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110614 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 2011/06/16 Traditional media and social media in Japan Junichi Yagura
  • 2. Table of contents
    • How is JPN media doing?
    • How is JPN media different from other markets?
    • How should we approach this market?
    • More details on social/online media in JP
  • 3. How is JPN media doing overall?
  • 4. Media use (avg. hours per day) Total hours increased from prev. year. TV Radio Np Mag Internet (from PC) Internet (from Mobile)
  • 5. Ad spending (yearly total) Ad value of media dropping after financial crisis in 09 (JPY100 million) Ad spend vs prev. year
  • 6. Ad spending (yearly total) All but internet dropping, with GDP
  • 7. Youth spent more than online from PC and mobile >Digital native Senior spend more time on trad media, e.g. TV >Trad media more prominent among this group Time spent on TV increased for female, decreased for male. Audience (yearly total) Youths are spending more time on online media Male Female TOTAL 15-19 yo s s s s s s s s s s 15-19 yo
  • 8. Traditional media still reach wide audiences but ad value decreasing ROI important than ever. Metrics and analytics are essential. Everything going digital
  • 9. Japanese people are unique. REALLY?
  • 10. Preferred format - Newspaper Even newspapers, we want to read it on our mobile . US UK Germany Japan Mobile phone PC E-Book reader Smartphone MP3 Player Print
  • 11. Preferred format - Newspaper & Magazine Magazines in digital format preferred Newspaper Magazine PC Mobile E-Book reader MP3 Player Smartphone Print PC Mobile E-Book reader MP3 Player Smartphone Print US UK Germany Japan US UK Germany Japan
  • 12. Most impactful media for advertising Internet perceived highly influential. Newspaper and magazines not so Internet TV Smartphone Game DVD/Blu-ray OHM Movie Radio Newspaper Magazine
  • 13. Advertising impact- Newspaper and Magazine Japanese are more skeptical. Youths are even more doubtful of what is on paper Newspaper Magazine
  • 14. Form of use - TV Youtube and mobile phone very common among JPN Watch on Video sharing site (YouTube, etc) Recoded for home use Watch on mobile Watch live on TV at home
  • 15. Summary: Not surprisingly, JPN people love digital .
  • 16. Examples of JPN media going digital:
  • 17. Newspaper
  • 18. General daily Sports Newspaper readership (yearly total) Newspaper’s decline starts to sharpen
  • 19. Newspaper ad spending (yearly total) Sharpest decline of all types of media
  • 20. Nikkei Shimbun launched its “web” edition. Asahi Shimbun launched on iPad and iPhone Newspaper in digital Many big players finally shifting towards digital
  • 21. Magazine
  • 22. Magazine vs newspaper – ad spending Magazine following newspaper in decline Magazine NP
  • 23. Magazine – printed and sold copies Peaked in ’95 and drop continues Printed Sold
  • 24. Social (online) media in JP
  • 25. 120 million 78.0 % Internet penetration rate Number of Internet Users 94 million (mobile 80 mil vs PC 85 mil) 113million Mobile phone penetration rate Number of mobile phone owners 89.3 % Source : World Bank(2010) 、 MIC(2010) 、 CNNIC(2010) Population Internet and mobile in Japan
  • 26. Device use Mobile and game more dominant US UK Germany Japan Internet on PC Mobile Average rate for device use of all time spent on media Gaming console
  • 27. SNS Blog/Micro Blog 21 million users 4 million users 10 million users 20 million users Video Sharing 19 million users BBS 11 million users 21 million users 29 million users
  • 28. Mobage Free networking, keeping in touch with old friends Male: female = 47 : 53 27% 18-24 y/o 32% 25-34 y/o 19% 35-44 y/o Members: 3.08 million Page views: 0.2 billion -PC -Mobile Partially free micro blogs, games Male:female = 50:50 20s 35%, 30s 26% Members: 19 million Page views: 35 billion -PC -Mobile Partially free Social games Male dominant 20s 70%, 30s 10% Members: 20 million Page views: 71 billion Mobile Free networking, keeping in touch with old friends Female dominant 20s 60%, 30s 20% Members: 21 million Page views: 29 billion -PC -Mobile Fee Used for User profile Usership Device  
  • 29. Users (PC only) Page views (1,000 users) (1,000 pv)
  • 30. Men Women 10s 20s 30s 40s 50s
  • 31. O.W H.W Stdnt Other 10s No answer -3mil 3-5 5-7 7-10 10mil- No answer
  • 32.
    • Multi-device SNS common
    • Anonymity
    • Domestic – Global change in place
    CHARACTERISTICS of Social media in Japan
  • 33. UNIQLOCK UNIQLO CALENDAR Uniqlo is Japan's leading clothing retail chain in terms of both sales and profits. Won a Cyber Lion Grand Prix at Cannes Ad festival in 2008. UNIQLO SPORTWEET UNIQLO on facebook Case study: UNIQLO Blog gadget distributed through blogs High design online calendar among bloggers, integration of Google calendar Analyze the user’s tweets and rank users by scores Officially opened in 2010, multiple pages for their global markets 2008 2009 2010 2010~ Level of user participation in contents increasing over time