MOOC a Revolution for a Learning Society, Norway_JVFM


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  • You talked about MOOCs as openness one important factor in it...
    But Your slids still closed ( no sharing)
    Hope to see it open for all as we learn from MOOCs the real meaning of opness.
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MOOC a Revolution for a Learning Society, Norway_JVFM

  1. 1. MOOC, a Revolutionfor a Learning SocietySecond ADL Directors’ Interim MeetingGOL, Norway, 13.05.2013Jesús Vicente Flores MorfínADL-ILCE Partnership Lab
  2. 2. 2012, The year of the MOOC!Academic Partnership,Canvas Network, CodeAcademy, Coursera, Edx,Harvard Medical SchoolOpen CourseWare, iTunes U,Miriada X, OCW, OLI,Udacity, Unx, Venture Lab.A dream come true: Educationfor EveryoneHigh Quality Education forEveryone
  3. 3. 2012, The year of the MOOC!MOOC, and studentsenrolled in them, areamazingly increasing.University of Edinburghlaunched 6 MOOC inJanuary 2013, they currentlyhave more than 300,000students. Sir Timothy OShea, Principal of theUniversity of Edinburgh, with JesusFlores, in his visit to ILCE.Mexico, March 14, 2013
  4. 4. MOOC: The presentWhat we’re living todayCertificationandAccreditationLearningenvironmentsPedagogicalFoundationsBusinessModelUniversitiesMissionQuestionedResearch
  5. 5. Pedagogical FoundationsActive Learning=Meaningful LearningOnline learning is, on average, at least aseffective as face-to-face learning.
  6. 6. Active learning increasescommitment, fosters retention andmotivates learningEvaluatingandFeedbackingPeer to peerevaluationMastering thecontentswatchingvideo lectures,again andagain!Teachingothers
  7. 7. Learning EnvironmentsMOOCPlatforms Home of millions Easy to register High quality abundantcontent Evaluation and systematicfeedbackStudent decides what and how much tolearn and get involved
  8. 8. Certification and AccreditationAuthentication, is a big challenge inMOOC, as well as in Online Learning.Solution:Students will pay afee for anauthenticationprocess through anonline interview
  9. 9. CertificationOnce student has completed activities andevaluations, most of the MOCC are granting acertificate of completion (usually signed by theprofessor).
  10. 10. AccreditationFact: Universities were reluctant to givecredit for MOOC. Big hit:San Jose StateUniversityEntry-level courses at $150for college credit,transferable within theCalifornia State University(CSU) system and most UScolleges and universities.
  11. 11. MOOC: Research LabsMOOC have becomeresearch labs, whereresearch about howstudents communicate,exchange information,collaborate and learn areconducted.
  12. 12. Universities Mission QuestionedAdapt or perish?MOOC revolution is gettinguniversities to question theirown mission: how to getadvantage of technology, howto deliver better education,how to contribute to aneducation for everyone.
  13. 13. Scale Economics Tailored MOOCTransmediaLearning Objects
  14. 14. Impact inDevelopingCountriesSelfrewardingLearningGovernmentand IndustryTrainingFullAccreditationTrasnmediaContentTutoringbased onArtificialIntelligenceEveryEducationalLevelDesktopDigitalProductionEducationalRockstarsMOOC: The FutureWhat’s next?
  15. 15. Good professors arebecoming “rockstarsof education”, withMOOC platforms, theywill teach millions.Their mission will bemore thanaccomplished.Educational rockstars
  16. 16. Desktop Digital Production“Home made” productions will be the easiest wayto produce a MOOC . Personal desktop digitalproduction kits will be available for every professor.
  17. 17.  In universities, entry-level courses (Math andScience) will be delivered as MOOC, available formobile devices. K-12 courses will be supported by projects likeKhan Academy.Every educational level will have contentenriched by MOOCEvery Educational Level
  18. 18. Intelligent tutors, personal assistants, voicecommanding will be basic components of MOOC.Tutoring based on ArtificialIntelligenceArtificial intelligence willcover all learning styles, itwill help MOOC to providenon-lineal learning paths.
  19. 19.  Universities will be willing totake advantage of largescale teaching benefits. Number of universities giving(or accepting) credit forMOOC will increase shortly.Full Accreditation
  20. 20. Narrative content of MOOC will be enrichedby transmedia.Transmedia ContentIn the Fourth Annual World-wide ADLDirectors Meeting, Orlando, FL., December3, 2012, Frank DiGiovanni pointed out to thetheme of MOOC and transmediatechnologies. TV, Radio, YouTube, Twitter,Facebook, Blogging,Second Life… Last Generation DynamicInteractive eBooks will bethe most importanttransmedia resources forMOOC.
  21. 21. MOOC Revolution willinfluence government andindustry.Learning paths forcompanies training will bedesigned and supportedby MOOC.Government and IndustryTraining
  22. 22. Another market for MOOC: people who have aninner desire for learning.MOOC used just for pleasure and satisfaction.learning.Self Rewarding LearningMOOC will promote a learning culture, thegenesis of a new Learning Society.
  23. 23. MOOC will have morepresence in developingcountries due to the lack ofaffordable high qualityeducation opportunities.Language barrier will be achallenge, but localuniversities will have tomove on the MOOCrevolution in their ownlanguages.Impact in Developing Countries
  24. 24. MOOC Revolution is challenging the HigherEducation establishment.Revolution is in the airStephen Downes, one of pioneers of therevolution by creating the cMOOC concept,accompanied by Jesus Flores and Nina Flores.Mexico, October 2010.Two big questions:Are the MOOCdevelopment a bigopportunity foraccomplishing the ADLmission?At the end, will MOOCrevolution lead to a newLearning Society ?
  25. 25. Jesús Vicente Flores Morfín, Ph.D.Director of Latin America and Caribbean RegionsADL-ILCE Partnership