Sunrider Nutrition Basics

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This presentation briefly describes the SUNRIDER Nutrition basics and HOW they act to restore our bodies through the ¨Philosophy of regeneration¨ and reach optimal health.

This presentation briefly describes the SUNRIDER Nutrition basics and HOW they act to restore our bodies through the ¨Philosophy of regeneration¨ and reach optimal health.

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    • Sunrider has almost hit it´s 30 year mark of being in business and has been helping people´s bodies heal all around the world since it was founded by Dr.´s Chen in 1982.
    • 3. Sunrider is a company founded on hundreds of years of research in nutrition and the human body. They are dedicated to producing complex herbal food products in the perfect combination and highest quality of food grade chinese herbs to bring the body to balance, strength, and optimum wellness.
    • 4. Why is it different? REGENERATION: The Sunrider foods are perfectly designed to feed every body what it needs to regenerate itself to work at its optimum level and reach the highest level of whole body wellness. These foods are not medicinal herbs or supplements that act to substitute for a malfunction in the body such as a low vitamin level, but it goes straight to the source of the problem and aids the body to restore itself in order to prevent and heal any imbalances that are present .
      These foods are known as the ¨basics¨ and should be the starting point for everyone. They work perfectly and synergistically to produce harmony within the body and get you on your way to feeling incredible!
    • Calli
    • 6. NuPlus
    • 7. Quinary
    • 8. Fortune Delight
    • 9. SunnyDew
      These foods are known as the ¨basics¨ and should be the starting point for everyone. They work perfectly and synergistically to produce harmony within the body and get you on your way to feeling incredible!
    • Calli
    • 11. NuPlus
    • 12. Quinary
    • 13. Fortune Delight
    • 14. SunnyDew
  • 15. Calli Tea
    • This tea is unlike any other with its cleansing properties. It feeds and regenerates tissues and cells at a cellular level while aiding your bodies cleansing organs to do their job and clean the blood, lymph, and interstitial fluid. Many notice immediate weight loss due to cleansing effects.
      • Healthy Slenderness
      • 16. Alkaline in nature
      • 17. Increases energy
      • 18. Better circulation
      • 19. Enhanced mental clarity
      • 20. Strengthen kidney, liver, and eliminating organs
      • 21. Better circulation
  • 22. Calli Tea
    • Recommendation: Steep one tea bag in one gallon of water and drink throughout the day.
    • 23. How to drink it: Hot, cold, mixed with fortune delight and sunnydew, with lemon, iced, in a smoothie, mixed with pure fruit juice, make jello, make popsicles, be creative.
    • 24. How NOT to drink it: NEVER microwave, cook, or add to boiling water as it will kill the live enzymes present in the tea. It is also important to dilute the tea because it is very strong, and strong cleansing effects may occur if the tea is not highly diluted.
  • 25. NuPlus
    • This is the ENERGY the body needs to makes changes.
    • 26. Stands for Nutrient Plus , it is a complex herbal goldmine for your body, packed with nutrition to feed the tissues at the cellular level to regenerate growth, strength, and vitality.
    • 27. Perfect balance of carbs, proteins, and fatty acids to provide sustained energy.
    • 28. Regenerate from stress, injuries, surgeries, trauma, ect...faster and easier.
    • This is 100% pure food, no artificial anything!
    • 29. Regenerating effects on: Adrenals, liver, pancreas, reproductive glands, nervous system.
    • 30. Great for athletes and body builders to regenerate their bodies quickly.
    • 31. Promotes reduced cholesterol
    • 32. Promotes stabilized blood sugar
    • 33. Better sleep
    • 34. Great aid in digestion, assimilation of fats, cleaning out the colon, decreasing bloating, acid reflux, and constipation.
  • 35. NuPlus
    • Recommendation: Eat 1-3 servings a day.
    • 36. How to eat it: mixed with calli tea, in a smoothie, rice or almond milk, warm as a hot cereal, with water, juice, or straight out of the package.
    • 37. How NOT to eat it: cooked, microwaved, or with boiling water.
    • 38. Ingredients of Regular NuPlus: Coix Lacrymajobi seed, Chinese Yam Root, Euryale Ferox Seed, Nelumbo Nucifera (Lotus) seed, Lotus root, Lilium Brownii (waterlily) bulb, and Imperata Root. --> Never heard of these right?? Let me tell you, this high quality nutrition is like no other!
  • 39. Quinary
