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Brochure DMC

  1. 1. co n DYNAMISM ICISM ve nECLECT RGY ENE tio Y VIT ATI g RE nS din C • ce uil in n ti b veS • a m eventS • te
  2. 2. is a fully licensed Tour Operator, Event- and Destination Management Company for Italy. Our focus is on incentives, meetings & conventions, creative events, team building and VIP travel. We can undertake projects of any size, ranging from general excursions to team and company based events. Our specialization • Meeting and micro-events • Italy full immersion incentive trips • Exclusive pre and post event tours and partner programmes Personally selected de luxe accommodations• Historic villas venetian villas, castles, abodes turned into de luxe accommodations •Spread-out Hotels entire abandoned villages transformed into accommodations. Rooms and facilities are distributed throughout the village in beautiful antique and medieval buildings • Art Hotels where spaces are the result of designers, architects and well renowned artists creative touch. Colours, images and decorations make the hotel the ideal site for a charming stay • Design Hotels new age accommodations featuring simple and essential design where elegance and relax are dominating
  3. 3. RESS ONG O ST-C • Cruises by oldstyle sailing boat (Ketch) I P • Wine and local product N ZIO • Visit at private estate opened exclusively tastings sOLU for you • City sightseeing with actors in costumes • Opera special: we do not take you to the Opera, but we take an Opera performance to your event location!• Theme Gala dinner with entertainment: mountain dinner & tyrolean music, castle dinner & medieval entertainment, Agatha Christie’s dinner Exclusive location for m eetings & events • Historic wine cellars properly equipped for your event, meeting, work shop. We enriched it by an interesting post-meeting programme of wine tasting team building • Museums/Cinemas/Theaters e.g.a museum of oldtimers with exclusive meeting room, old cinemas and theaters turned into congress rooms with separated restaurant for gala dinner or finger food buffet-the best solution for your all inclusive event! • Ancient closters turned up into multifunctional locations where you can enjoy the intime atmosphere of the close place as far as an interesting walk through works of art and sculptures on show • Private gardens and parks the natural environement will turn your event into an unforgettable one. Lake islands crowned by secular trees, italian style gardens amidst historic city walls
  4. 4. ENERGY high impact activities requiring a good physical lding endurance and awaking your adrenalin. They are often open door activities· High ropeA full immersion adventure in a natural environement, Bui where you will overcome your limits reinforcing team relationship. Just a small detail: it will take place15 m. a.s.l., hanging to trees In the dragoon belly Team· An exciting way to verify the team building skills in the narrow space of a rowing boat· Bike and Sail. Team will sail like a professional America’s team. a simple group will be turned into a Cup performance team real high CREATIVITY: we set our creativity free, playing a new unexpected role. Phantasy is the main element· Movie maker make How to play a role on a cinema set and andts a short with movie director, actors, ligh sound and scene-setting · Active painting Emotional painting with music and strobo lights· Cooking your colleague A cooking class as symbol of the company planning process: briefing, project development, debriefing
  5. 5. Co-operation,co-ordination are at test. By original formats team are prepared to the challenge Safari and the city An unforgettable urban experience suggesting a creative trip solution through urban setting like squares, streets and city monuments Agatha Christie’s dinner EAM GAMES a high emotional dinner that takes you directly on a crime set. You might be the witness or the murderer! Photo click A pleasant photo challenge with unusual shots and setting in the historical centre of most important italian cities T
  6. 6. S VENT JET E DMC & Italy 7/b p erator 2 1 Tour O cquar sso A NA Via Ba VERO 37135 12229 5 80 Tel 04 09042 0 45 21 Fax 0 www.jete info@jete vents.itlastè design · info: • phone +39 3403895969