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Coldplay analysis front cover
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Coldplay analysis front cover


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extra front cover and conyents pages analysis!

extra front cover and conyents pages analysis!

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Header Masthead Colour scheme Buzz word Main image “exclusive” FontCover lines Main cover line Footer barcode
  • 2. Colour schemeThe colour scheme is very Header:simple it consists of The header lists possible features inred,whte and black with the magazine or something that theyellow being the colour of magazine has to offer in this case itsthe main story/bands “the essential music guide” this is aname “Coldplay” to attract key selling point and is somethingattention to the fact they that will attract people who arehave a “world exclusive” interested in music.the rest mainly blends inwith “u2” in red against The main image:the white which contrast The main image here is of the very wellagainst one another known Coldplay who are an Indi/rockmaking it stand out even band with an extremely large fan basethough the text size is who would buy the magazine purely forsmaller that the main the “world exclusive “ of Coldplay. Thestory.Cover lines: pose that the band are in gives of aThe cover lines are the professional and serious feel with theother stories and features lead singer at the front.that are in the magazinebut arent the main Barcode:attraction to the buyers the The barcode on the front cover of thisfont size tends to be magazine follows the conventions ofsmaller with selected having the price and issue informationwords in bright colours on the front of the magazine .This The Footer: makes the magazine feel more official The footer essentially does the same as the footer just smaller it here tells us and lets you know that its that the magazine contains here the footer tells us about the reviews of the professionally made media text and listed things. that will be featured in the magazine. product.
  • 3. The date of the Smaller story images issue and the The less importat or header smaller fan based The masthead of artists and storys the contents pageFeatures are the main Main image and storystoreys/features in the this tends to be amagazine grabbing image that entices the viewer. The stories grab lines / article Exclusive story names means its only in this magazineThe pages youllfind the stories on The pages you’ll find the story on
  • 4. The header has the date of The smaller images are thethe issue in a stylish large less appealing storiesfont and the word meaning the magazine“contents” telling us that knows theyll appeal tothis is the contents page people but there are otherthe colours orange white stories more than othersand brown work well and here the main story istogether and contrasts an exclusive with a largemaking each stand out image that takes up most ofwell. the page .The masthead is the name The main image representsof the magazine “drummer” the main story on page 34 wethis is in the largest font and no this from the cleavertakes up a large amount of corner markers in orangethe page making the which contrast with thecontents look fuller than it black/grey image and drawsis and making it seem there are attention to it more alsois more contents. the word exclusive is The features/articles are splashed across the info listed with the page about the story and the number the font sizing is image linking the two dont very well as because together the font is smaller it makes it look like it has The exclusive is a stamp style more content and font and is in a medium/small because the page number font meaning that the story are larger and in brighter may only appeal to certain font it makes it stand out. types of people.
  • 5. Band index :listof bands on whatpage theyll be Header /mastheadfoundMain image Article subtitles –Taking up about “news” , “radar” etc..1/3 of the page. Where to find what Smaller The different stories font for lists that youll find in the magazine along withy the featuresMain storyThis is the story Page numbering :that is shown this what page thatis clever as it fills specific story/articlethe page. Subscription advertisement will be found on.
  • 6. The masthead: the masthead is a simple design being the same as themagazine logo letting us no which magazine this is from. The header: the header is simple and is just a black strip across the top of the pageGrab/sell lines: with “this week” this could beThe main grab line here is seen at the masthead also but“everyone got on...” as it is the the “NME” is the mainlargest in font size and has a masthead. With the striplarge image to go with it along stopping towards the end forwith a short paragraph the band index.beginning the story. The rest ofthe grab/sell lines are of a The font style and size: the fontsmall/medium font with the list style is simple and tend to be oneof bands in small and the font the size varies with thearticles being medium under masthead mainly being large andsubtitles. bold with a contrasting extremely small list on the left side of bandsColour scheme: and then the medium font size forThe colour scheme consists of the main story and then thefour main colours these being smaller for the, white, black and yellow.The red against the whitestand s out and the white Main image: the main image takesagainst the black stands out up a small 1/3 of the page and is ofthis makes the page seem a band performing and with a smallbusier than it is and the paragraph relating tot eh imagearticles stand out more the underneath the image is a naturalyellow text being an advert of pose and unstated. The rawness ofa subscription deal to the the image makes the reader trustmagazine this is an eye the magazine that the contents isgrabbing colour and makes it real and shows the band in action.stand out more than the rest.
  • 7. Codes and conventions of a music magazine contents page.Header of a “V” The masthead in largewhich stands for bold font.vibe the name ofthe magazine. Features andMain image of an articles that willartist posing could be found in thebe the main magazine.storyline also. Different stylesSimple layout of font tolooks stylish highlight certain,fresh and clean. stories Page numbers thatBlack and white the articles will becolour scheme with found on in thethe heart being the magazine.only thing in colour.
  • 8. Header: Masthead: the masthead The header is a “v” which here is broken up into 3 linesstands for “vibe” the name of making the page look quirkythe magazine the size means and makes it stand out theits over layered by the main font is large and in boldimage and the contents. The black and a simple font stylecolour is grey which doesntmake is stand out but it is grey Story/cover lines:against white/grey background There is only a small amountmaking it more visible to the of cover lines compared to aviewer. normal mainstream magazineMain image: the main image is as they try to fill the page toof a well known artist posing in make it look like your gettinga natural stance the image is a lots for your money but herelay over and doesnt have a vibe have kept it simple withborder the image is also in about 5 storylines In total withblack and white other that the the subtitles only being 2heart a woman is holding this compared to about 5.could link into the main story . Colour scheme: the colourFont size and style: the font scheme is very simple as thesize is very similar other than page is in black and white withthe masthead “contents” the a hint of blue in the grey is all in a medium/small The only thing on the pagefont there is a variation in the thats in its natural colour is thestyle of font on some stories heart on the main image but theclearly trying to highlight that red in just in bolder black thatspecific storyline. others keeping the contents looking stylish and sophisticated.
  • 9. Masthead HeaderFeatures that are alsoin the magazine. Other articleOther articles and images but notpage numbers the main story imageSubtitlesColour scheme : Main story imageblue, white black and the pagered. number it can be found on.Other articleslayered over the Other events andmain image. online use.
  • 10. Header: the header issmaller than usual and is Masthead: this masthead is a simple but bold font and a large/medium size font that standssimply the magazines out against the white and blue and immediately under it is some images of some storeysname and logo in the making the contents look full and busy.corner of the char musicrecommendations Cover lines: the cover lines are layered over the mainChart music: this is a story image making themunique section to a music stand out also the bluemagazine as depending subtitles makes them standon the music genre the out more individually themagazine is the music is range of text size creates aall different this is styled busy looking page andin a list of albums, singles because there layered overand this weeks. the image it creates a fuller look. This contents has 3Colour scheme: the colour images for individualscheme is vibrant with smaller articles that willbright blues reds green and feature in the magazine.yellow being the maincolours along with black Main image: the mainwhich makes everything image here is of astand out against it also a awkward and quirkysection of the text is layered looking pair who dontover the main image making look like the stereotypicalthe text stand out over a musicians but the size oflight background. The colour the image tells us they arescheme links in with the important in the bottomchosen images at the top as left corner the pagethey all have similar colours number where the fullas chosen. article will be found it there.