Inseparable from aliyah – and
equally important – is the smooth
integration of Jews who come
home to Israel. Successful
Tapuz Absorption Center
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Tapuz Absorption Center in Nahariya


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Tapuz Absorption Center in Nahariya

  1. 1. Inseparable from aliyah – and equally important – is the smooth integration of Jews who come home to Israel. Successful absorption is essential to fulfilling their dreams and Israel’s potential. The Jewish Agency takes a multidimensional approach to soften the landing for immigrants – with absorption centers serving as the critical first step. Tapuz w w w. j e w i s h a g e n c y. o rg Absorption Center Nahariya
  2. 2. Tapuz Absorption Center Nahariya Exchanging known hardships in rural Ethiopia for Israel’s modern, fast-paced society is They made sure that these newcomers, many of whom could not speak Hebrew, were provided First Home in the overwhelming. Most of the new immigrant families from Ethiopia arrive at the Tapuz Absorption Center unprepared for the with daily hot meals and with psychological care to deal with their trauma. They kept the small children who were not at Jewish Agency Emergency Homeland For vulnerable new immigrants from complexity of challenges they will face as they Summer camps busy, and made sure that they had start their new lives in the Jewish homeland. basic emergency amenities. Ethiopia, the supportive environment They were most certainly unprepared for the Now that the war has ended, the Jewish Agency of Jewish Agency Absorption Centers war that descended upon them in mid-July. has brought all of the residents back to their provides an essential sheltered “first homes at Tapuz and increased the number of social However, as the absorption center staff warmly workers to assist them in readjusting. Cultural home” during their difficult transition ˙Ȅ‰ȉ ˙ÂÎÂÒ‰ Ï˘ ÒÂÙ„‰ ˙È·· Òل‰ welcomed the new immigrants and helped and social activities will be renewed, and Hebrew them to bridge the 2000-year gap from rural period following arrival. Here, lessons increased. Through the “Making the Grade” Africa to Israel, they also took care of them program, all of the children will receive a new newcomers receive the tools they during the war. With rockets falling daily, and school bag and school supplies for the upcoming need for achieving independence and one directly hitting the absorption center, the year, as well as extra tutoring for their smooth staff risked their lives to stay. transition into Israeli schools. acclimating to their new life in Israel.
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