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Value Proposition - Talent Suite

  1. 1. Talent Suite Headhunting & Advisory TALENT SUITE S.L. - HEADHUNTING & ADVISORY – 1 LAS ROZAS DE MADRID - B86081916
  2. 2. Our Value ProposalSupport to Companies on… Headhunting and Consulting Delivery in Key Managerial Processes demanding High specialization skilled professionals in the fields of IT, Engineering & Banking *** Human Capital Advisory in Building New Project Teams and Organizational Structure TALENT SUITE S.L. - HEADHUNTING & ADVISORY – 2 LAS ROZAS DE MADRID - B86081916
  3. 3. OriginsTalent Suite Brand was funded by Jesús Guerro in 2009.Jesús Guerro is Professor in Operations, Technology and HR,at IE Business School. Year after year, Top 10 ranked worldwideamong best Schools of Business.During his prolific career he specialized in different areas of management:International Development, Business Strategy, Crisis Management,Organizational Behavior and Change, Negotiation, Global Logistics Process and IT Design.Honours Degree in Business and Administration by Wales University, MBA and SMP Pdh by IEBusiness School, he begins his managerial career in 1997 within leader industrial companies hiredas Operations Director.Meanwhile he begins his academic background as Wales University Professor in subjects asOperations Management, MK Research or Organizational Behavior.In 2001 he starts his career as Strategy Consultant. Jesus is hired by Telefónica Móviles to lead themultifunctional team responsible for Global Processes and Systems Design to be implemented inEurope and Latam. In 2003, he is named Commercial Operations Director at Telefonica Méxicowith the Goal of achieving 20% market share, accomplished by a dramatic Process Reengineering,hard Negotiation with Union and Strategic Alliances.In 2004 he returns to Spain to run a Strategic Shift in Roberto Verino, the famous Fashion Designer. Then, Jesús has played important roles in Logistics and IT Industries assisting firms to boostbusiness. In 2009 Jesús funds Talent Suite, a successful venture specialized in Headhunting on IT ,Engineering and Executive Profiles, as well as providing Advisory in matters as Organization andTeam Building. Guerro strongly believes success depends on people correlation. So that, hedecided to make this step forward. TALENT SUITE S.L. - HEADHUNTING & ADVISORY – 3 LAS ROZAS DE MADRID - B86081916
  4. 4. Types of Service ModelsSearch for Internal Hiring.The Selection Process is intended to cover the Companys internal vacancy.The successful candidate will become part of the client organization as a new employee.Service fees are represented by a percentage of first year Salary of the candidate.This percentage is determined by conditions such as exclusivity and volume.Subcontracting on ProjectsIn this second variant, the professional or professionals are offered by Talent Suiteunder outsourcing contracts and fixed-term objectives.The contract is issued between the Client Company and Talent Suite according to aDaily or hourly rate agreed upon both parties.Human Capital AdvisoryConsulting Scope and Objectives are arranged between Talent Suite and the Client. TALENT SUITE S.L. - HEADHUNTING & ADVISORY – LAS ROZAS DE MADRID - B86081916
  5. 5. Information Technology  Managers/Directors of Information Systems and Software Factories  Area Managers in Shared Services Centers and Software Factories. Experts in Government Data Center and Virtualization Team Specialists in Business Intelligence and Performance Management Experts in design, configuration and implementation of ERP systems Experts in SAP functional modules. FI-CO CA-PC - PA - TRM - BGS - FM - AP - AR – JVA MM - WM - SRM - PP-APO – ISU SD – CRM HCM - PY - GV – CATTS SCM – OTC  SAP Project Managers Green IT Projects Experts in SOA Projects (Oracle, Tibco ..)  Experts in DDBB WEB Project (Java,. NET, Shrarepoint, ..) Community Managers Social Media & e-Commerce TALENT SUITE S.L. - HEADHUNTING & 5 ADVISORY - B86081916
  6. 6. Engineering Sectors: Renewable Energy– Automotive Industry - Utilities Country Managers  Specialists on Energy Productivity and Efficiency Improvement Business Process Analysts linked to the Plant Management and Systems. Specialists in Improving the Environmental Impact Management Geophysicists. Specialists in Reservoir Analysis and Exploitation. Heads of Work Specialists on machines and Systems Validation Projects. Specialists in Maintenance Plans Power Plants.  Managers of Operations and Supply Chain. Planning, Forecast, Transport.. Experts in Reverse Logistics, Recycling Plans and Second Market Experts in Operational Risk Analysis. Project Managers and Implementation Managers Experts in Energy Systems Controllers Test & Quality Assurance Manager TALENT SUITE S.L. - HEADHUNTING & 6 ADVISORY - B86081916
  7. 7. Banking (Front/Middle y Back Office) Corporative  CFO  Business Development  Operational Risk  Treasure Managers  Investment Managers. Analysts.  Basilea.  Derivades % Collaterals  Financing: Confirming. Factoring.  Debt management  Network  National / International Development  Key account Management  Product Managers  Network Supervisors  Office Directors TALENT SUITE S.L. - HEADHUNTING & 7 ADVISORY - B86081916
  8. 8. Our Touchstones Trust Confidentiality Compromisse TALENT SUITE S.L. - HEADHUNTING & ADVISORY – 8 LAS ROZAS DE MADRID B86081916
  9. 9. Deliverables Accuracy Speed Tracking TALENT SUITE S.L. - HEADHUNTING & ADVISORY – 9 LAS ROZAS DE MADRID B86081916
  10. 10. Worldwide Scope TALENT SUITE S.L. - HEADHUNTING & 10 ADVISORY - B86081916