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  1. 1. Ya’akov, 8, made aliyah with his family from Ethiopia in 2007. For two years he participated in Yesodot/ Foundations afternoon enrichment programs – the study center, computer enrichment classes and Matzophim afternoon tutoring. He excels in school and was one of the few children in his class to be tested for a school for gifted children. Printed at the Jewish Agency Tel: +972.2.620.2633 PARTNERING WITH PURPOSE, ALL OVER THE WORLD. E-mail: The Jewish Agency is funded by The Jewish Federations of North America, Keren Hayesod, major Jewish communities and federations, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, foundations and donors from Israel and around the world. Yesodot / Foundations Program
  2. 2. Yesodot / Foundations Program It is difficult for us to imagine the difficulties Ethiopians face when Elementary School Study Center - provides daily Springboard for a Strong Future they arrive in Israel. In one four-hour plane ride they bridge a individualized assistance by specially trained educational staff centuries-old gap from rural Africa to Israel. The historic return in reading, writing, math and language, as well as programs to their homeland is incredible, but they are unfamiliar with the such as music, art and computers. language, culture and social norms. Matzophim – afternoon tutoring program to promote New immigrant children from With its expertise in absorbing new immigrants from Ethiopia, the excellence in Hebrew and math. Ethiopia deserve to enter school Jewish Agency launched the Yesodot/Foundations enrichment Afternoon Clubs – dynamic young instructors help bridge the in Israel thoroughly prepared program to give children and teens living in Jewish Agency gaps, tutor the children and engage them in interactive study absorption centers immediate, targeted support for their new life in and excited about learning. The groups and learning experiences. Israel. The two years spent in the absorption centers, are a wonderful Yesodot/Foundations Program window of opportunity for this interdisciplinary multi-age program Computer Enrichment Classes – using software created for new immigrants from Ethiopia, children develop critical is a comprehensive enrichment that builds their self-esteem, prepares them for a lifetime of learning and addresses their social, emotional and scholastic needs. computer skills while learning Hebrew, math and reading. program that gives children and Reading Enrichment - “My First Library” project introduces teens living in Jewish Agency Yesodot serves over 2,500 children annually, from pre-school children and their parents to the joy of reading. Each family absorption centers a supportive through twelfth grade, in various absorption centers throughout receives 10 new books upon completion of the project. learning environment to begin Israel. The program is comprised of a range of vital educational projects that include: their new life with hope and Yesodot is ensuring the success of new immigrant children Ready for First Grade – introduction to letters, words and in school, a vital key in the integration of the entire Ethiopian confidence. phonology in a fun, open environment to put first graders on community par with their Israeli peers.