Growing Hope Recommendations


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Client project from SI501.

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Growing Hope Recommendations

  1. 1. Team: Jesyka Palmer, Anna Richardson, Lin Pang, Ray Alexander, Krishna Vadrevu
  2. 2. Agenda Introduce Growing Hope Project Scope Methodology Walkthrough of Major Themes ○ Findings ○ Evidence ○ Recommendations ● Wrap-Up ● ● ● ●
  3. 3. Organization Growing Hope: “Helping people improve their lives and communities through gardening and healthy food access. Growing Hope fosters learning, improves nutrition, encourages self-reliance, and promotes positive community futures.”
  4. 4. Project Scope Improve volunteer intake and retention Volunteer Expresses Interest Volunteer Orientation Volunteer comes to program
  5. 5. Methodology ● 5 interviews conducted at Growing Hope's site ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ Operations Manager Youth Program Coordinator Gardens & Youth Programs Manager Outreach & Volunteer Manager Farm Manager
  6. 6. Methodology Flow Model Artifact Model Cultural Assessment ● Interpretation ● ● ● ● sessions Consolidated models “Affinity Wall" User needs & Design Ideas Prioritizing ideas for final recommendations Sequence Model Cultural model
  7. 7. Organizational Structure Findings: ● Inability for long term planning ● Unclear roles and responsibilities ● High staff turnover Evidence: ● Policies are hard to find, discern and apply ● Who "owns" what in each team? ● AmeriCorps VISTA program; two year rotations
  8. 8. Organizational Structure Recommendation Create a Policy and Procedures manual Create a centralized document that clearly defines roles and responsibilities Consider alternatives to VISTA program High Med Low Impact Feasibility
  9. 9. Data Management Findings: ● No meaningful/usable centralized volunteer database ● Information is scattered in several places ● Too much information is collected at some points; too little at others ● Data is not managed/utilized, it is just collected Evidence: ● People say they don't want to use GiftWorks because it is confusing and they were not trained on it ● Everyone uses personal databases for volunteer tracking ● “Same info about volunteers kept in 5 different locations” ● Data does not have an “expiration date”
  10. 10. Data Management Recommendation Determine a usable centralized repository for information and provide training for it Collect data for a specific purpose Have methods of archiving but not deleting old data High Med Low Impact Feasibility
  11. 11. Internal Communication Findings: ● Misunderstandings about others’ processes ● Lack of knowledge about the roles of others ● General lack of standardization Evidence: ● Youth volunteers' program perceived separate process ● Volunteer Coordinator's responsibilities are misunderstood ● Interviewees were not sure what happens at orientations and when they occur ● Rotating reception position leads to lost messages ● Program Managers track and interact with volunteers differently
  12. 12. Internal Communication Recommendation Ensure Program Managers understand each other’s processes Ensure that internal communications reach the target staff member on time Standardize volunteer management and recruitment High Med Low Impact Feasibility
  13. 13. Volunteer Communication Findings: ● Personalized follow-up is valued but challenging to be done in timely manner ● No clear guideline for when follow-up should happen ● Conflicts between the volunteer’s needs and Growing Hope’s needs Evidence: ● Volunteers may not be contacted after orientation until they are needed for something specific ● Employee workload leads to follow-up issues ● No process of transitioning volunteers between programs ● All parties aren't clear about program needs/requirements
  14. 14. Volunteer Communication Recommendation Sign-up volunteers at orientation and at the end of events/programs Create a space for volunteers to connect e.g. social media Establish guidelines for follow-up to make communication more timely Publicize program needs and requirements in advance High Med Low Impact Feasibility
  15. 15. Wrap-up Recommendations: ● Define organizational structure ● Streamline data management ● Make internal and external communication more effective and efficient Volunteer Expresses Interest Volunteer Orientation Volunteer comes to program
  16. 16. A Big Thank You To... Our client, Growing Hope Our primary contact, Casey VanNest Our GSI, Melody Ku
  17. 17. Any Questions?