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  • 1. Hello http://www.flickr.com/photos/rvoegtli/8327407578/sizes/k/in/photostream/
  • 2. I’m Jessie JasonAllender
  • 3. I was born and raised in Image:Mine David Paul Ohmer James Jordan Franklin, Indiana
  • 4. D Hancock NightRStar ginnerobot I love film, comics, and books
  • 5. I’ve been in many plays... Karl Turner, The Noun Project Seattle Municipal Archives
  • 6. ... and I have been a stage manager since age 14. Public Domain Haridass, The Noun Project Baabula Hasan, The Noun Project Olyn LeRoy, The Noun Project
  • 7. JS Beaulieu, The Noun Project JS Beaulieu, The Noun Project Photo: Mine Chiara Cozzolino, The Noun Project Photo: Mine Entertainment has always been important to me
  • 8. But I suppressed that desire and went to school for psychology. Luis Hernandez
  • 9. Terrible Choice Jessica M. Cross
  • 10. Nina Matthews Le Floch, The Noun Project Samuel Dion-Girardeau, The Noun Project But without that experience, I never would’ve realized my true dream...
  • 11. To Entertain! dirkjanranzijn
  • 12. “ Your work is to discover your world, and then with all your heart, give yourself to it. Buddha
  • 13. So I moved to Orlando to study entertainment business Ed Schipul Robert S. Donovan
  • 14. I’ve learned so much to help me pursue a great career...
  • 15. ...and I’m always eager Pete Fecteau; The Noun Project to learn more!
  • 16. Nomadic Lass I’m ready and willing to prove what a great asset I can be.
  • 17. I want to be the bridge between your company and your untapped audience. Darwin Bell
  • 18. Together, through dynamic alliance JasonAllender Deadtype, The Noun Project we can expand your vision.
  • 19. Contact Me jessie.streeval@yahoo.com