DIN       G                                                        BUIL                                            TEAM   ...
E                                    W E LCOM overs those ofuat-e                                                       p ...
S ES       RT ES TI     OTSITIVI   P  SPOR IV I  S T T   AC C    A        IL                               SA             ...
SP                 ORTS        ACTIACT TS                SPOR		               VITIIEES                    IV TI     TEAM  ...
E               IV ES         E ATIES TI       RATVITIVI           IVE     CRE TI T     C       AC C CITY        A        ...
nem           a-th       acti - eatr        cinemavitie e		 DIN INNER 				 D      NER WITH PO   s                  theatre...
oo          f s  d  i i  & i   ne vit     & food ewactivitieswine  act                                                    ...
IN G                      IN ING                     A IN                   TR RA                            T            ...
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Teambuildingverona brochure


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Teambuildingverona brochure

  1. 1. DIN G BUIL TEAM ITIES CTIV ING A VIT IES ACTI DING UILD N BUIL ATIO OTIV NB M ATIO OTIV ING NING AIN N TRM HAN DS -O RAI ONINT NG TR AINI DS- AIN G D S-ON HAN HAN S-ON TR HAN D Jet Events | Via Giambattista Moschini, 13 37129 VERONA | Italy | P.I.: IT03752530232 - Tel +39 045 8012229 | Fax +39 045 21090420 www.teambuildingverona.com - www.jetevents.it - info@jetevents.it
  2. 2. E W E LCOM overs those ofuat-e p r n ing” c cor n build training strengthe - am ive- “Te gat ed to corpo a ggre es design achieving strong ti a activi spirit in Events, ans who t i team goals. Je f technic n of ever o rate ng team he creatio e range ni win orate i ffe n t rs a wid b ialità e crea ttività colla ormats, o , f o rigen new sibilities: activities , n- f po s por ts ivities a n age r- o outdoor s eatre act tivities, nts is o - -th ac Je t Eve ialized in ctive, -cinema l-creative ivities. diffe- cy spec attra sive -musica d food act there is a f the ing xclu an ry, on o ganiz al and e ips and -wine ch catego a selecti s. a origin ons for tr ts. Our For e olour and d activitie ti solu rate eve n tc ate o team ren t appreci corp alization: vational mos speci ng, moti tivities, i c build raining a We are t and tive trips. e ”Ve- h inc bers of t n Bu- en me m tio en ut our Conv rona and we p nnova- i reau” ies in an em and it activ upply sys he city t t tive s around f Italy. 36 0° ol eo he wh and t o ver ve r and . th ing o results s ame ferent ) g the ting dif in stein ity : doin xpec (A. EI nsan in and e aga
  3. 3. S ES RT ES TI OTSITIVI P SPOR IV I S T T AC C A IL SA BIK E& S AIL E &L IL DR AGON A GON E IK AI E&S H OF T DRA B IKE & S B IK BELL Y DRA GON THE HE E T IN TH Y OF Y OFGON HE BELL IN T B BEF THE DR LL A T INTHE BELLY HE O AGON e test s act ! Thi nese hi i- E DR ance to th ditional C drum. TH sist IN Y OF ts, tr a r and BELLlistening, ragon boa tail, rudde small ar ith re ea E n, IN TH inatio cal d ead, e in a ed w C oo rd hi stori ed with h e by sid ace pack scina- d id in a r ith boar quipp rs, s the f a e da w e- vity a g boats e sit in pai up boats arda, on f Florenc y Gar lak ake owin ers r gro ke G uty o in an &S AIL ssing of Lnch by the along r ixteen row ainst otheeaceful La torical bea tivity will ind.BIKExciting croats, fish luuntain bik sailboat compete ae. On the p d by the hi nice, the a tates of m e S g s cAn e 99 sailbo on a mo ake. The s envi- nalin unde of Ve and s o g el es adre rno surro e setting spheres Ass nd ridin re of th e bus in s aw a- ing A clusi v atmo si de a tern sho or for th enhance le in t in the ex u unique as aph at ro or ive yo the e deal met ocosm th of one’s rse’ of ase g i r e u c is an nt, a mic portanc g the ‘co ictable e im i n d ronm s of the s, follow e ‘unpre dence, es er th nfi ren o oth and lf-co ills lat ion t strategy nges. Se are the sk ich re orate t cha hese s, wh corp f marke dership: t f activitie o a o sea’ ability, le iting mix needs. t c s adap in an ex busines tes ted table to dap are a
