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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Welcome to Schoology By: Julie Vaughn Walden University EDUC-6715
  • 2. What is Schoology
    • Schoology is a free digital classroom.
    • It is a learning management system that combines classroom instruction and social networks to create and share academic content.
  • 3. Capabilities of Schoology
    • Allows teachers to create and manage web pages, blogs, discussion boards, lessons and assignments
    • Easily created assignments, quizzes, and tests.
    • Provides opportunities to work collaboratively with other schools via cross-school networking.
    • Allows for grouping of students, clubs, and/or organizations
  • 4. Capabilities continued…
    • Provides administrators, teachers, parents, and students with opportunities to communicate and work together on issues pertaining to education.
    • Enables parents to view student attendance, participation, and course work.
    • Easy uploading and saving of documents.
  • 5. Benefits of using Schoology in my school/classroom
    • Provide students who have been absent the opportunity to catch up on missed assignments.
    • Classes can be designed to provide intervention for small groups of students.
    • Classes can be designed as enrichment opportunities for students
  • 6. Benefits continued…
    • Students can complete activities at their own pace.
    • Students can have the opportunity to enroll in lessons/classes that are of interest to them.
    • Classes can be completed both in a structured school setting or at home.
    • Reduces costs spent on classroom materials for lessons/activities.
  • 7. ~ Drawbacks ~
    • Not all content areas lend themselves to being part of the digital world.
      • “ The need to communicate using visual symbols and diagrams can be especially problematic online” (Cavanaugh, C., & Clark, T. , 2007, p.13).
    • Students do not have the opportunity to learn using their most effective learning styles.
      • “… For example, students preferring active experimentation and concrete experience tend to have more difficulty with virtual reality. . .” (Cavanaugh, C., & Clark, T. , 2007, p. 12).
  • 8. continued…
    • If implemented as a replacement for a structured school environment, students could miss out on developing pertinent social skills.
    • In under privileged districts many students may not have access to a computer at home.
  • 9. Conclusions
    • Schoology , when implemented properly, can provide students with more opportunities to be successful in school.
    • Digital classrooms, such as Schoology , prepare students for a future endeavors in education.
    • Schoology allows students to work independently and at their own pace.
    • Allows parents to carefully monitor their child’s progress in class and play a more active role in their education.
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