Moving to a web based crm database or fundraising system


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A comparison of web based systems versus computer based systems.

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Moving to a web based crm database or fundraising system

  1. 1. Moving to a Web-Based CRM Database or Fundraising System<br />11NTCWebbased<br />Jeff Gordy<br />President of Z2 Systems<br />
  2. 2. Learn the differences between web-based & computer or server based Fundraising & CRM systems<br />Learn about many of the ways a CRM or Fundraising system could help your organization<br />Learn how the CRM & Fundraising software market is broken down and discover some of the options available<br />Discover some great resources and methodologies for finding the right solution for your organization<br />Have your questions answered.<br />Why are we here today?<br />
  3. 3. Jeff Gordy, President of Z2 Systems<br />Z2 Systems NEON software was one of the first few fundraising software companies that was “Cloud” based and has been building on our web platform since 2004<br />NEON is one of the largest Cloud based Platforms available, and is able to capture a limitless amount of information, data, and history of your donors, prospects and constituents<br />Who am I?<br />
  4. 4. Please let us know<br />Your Name<br />Your Organization<br />How you track your donors & people currently?<br />Who Are You?<br />
  5. 5. CRM stand for “Customer” or “Constituent” Relationship Management<br />Both used to track people<br />Fundraising Software enables you to track donors activities & histories<br />Donation Software might just track “Donations”, and what you need to track are “Donors”<br />Many times CRM or Fundraising software can also help you track events, memberships, letters, emails, and more.<br />CRM SoftwareVersus Fundraising Software Versus Donation Software<br />
  6. 6. Web Based or SaaS SoftwareVersus Computer or Server Based Software<br />Computer or Server Based<br />SaaS or Web Based<br />Software is installed and runs on your computer<br />This is what we are most familiar with<br />If it runs on a server it can be access from a network<br />Must have special software & security installed to access system from outside of the office<br />You manage all updates, backups, and computer / server issues.<br />Ability to operate from an internet browser <br />Similar to banking software you might use or Google Apps<br />No software to be installed<br />Data is located at provider’s offices or better yet a data center.<br />Provider manages all updates, backups, and computer/server issues<br />
  7. 7. Computer / Server based Software<br />Benefits<br />You do not need internet access to access your data<br />You have more control over updates & backups<br />Usually a lower one-time purchase price.<br />Issues<br />You need to manage your backups & if a computer or server crashes it is your responsibility to fix it<br />You can only access your data from the computer or server it is on.<br />Software can be easily outdated and you will need to update or upgrade the software yourself<br />Security<br />
  8. 8. SaaS or Web Based Software<br />Benefits<br />Issues<br />Work from anywhere you have an internet connection<br />Backups & updates are handled automatically<br />No need to maintain your own server or database on your computer<br />Additional security is usually provided<br />Data can be updated from multiple locations all at once<br />You can work with Mac & Pc Computers in the same environment<br />Internet Access is Required<br />You probably will not have access to the “source code”, but may have access to API or SOAP connections.<br />Make sure you can get the data you require out of the system, because the reports & exports have to meet your needs<br />Upgrades can happen without warning at times.<br />Make sure to check the uptime of the provider<br />Make sure to check the speed of the software online<br />
  9. 9. Do you just need a donation page? Or do you need to track “Donors” and “Fundraising”?<br />What kind of reports & data do you need from the system?<br />How much segmenting is important to you?<br />Do you need to send out emails and track them?<br />Do you need to send & manage letters?<br />Do you want the system to automatically send emailed tax receipts?<br />Would you like to be able to enter batches of donations by check?<br />Do you need to manage Soft-Credits, Split Donations, or Matched Pledges?<br />Do you want your website to connect to your CRM or fundraising system?<br />What do you need to do with your CRM or Fundraising System?<br />
  10. 10. Do you manage events?<br />Do you manage membership?<br />Would you like to run surveys?<br />Would you like to do “peer to peer” fundraising?<br />Do you need to give access to other people in different locations?<br />Would you like to share documents as staff or attach documents to people in your database?<br />Do you need to track volunteers?<br />Do you need to see the relationships between people in your database?<br />Do you want to give your donors & constituents access to their own records?<br />What do you need to do with your CRM or Fundraising System? (continued)<br />
  11. 11. Many choices- trick is to find out what best matches your needs. Focus on your needs, not the flash.<br />Market falls into a few segments<br />Fundraising software that is Web Based and can connect into your existing website like Etapestry, DonorPerfect Online, or NEON<br />Fundraising software that is “open source” like CiviCRM<br />CRM software that is web based but requires a consultant to setup properly like Salesforce<br />The CRM & Fundraising Software Market<br />
  12. 12. NEON Contact Record<br />NEON Peer to Peer Fundraising<br />NEON Reporting<br />NEON Events<br />NEON Web Pages<br />A Small Look at NEON<br />
  13. 13. Create a Plan:<br />What do you need?<br />What do you have to spend?<br />When do you need it by?<br />Create a “Must Have” & “Desired” List<br />Create a realistic budget for what you have to spend over the next five years<br />Create a realistic goal date for when you would like to be up an running by including selection & training<br />Are customizations or consulting an option?<br />Finding the Right Solution part I<br />
  14. 14. Figure out which vendors have the best match for what you are seeking and for what you can afford.<br />Send the vendors a list of your requirements<br />Ask for pricing based on your requirements<br />Compare the vendors responses in the same format<br />Attend a demonstration of the 2 or 3 vendors that best match what you need<br />See if you can “test” the system yourself<br />Finding the Right Solution part II<br />
  15. 15. Ask the vendors questions about any items you are unsure of. There are no “stupid” questions.<br />Ask the vendor for an implementation time schedule & plan. <br />Ask for references from other organizations using the system<br />If customizations are possible see what it would take for a “perfect” solution.<br />Compare capabilities & pricing and make your selection<br />Finding the Right Solution part III<br />
  16. 16. NTEN<br />Idealware<br />TechSoup<br />Google AdWords Program for Nonprofits<br />AFP Conference<br />Good Resources for Nonprofits<br />
  17. 17. Feel free to contact me:<br />Jeff Gordy<br />(888) 860 6366 ext. 105<br /><br />10% off First Years “Monthly Fees” for organizations attending today<br />Sign up for a trial or demonstration at<br />Open for Questions<br />
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