  4. 4. SP ORTS ACTIACT TS SPOR VITIIEES IV TI TEAM S TEAM TEAM ORIE ORIE NTEE NTEEORIE NTEE RING RING TEAM ORIE RING TARG NTEE RING TARG ET F TARG E ET F OR Y FOR YOURS T OUR OUR OR Y ELF TEAM Have ORIEN SELF SELF TARG you e TEER ET F your way i ver thoug ING OR Y Follo n you OUR w an r job? ht of failin SELF topog area g to TARG r m find ose t aphic ma apped wit Bow, ET FOR he be p and h the tratio rrows, ta YOURSE it can st c h a help! path for ompass a elp of a rg L t jus et .... sile F The achie n n. No path, ving d cho- but a s t and d witho the g oal, of th earch fo a mere nce and c trol p otted with ut conve the t e sel f r one ’ sport once n as an oints , will only ‘lante ntion al si arget in action s self and ing activi - a s g ce be is the . The the b ty, ve tim lysis, pro everely te rns’ or c ns t contr ween ph result of achievem lance a b s o from e manage lem solvin t skills s n- o y a have l. As Con sical stre difficult ent of the V ment g and uch some fu ngth balan na, to al . the A policella Various lo effecti- thing cius said an - lto Ga viney catio like t : “In d menta rda T ar n he w ar l rentin ds in Ve s: ay of chery we o fore ro the s sts u - upe- n- rior m til rea c ter o an. When Highl hing the f t for th the targe he arche y h night recomm illy hinterl lesso e cau s t, he tu r mis s ’ e a evoca version, w nded: th nd of Trev n tha e of his f rns roun es the cen gic c a d tive a tmos hich gives e or igina iso. ompa t may we ilure in h and see - phere the a l ny ac ll be imse ks . ctivity ‘by tivitie s. appli l ed to f”. One an strat e-
  5. 5. E IV ES E ATIES TI RATVITIVI IVE CRE TI T C AC C CITY A TY THE HE CI CITY &T FAR I& T HE I & SA FARI AFRI R A& THE CITYACT SA PAIN TING NG S AFA E IVE NVTPIINTING PAI I E A S IVINTING ACT ACT A ACT IVE P o arti- rary the emp TING e a contvas lying o, shoe n AIN ecom VE P b t can loves u- ACTI can you ith a gian overalls, g nal’ instr o How imple! W ed with conventi a nd ex h - S st? d, equ rio n ipp us ‘un i linke dea hase d ctive uc grou s and cu , an topic a design p TY fers interan areas sivate CI of r ove . a THE t rba pr c ts given ed b y RI & format thatravel in u ments or on psy- men team is y, follow SAFAginal ri ms o f mon u base d a pas - Each compan An o ental for reets and ure hunt longer o ‘ex- to th e p erim ares, st of treas ual is no bject wh ns. It u rt id u io as sq rty. A so the indiv e, but is s percept t con- e : s prop ography knowledg tion to hi the direc rough e h chog ubject in es in rela leads to its way t et art, es siv nces’ p tur lac e that in ds s, stre d nd w ab ilore p erie ty adven ulation a ensory l stops ta ges of ci op i-s er a is a ith the p ns, mult tless oth ed into st in your tact wring actio and coun ransform y etched t barte l training ces are t will sta ua The pla ce tha vis u. rien for yo tive expe r! i cogn ory foreve mem e of th re ation e, a true the c nc gers ar excelle tive trig t” p h a whic k of Ar f cre r ord o . “Wo rate rec vas o n corp ing on ca paint
