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  1. 1. -622935-669290FILM: TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPYTE/TR: TRAILER<br />GENRE: MYSTERY/ THRILLER/CRIME<br />BASED ON A NOVEL<br />QUESTIONS RAISED:<br /><ul><li>What group of men are they? (e.g. job, occupation, are they friends?)
  2. 2. Who is the “mole”?
  3. 3. What have they done wrong to have someone spying/killing them?</li></ul>COMMENTS:There is not enough information on the storyline. The clues and narrative are too broken, too many questions are raised. Personally do not find it effective to persuade/tempt the audience to watch as its difficult to even know what the film is overall about. <br />SHOT LIST:Close up of man with machinery. Fade to black, fade in “Studio Canal”. Fade out; Fade in “Working title” fade out. Fade to medium shot and pan. Fade out, long shot of men standing on top of the building. FTB. Close up of man turning his head to look at something. FTB. Close up of man. FTB. Medium shot, slowly zooming in. Shot reverse shot to another medium shot of another man. FTB. Overlay of writing “How do you find an enemy”. Cut to a long shot of men conversing behind a car then cuts to a medium shot of the same scene. Then, cuts to close up of man getting into a safe. Quick cut to medium shot of man looking at something again. Extreme close up of pushing a button. Close up, over the shoulder shot of two men looking suspicious, conversing. Cuts to side profile close up as man turns his head. Long shot of two men standing in a plane airway. FTB. Overlay of writing “Who is hidden” Medium shot of man talking. Close up of briefcase travelling the stairs behind railings. Medium shot of another man looking at something. FTB. Overlay of writing “Right before your eyes?” Cuts to long shot of men around a meetings table. Medium shot of man looking through a telescope. Long shot of men conversing- hidden behind lamp. Establishing shot of man walking through smoky street. Cuts to high angle shot of dead man lying on the floor. Close up of man behind netting-curtains. Cuts to extreme close up of man holding a hunting gun. Medium shot of man sitting in dated kitchen. FTB. Overlay of writing “Based on...” Establishing shot of docks. Extreme close up of type writer. Medium/Long shot of man’s face behind gate/wall. Close up of man looking at something again. Medium shot of mans back and the other smoking form a pipe. Long shot of car being driven. Close up of man’s face with glasses. Long shot of library with character walking through it. Close up shot focusing on documents w/ background of office blurred. Medium shot of man’s face in car looking out window with a character next to him. Medium shot of another man hidden by a lamp again, against a window. Over the shoulder shot of man drinking tea. Medium shot of woman at mans door. Close up/over the shoulder shot of untied bow. Long shot of woman facing man. Focus/ medium shot of hand held gun. Cut to establishing shot of staircase/bridge. Medium shot of man in a car being driven by a woman. Over the shoulder shot of man using machinery. Close up of knife being held. Close up of man crying. Medium shot of man putting on gloves with someone behind him. Extreme close up of measuring glasses. FTB/ Overlay of film title. Film information, actor names and awards fading in and out.<br />