Agency Analysis


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Agency Analysis

  1. 1. Adult and Aging Services Jessica Villar
  2. 2.  To work in partnership with the community to provide for the protection, care, and support of families and individuals, and to promote personal responsibility and self- sufficiency. Adult and Aging Services achieves safe and healthy families through:  Focus on Prevention  Effective Intervention  On- going community support
  3. 3.  We believe in  Self- Determination;  Access to community services and activities; and  Safe and enriching personal environments.
  4. 4.  Sustain independent living Strengthen ties to community services and activities Promote a safe and healthy environment
  5. 5.  In-Home Supportive Services(IHSS)  Provides domestic and personal services to clients in their own home to sustain independent living. There are 10 Social workers that only do this and their average case loads are about 270 per Social Worker.  Most cases all start with a referral, then if they meet certain criteria then a social worker is sent out to assess their needs.  When the needs have been assessed then a number of hours are granted to the client  With those hours the clients then can choose who they hire to do certain tasks designated for that specific client.  Social workers re-evaluate the cases yearly but can make changes at any time if something new has occurred or changed.
  6. 6.  Adult Protective Services  Investigates allegations of physical, sexual, emotional, and financial abuse, neglect, and exploitation.  This area of the agency takes their job very serious and goes out on every referral made even if the report doesn’t seem serious.  There is always an APS worker on call after hours and at least two during business hours that take referrals.  In this agency there are 5 APS workers, but they also do other things in the agency as well.
  7. 7.  Public Guardian/Conservator/Representative Payee Services  Cases and estates management services for incapacitated individuals.  This area of the agency has about 4 people who do this. These social workers help pay bills and manage their money where needed. These people are constantly on the phone with clients and seem so busy.
  8. 8.  Public Administrator  Provides estate management for descendants. To include taking inventory of the estate, securing storage, estate auctioning, locating heirs, and providing recommendations to the court on the disposition of the estate.  I personally have seen how this is done. There are only two ladies that do this for the entire county.  When a person dies and has no one to take over the estate and belongings the county will cease the house and belonging either until a family member can be found and if there is no one the things get auctioned off and the money goes back to the county.
  9. 9.  IHSS Public Authority Registry Services  Established to recruit, screen, and provide a referral list of potential providers to IHSS Consumers who want to hire someone to provide them with personal and or domestic care.  Potential providers are require to get what is called a life scan such as a background check and fingerprinting.  This is even required if a family member wants to be the one to provide the services to the consumer of IHSS.
  10. 10.  Multipurpose Senior Services Program (MSSP)  Helps seniors to remain at home and to avoid placement in a nursing facility.  Provides free case management services for low- income seniors, working in partnership with relatives, friends, and community agencies.  This program sees their clients at least once a month and have a case load of about 50 clients per social worker. These social workers help the clients buy things to keep them as independent as possible.  This area deals with the oldest and more frail population compared to the other areas of the agency.
  11. 11.  This agencies motto is self determination and the social workers live by that. Each clients is treated with respect and the social workers do everything they can to empower their clients. Since most of the clients are sad and or angry that they are unable to do the things they once were able to do. This agency partners with the Area on Aging locally that helps advocate for the elderly population and gives them other services available in the community. This agency also helps them with legal services like making a will and power of attorney; free of charge. Advocating and protecting the aging population is this agency priority.
  12. 12.  Fraud  Most people just want these services to help a family member get paid. Fair-hearings  Average cost to the county (tax payers) is $5,000 each.  Last year the county could have paid a full time Social Worker III with as many fair hearings that they had.
  13. 13.  Merced County Pamphlet: Area on Aging 2009