    • Known as liquid gold, this formula contains 49 chinese herbs specifically to bring into balance the 5 major systems of the body: Circulatory, Endocrine, Digestive, Respiratory, & Immune. Feeds each system specific to its needs and strengthens communication between systems to work more efficiently promoting well being.
    • Comprised of the follwing 5 formulas:
    • 40. 1. Alpha 20C- Immune
    • 41. 2. Assimilaid- Digestive
    • 42. 3. Conco- Respiratory
    • 43. 4. Lifestream- Circulatory
    • 44. 5. Primeagain- Endocrine
  • 45. Quinary
    • Recommendation: 1-3 servings a day with meals
    • 46. How to eat it: Best in a smoothie, juice, or calli sweetened with sunnydew due to its ¨herbal flavor¨.
    • 47. How NOT to eat it: cooked, microwaved, or mixed with boiled water.
  • 48. Fortune Delight
    • This delicious drink works to cleanse the blood as the Calli tea does, but with some unique properties and is not as strong of a cleanser as the Calli.
    • 49. It is very helpful for those with digestive disorders as it nourishes the digestive system and aids to assimilate fat and expel waste from the body.
    • 50. Known as a fat flusher! This helps expel excess fat from your body and slim your figure!
    • 51. Athletes and those who tend to be dehydrated can be refreshed with this drinks electrolytes and refreshing qualities.
  • 52. Fortune Delight
    • Recommendations : 1-3 packets a day in liquid of your choice. A hot cup in the morning is great to get digestion moving!
    • 53. How to drink it : Mix in hot calli or water -or- in a sm. Amount of warm liquid first to dissolve then add to cold liquid. Sweeten with sunnydew!also great in smoothies!
    • 54. How NOT to drink it: never cook, boil, or microwave.
  • 55. SunnyDew
    • One of my favorites! This highly concentrated stevia product is wonderful. It nourishes the pancreas which aids in digestion and stabilizing blood sugar and hormones. It is a very strong sweetener that is delicious to add in small amounts to Calli, Fortune, or NuPlus. It is great for feeding a sweet tooth without the calories and toxins. I highly recommend it!
    • Anti-fungal, bacterial, yeast, inflammatory!
    • 56. Topical healing agent
    • 57. Aids body to burn fat
    • 58. Helps relieve mental, emotional, & physical fatigue.
    • 59. Improves muscle density
    • 60. Faster & better muscle recovery after sports and exercise.
  • 61. SunnyDew
    • Recommendations: Add 5-10 drops to taste to drink of your choice.
    • 62. How to use it: sweeten cereal, drinks, water, smoothies, yogurts, lemonade, be creative!
    • 63. How NOT to use it: it will not taste good at all by itself as it is HIGHLY concentrated so don´t try it!
  • 64. My Testimony
    • I am on only Month 2 of my Sunrider journey and I am so happy to say that my results so far have been so wonderful that I know I will never be without Sunrider again. For the past 6 years I have suffered from severe digestive problems such as chronic constipation no matter how many cleanses I did or how healthy I ate, acid reflux and often reflux of food chunks into my mouth with mucous, distention, multiple food allergies, and abdominal pain. It all seemed to start up when college began and it only got worse despite my healthy eating and passion for health that I had as a new nursing student. My calling in health care is in the holistic and natural medicine field, so I tried many different supplements, diets, programs, juicing, vitamins, food combining, ect...some gave me relief, but none permanently. I never really felt a difference with most of them, but always continued to hunt for something new that could finally help me. Luckily a family friend introduced me to Sunrider, and my search is now over. After 2 weeks, I noticed my bowel movements were daily, which was so unheard of for me. 3 weeks later I noticed I was having 3-4 bowel movements a day and I had had NO acid indigestion or regurgitation, praise Jesus! By week four I also noticed my tummy was a little flatter as well as my energy and mood levels were awesome! As my symptoms continue to disappear and my body regains its health, I look forward to the days a head of me and helping other people regain their health as I am regaining mine. No matter what your health ailment, or if you just want some extra energy, Sunrider is for you, it is for EVERYONE!
  • 65. I highly recommend trying these foods for yourself to see the difference it will make in your body. This is the absolute best nutrition you can give to your family and enjoy watching them grow and flourish feeling their best. Start you and your family off with a starter pack called a SunPack that includes all of the foundational foods mentioned as well as the sunbreeze oil and a shaker bottle. Woohoo! :) Please contact me for more info on how to get started!