Evaluation Question One


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Evaluation Question One

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?Left Third- For my left third Itook some inspiration from themusic magazine ‘Vibe’ this is Masthead – I createdbecause I find it fits in with the my masthead to engagehouse style I am trying to and interest the readerachieve. I have alternated into buying thecolours so it grabs the magazine. I have used aaudiences attention. So I am bright red colour to standfollowing the conventions by out over the picture withputting kickers on the left third a white outline to makeof the page. it stand out even more. Main image – my main image is central to my magazine cover, however after finding out through a questionnaire that my audience like to have more writing than images. So I decided to keep the image subtle but effective. The image is a direct mode of address and Headline – For my headline I used a blue invitational as the model is with a drop shadow to make it stand out looking up from beneath her in front of my image. However I don’t fringe. think the drop shadow is very effect as it doesn’t really fit in with my house style.
  2. 2. The top and bottom lines of my magazine is where I choose to advertise my exclusives and extra articles an reviews. These lines are very effective at grabbing the audiences attention because of the bright colours that I have used. I have used the colours red white, blue and black as my house style colours and have used them through out my magazine. However I used a bright yellow for exclusive and plus words asMy front cover has kept to it draws peoples eyes to it.magazine conventions as Ihave used the rule of thirdswell and kept everything inan organised position. Alsohorizontally I have used therule of thirds again as clearlyshown.
  3. 3. For my double page spread I used a introductory text to give the reader a brief introduction to what the article is about.I have used insert shots of the artist and theiralbum cover which is what the main articlefeature is about. I also did this to make use ofall the space available and so that there wasno white spaces on the page. I have used a pull quote to entice the reader to want to read the story when they first look at the page, I think I have used this effectively as I have used a bold colour to draw peoples eyes in.This example is also very similar tomy article as they have used the largemain photo on one page and thearticle on the other. I did this becausethe photograph is very powerful and Iwanted the photo to have an impactand not to have much writingdiffering from the actual picture.
  4. 4. I used this text for my double page spread because it stands out reallywell and is different to all the texts I used through out my magazine. Ihave used it for the headline convention and I feel that it works well as aheadline because it stands out and makes the reader want to find out whatwas lost. For my contents page I have tried to used the rule of thirds convention to create my page in an organised way. However I havent kept to the standard rule of thirds but I have kept everything organised in threes.