Bird lesson plan


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A collaborative fourth grade lesson plan on birds.

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Bird lesson plan

  1. 1. Research Lesson Plan on Birds<br />4th Grade Science<br />J. Harris: Library Information Specialist & T. Terry Classroom Teacher<br />Objective: Students will identify and research various types of birds discussed in science unit. They will use a combination of print and online resources to take notes and prepare a research composition on a specific type of bird.<br />Materials Needed: Computers (with internet access in the learning lab), Pebble Go Animal Database, Librarian Prepared list of animal websites, encyclopedias, list of birds from science unit, and note taking graphic organizers.<br />Time for Unit of Study: 2 science class periods<br />Anticipatory Set: Ask students the following questions<br />Why do we conduct research?<br />In real life who or what professions participate in research projects and why?<br />Where do we look to find information?<br />Discuss with students what they are about to research and the purpose for doing this research project. Discuss types of resources that will be used to complete the project.<br />Guided Practice:<br />Model for students how to use the reference section of the library and books that are relevant to their topic of study.<br />Show students a power point presentation about how to use the internet and online databases effectively for research purposes. Each student will be using their own computer in the learning lab for this project.<br />Model for students how to use hyperlinks to access websites. Use prepared Resources handout in the library folder on common drive.<br />Discuss with students how to take notes. Model the note taking process with chart paper.<br />Independent Practice<br />Students will use the Resources handout in library folder and print resources to find information about the bird they chose. They will take notes on a graphic organizer to find out the following information:<br />Habitat of bird (climate, geography, and types of nests)<br />Babies and food (how many babies do birds have, what do they eat?)<br />Special adaptations and migration (do birds have special body features or parts that help them live in their environment? What migration patterns do they have if any?)<br />Interesting or Fun facts.<br />Evaluation: Walk around and monitor students while they are working. Look at graphic organizers to determine if students are able to find and write down information about their type of bird. Share a few facts from research if time permits.<br />Questions to help with Bird Research<br />Habitat<br />Where does my bird live?<br />Is this a hot or cold place?<br />What continent or country does the bird live in?<br />What kinds of nests does this bird build?<br />Does it live in trees, on the ground, underground, or in water?<br />Babies and Food<br />How many babies does this bird have?<br />Does it lay eggs in a nest?<br />What does it like to eat?<br />What does it feed its babies?<br />Where would it find food?<br />How does the bird get the food back to the nest?<br />Special adaptations and migration<br />What types of special body features does this bird have that helps it to live in its environment? (examples hollow bones for flying)<br />Who are the bird’s predators?<br />Does the adaptation help the bird to stay away from its enemies?<br />Does this bird migrate? (move to another place) why?<br />If it migrates where does it go? How long does it stay? What time of the year does it migrate?<br />Interesting or fun facts.<br />What is a fun or interesting fact about this bird that most people don’t know?<br />What is this fact interesting?<br />Websites on Birds<br />Click on underlined links to access websites.<br /><br /> - Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and much more<br />This is an online dictionary and encyclopedia search engine.<br />South American Bird Index<br />South American Birds Index<br />Gives a list of birds found in South America.<br />Enchanted Learning: All About Birds<br />Birds-Zoom School-Enchanted Learning Software<br />General information on birds.<br />Bird list: Rainforest Birds<br /><br />Lists different types of birds found in the rainforest.<br />PowerPoint Presentation on Birds<br />Birds - FREE presentations in PowerPoint format, interactive activities, lessons for K-12<br />General information on birds.<br />Birdnet: find out what families different birds are in.<br />BIRDNET: Biology and diversity of birds<br />Lists the scientific families birds belong to.<br />USGS Wildlife Research Center<br />Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter<br />List birds and their classification with research links.<br />Notes<br />Name: ___________________________________________________________________ <br />Topic: ___________________________________________________________________<br />“Source number” matches the number of the source on your citation list.<br />“Notes” must be phrases only – NO complete sentences!<br />Subtopic:Source#: Page#:Notes:<br />Subtopic:Source#:<br /> Page#:<br />Notes:<br />Subtopic:Source#: Page#:Notes:<br />Subtopic:Source#: Page#:Notes:<br />