Miley cyrus – party in the usa deconstruction
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Miley cyrus – party in the usa deconstruction






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    Miley cyrus – party in the usa deconstruction Miley cyrus – party in the usa deconstruction Presentation Transcript

    • Miley Cyrus – Party In The USA Deconstruction Jessie Niven
    • Establishing shot of young people, well dressed, surrounded by flashy cars.Could connote wealth, might make audience want to be at that place/party, commoncliché of American teenagers.
    • This is highlighting voyeuristic features of the music video and signifies that the artistentrance to (what the audience would assume) party.It also may suggest mysterious sense to Miley Cyrus, as you are still unaware of who theartist is as they have not been on the scene yet.She is wearing cowboy boots which tells the audience that it is Miley as she is from Texas.
    • Close up of Miley singing, she is wearing stylized clothing which indicates herbackground.She is standing by a car, this is seen to be common in many music videos as it is seento be showing independence, money and lifestyle.
    • Miley is placed in the centre of a mid shot, which connotes that she is popular and thatpeople want to follow her, she would be stereotyped as ‘centre of attention’. In mostpop music videos the artist/band are depicted as the focal point of the music video asthey are trying to sell their product and get media attention – which is a point thatGoodwin would have supported.
    • This shows a ‘Party’ mentality and an ideal couple that most teenagers would bejealous of.This is a two shot which focuses on the two people making the point moresignificant.
    • Close up boots irony as the lyrics state ‘Everybodys in Stilettoes, guess Inever got the memo’This reflects on the artists personality , there is continuous close ups of herboots can represent rebellion , which could attract a younger audience.This could also symbolise country pop.
    • The next scene is of Miley climbing onto an old pickup truck singing, she is theonly one standing up and her ‘followers’ are sat down, this draws all of theattention onto the main focus (Miley). All of the backing dancers are neverrecognised as part of the music video, they are just there to make the mainvocalist stand out.She is wearing very casual revelling costume which would attract maleaudiences.
    • So far, all of my deconstructions have been by American artist and they have all hadimagery of the American flag, this gives a sense of pride and shows that the artistsare patriotic. Miley is placed in the centre of the shot which yet again draws attention to her, andonly her.There is many different jump cuts of Miley in this scene which makes watching lessboring and adds the effect of just watching Miley.
    • As the song progresses you get the idea that the day has moved on and it is nownight time.She is swinging on chains which could suggest a more sexual idea, whichvoyeurism takes place.She is still wearing the costume however when she is seen wearing it at thebeginning it appears to be more innocent however as the song progresses shecomes across as more confident as this all fits in with the lyrics. There is also another close up of Mileys boots in this scene, which can still show her innocence even though she is a more seductive scene.
    • The last scene shows Miley in her best state as she is on a stage, and has an audiencewith their hands up in the air, this also goes with the lyrics ‘so I put my hands up’ .She is also dancing along side her dancers which makes her blend in.
    • Showing miley on the stage is highlighting the Genre (Pop) as it is a ‘feel-good-song’. This is showing low culture which would appeal to mostaudiences.