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  • Motto Floreat Etona Latin: Let Eton flourish Established 1440 Type Independent schoolBoarding school Public school Religion Church of England Headmaster Tony Little Provost Lord Waldegrave Founder Henry VI Location Berkshire SL4 6DW England Local authority Windsor and Maidenhead DfE number 868/6016 Student‘s ~1320 Gender Boys Ages 13–18 House‘s 25 Colour‘s      Eton blue Publication The Chronicle The Spectrum The Arts Review The LexiconFormer pupils Old Etonians Website
  • This story I came across on this blog and have found out it’s the most acurate and it was blogged by Nicola Cornick.1Mess was associated with the Eton School 4th June celebrations. The history of Eton Mess is very interesting and has lots of legends associated with it. One story suggests that it is the dessert traditionally served at the Eton versus Winchester cricket match, the first of which took place in 1796.  Another story – my favorite – is that the dish was created one Eton Open Day when an over-eager Labrador dog sat on someone’s picnic and squashed the strawberry pavlova! I love this idea but apparently it isn’t true. There are, however, records of the dessert being served in the 19th century and by the 1930s it was on sale in the Eton Tuck Shop (or Sock Shop as they call it there) as a sweet made of strawberries or bananas with ice cream or cream.On a different blog I came across this bit of information, Meringue was added later and may have been the invention of chef Michael Smith and author of 2fine English cookery and is the first time eton mess is passed to a wider audience than just the student and people associated with Eton college.A mining I came across for the desert is 3the word mess may refer to the appearance of the dish , or may be used in the sense of “a quantity of food”, particularly “a prepared dish of soft food” or “ a mixture of ingredients cooked or eaten together”.My grandfather told me that in England the ‘tuck shop’ was called the ‘sock shop’ because pupils kept their weekly money inside the clean pair of sock in their underwear draw.
  • The techniques I used.Making of meringuePiping skillsPlating and presentationFlavor combinationCooking of meringueThrough trial in class it was pointed out that it needed more color and it been spring flowers are the best choice I will be using edible flowers and dots to decorate the plate. I found a few chef that have done eton mess but all stick to the traditional version of the dish.It’s a dish that is prepared in summer in England and is just an up version of strawberry and cream another summer dish of England.
  • This traditional Eton mess recipe is a sumptuous, indulgent, sticky mess of crunchy meringue, tart This is one of the chefs I found. At strawberries and rich cream. Conributed by Geoffrey Smeddle at The Peat Inn, this summer dessert is a pefect indulgence for afternoon tea.
  • This restaurant serves Eton
  • RecipeMock cream: Meringue: Rest of ingredients: 1/3 cup sugar 3 medium egg whites 500g Strawberries, hulled 1 Tbsp milk alternative, e.g. soy or rice 1 tsp lemon juice 600ml cream2 Tbsp water 180g/6oz caster sugar mint leaves1 tspgelatine plus 2 tbsp water 125g dairy-free margarine¼ tsp vanilla essence
  • My costing shows that I would make mi dish for about $6.80 and my end price is $27.05 . When you factor in labor and all other cost associated with the industry.
  • The costing with labor says that the end price will be $48.
  • Tutors: to mark and see how much of the information is our own and how much is just copied and paste.Future students: this information will be available to see what we did in terms of research and what is the standards for marking.Employers: will see our research skill and other content of technical skills.I show my presentation to a group of elderly people to show how you can turn any dish around.
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    1. 1. Patisserie project: EtonMessBy Jessica Grainer
    2. 2. HistoryEton College Eton Mess
    3. 3. EtonCollege
    4. 4. This cricket game against 4th June celebration and also Winchester sold at the tuck shop, or sock shop. Michael Smith publish his book, Fine English Cookery.The Labrador sat on some body’s picnic
    5. 5. My version of Eton mess Piped meringue with cream and fresh strawberry, and raspberry jelly and deep fry mint and fresh flowers.
    6. 6. Modern take from other chefsGeoffrey Smeddle This is his Eton MessMarcus Wareing This is his Eton Mess
    7. 7. Modern Day eton mess taketwo
    8. 8. NutritionIf you are counting calories this is not the desert foryou.This is an indulges not something that is healthyfor you.
    9. 9. Alternative recipeEton Mess with mock creamMeringueMock creamStrawberryFlowersRaspberry Jelly.
    10. 10. My costing’s
    11. 11. This costing includes labor and is a it serve 4
    12. 12. Stakeholders1. Tutors2. Future Students3. Employers4. Mary Doyle Centre
    13. 13. My references1. www.wikipedia.org4. My grandfather.