celebrity!).
  • 16. FACEBOOK 101 Updating your Information From the Resources tab you can use Facebook’sextensive resources librarywhich covers EVERYTHING!You can link your Facebook updates to your Twitter, design a website and blog social plug-in, navigate to the advertising page and MORE!
  • 17. FACEBOOK 101 Updating your Information From the Admin Roles tab you can manage who will administrate your Facebook Fan Page and what their role is. To add a new administrator, instruct them to Like your Fan Page. You can then easilyadd them by typing in their personal profile name.
  • 18. FACEBOOK 101 Updating your InformationFrom the Apps tab you canmanage the different kindsor outside installations you have associated with your Fan Page. How to use and get thesethird party applications will be explained in the laterseries of these tutorials.
  • 19. FACEBOOK 101 Updating your Information The Mobile, Insights andHelp tabs are self help tabs. With the increasedpopularity of Smart Phones and their prebuilt Socialapplications, mobile SMS ismore-so targeting towards text message updates.Clicking the Insights tab will automatically direct you to your pages insights. The Help tab willautomatically direct you to Facebook’s Self-help Library.
  • 20. FACEBOOK 101 Your Need-To-Know Buttons Clicking the arrow in the top, right hand corner prompts you to switch pages, advertise, log-out and help. Clicking the Home link will redirect you to the newsfeed. Clicking on the pages name or on the icon next to the name will redirect you to your pages wall. Clicking on and type in the search bar to find friends and pages.
  • 21. FACEBOOK 101 Your Timeline CoverClick Add a Cover tomake an impression on your visitors. Dimensions for creating a Timeline Cover are 851 Pixels by 312 Pixels.
  • 22. FACEBOOK 101 Giving Permission WAIT! That’s not a virus! Don’t be afraid when prompted to switch users from your Fan Page to yourPersonal Profile. The site or application is simply identifying you as an individual.
  • 23. FACEBOOK 101 Week 1 Checklist Start putting Social Media to work for you! Download the Check List: http://ads.ak.facebook.com/ads/FacebookAds/Bootc