  6. 6. nem a-th acti - eatr cinemavitie e DIN INNER D NER WITH PO s theatre activities DINN ER W WITH IROT ITH POIR POIR OT DIN N ER W OT THEAHEATRE IM T ITH P OIRO THEA T TRE T IMPR RE I PROV OVIS MP ISAT ATIO ROV N IO N ISAT ION THE THEA TRE Th ATRE e IM IMPR compbackgrou PROVIS OVIS ATIO smal any the nd: The ATION N provi l activitie team thr form-act s s o o listen ation te to acqu ugh a s rs ac- DINN ing, conc chniq u ire th e eries o An in ER WIT entra es, a p basic im f denly eresting r H POIRO t tion, at relen become le play wh T - o creat h where ivity tless actor and from deus s mo ere specta novel the tales ex machi ved by br tors sud- o i gestu par excel f the ‘que na. The pl lliant and l ded, res and p ence, Aga en’ of the ot? Taken contr lot tw tha C dete so th at in olled and ists are c hristie. Jo ctive the a the s dicta onst kes, p are o ctors, clu ontaneou ted by the antly gui- bviou e s. Th s to solve s represe director, e tea m me the mys ntation of mber te flexib s who ry itself The ility are p are n ot fi comp nale: A ut to the them ete in pa judge ca test. l mad es and mirs on sta ls the te e up etho ge, b ams the a ctors of the au ds given ased on t to unex , thro dienc . The he p ty tha ected ‘s ugh a co e ‘intera teams l l wher t become ipper thr oured car ct’ with e par s hila owing d ge lik e in a ticipa rious ’. An or the n a real ts vie for entertain ctivi- spor victo m ting e ry on ent vent. sta- involv king ed in the the c closely at play will l b dedu ues hidde the repre e tasked ctive n in it senta with logic proce and, thro tion to de loo- ss, fin ug te d the h a comp ct culpr lex it.
  7. 7. oo f s d i i & i ne vit & food ewactivitieswine act KING OO TE AM C O KI NG COKING OK ING M CO M O TE A EAEAM CO T T ere y o t you rh ill ge who are erfect u w nts, pa s. A p ld, wh he partici fine dishe nization dirty, ands ided div is e in the fi ks to t n d orga y of the earn tas asty a in an lit you can l precise hases of t ction with s the qua redients e ns p e re g wher assig ction se dir easu the in work The chef ent produ a crosswi st of all m ns. From me time. l team ve. ffer in mo ctio sa cookings ,b ut rea at the sto in the di d working ne which s and fun er at theTEAMcooking cl to the test sisting the le groups a y, but also mixing rol and consu as m n o e m f s n , rNot a t yoursel ing and a r in multip f a compa mon goal th creato pu d e o and oups, lea ng togeth aspects ieve a co e will be m bo r i ic h n into g hor: work roblemat ility to ac at everyo ap tp met the mos and the a dinner ab th f , one o ss system h, a lunch e s busin he final di t .... to
  8. 8. IN G IN ING A IN TR RA T IN NIGNG ITRA NI RAA ING T R IN T e of rienc ning G expe AININsolidated orld of traor the iTR con f the w ectsThe ing with elop proj of training work us to dev entation tial trai- s n allow ve implem experie ti on effec based thodo - ions ev ents a me ve the g emot ing is vol stron ning. ntial train ainers in l expe- an d the rie e tr Expe which th ct, pract eflect on ica tivity ic al ac t con- y in in a dire em to r log es e ir pract m omen ucational th t of th rough ative ed traine that leads velopmen about th n on it. –a ggreg ed into an ining rie nce ,on de alues. ust come reflectio urely fun if insert ctive! m tra kills roo of s ledge eir v sn’t j ugh ap tion effe class know and on th cess doe cially thro panies as ining func building in which lopment . o e a m e g skills arning pr t, but esp ed by com its real tr akes tea courses n the dev y, listenin le i s t m g i it This ated with quently u arries ou oom that fer trainin oments t, flexibil oci ass building ng evenfre t, c assr d of ra l m gemen he cl ss an integ na Team supporti round in t awarene tary and stress ma this n na ckg withi is the ba convey leme lving, It to e comp roblem so text. ission is g becom ation, p in ti Our m am build hip, nego e s and t s: leader a such