Minnesota Chapter Revitalization Submission 2011


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Minnesota Chapter Revitalization Submission 2011

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Minnesota Chapter Revitalization Submission 2011

  1. 1. Chapter Revitalization
  2. 2. Catalysts For Change: What We Saw First: Recent Reflections: Low event attendance Twin Cities ARMA...better Competing with webinars -End-user Driven High effort level -Decentralized Vendor heavy -Solid Attendance Revenues Lack of networking -Board Member Incentives -...Active Board Members! -Lack Social Events... IBF model # of ECM Related UGs & Assoc.A recap of the motivations that moved us last year, and some newobservations that have motivated some of the adjustments we are puttingin place now.AIIM Structure has changed over the years, Chapters need to recognizeand adjust.Internet Benchmarking Forum...END USERS paying up to $40 GRAND peryear!!Lots of UGs and Associations we should be communicating andcooperating with.
  3. 3. AIIM Chapter Mission?? 1. Provide education? (No, AIIM Roadshow and Certification Programs meet demand.) 2. Provide content? (No, EVERYONE is already providing content and its easy to Google.) 3. Provide seminars? (No, Others have greater incentive and are better aligned with End-users.) Provide Peer Networking? YES...between individuals AND regional organizations!Where can we fill a real NEED.How can we ADD VALUE rather than compete with OVER SUPPLY oflegacy value.pointing out some considerations for the benefit of anyone who may nothave considered them previously or so others may openly disagree andprovide another point of view.
  4. 4. Chapter Mission Statement?? To foster community among regional User Groups, Associations, Vendors and End-users by facilitating tools and events designed to increase participation, strengthen awareness and ultimately accelerate the adoption of ECM technologies.Last year at leadership they were asking the question, what should ourmission beThis is just a suggested first draft of what is on my mind, and nothingofficial.
  5. 5. Network and SocializeLectures are a dime a dozenFragile economyNetworking = security
  6. 6. Participation AppealPeople like to share their own ideas and participate inconversations/solutions.We are getting high marks for our open format.We have reduced out planning time by 90%.Vendors get to listen while End-users open up.
  7. 7. End-users Need to Lead Sometimes nails dont like hammers. :)If your a hammer, everything looks like a nail.When vendors make all the topic decisions, bias cant be helped.End-users get bent out of shapeIts normal for AIIM to be vendor heavy....HOW MANY PEOPLE IN THISROOM REPRESENT A VENDOR?Let End-users lead and we will SERVE.IBFTry forming End User Topic Committiees ...and have them meet for 30minutes immediatly following other events to make it easy.
  8. 8. The Vendor Advantage Can we gift wrap that for you?VENDOR RESPONSIBILITIES:Invite your customers to a FREE event.Prepare nothingBuy them drinks for 25 centsLISTEN to them discuss topics IMPORTANT TO THEMGold and Platinum sponsors get a Reserved table. (Table Tents with"Thanks for your sponsorship Vendor X"
  9. 9. Annual Sponsorship ...get tactical X Not EnoughWHAT DOES THE BOARD NEED TO DO?Build and maintain list of potential sponsors.Include fields for -When do they like to give -What do they like to give -Their topics of interest?Create Sponsorship Calendar -with reminders -capable of passing on...Divide list to board membersOffer incentive for target $ -$1K toward AIIM national? -AIIM Certification Training?
  10. 10. Sponsorship PackagesPlatinum Marketing & Membership Package $2,500.00· Recognition and introductions at all six MN Chapter events· Reserved Table at five Thirsty Thursday events.· Prominent display of company logo on Minnesota AIIM communications &website.· Three (3) AIIM National Professional Memberships Gold Marketing & Membership Package $1,500.00· Recognition and introductions at three MN Chapter events· Reserved Table at three Thirsty Thursday events.· Prominent display of company logo on Minnesota AIIM communications &website.· One (1) AIIM National Professional MembershipSilver Marketing & Membership Package $300.00· Recognition and introductions at one MN Chapter event of your choice.· Company logo on single event communications
  11. 11. ECM CentralBecome Command Central for all ECM related activities in your region.Connect with other User Groups, Associations, etc.Create and offer a centralized Calendar of events forALL ECM RELATED GROUPS to use.Organize an annual meeting with regional ECM group leaders to shareideas.Maintain regional ECM directory of whos who. ADVERTISE IT, but dontmake it public. (We dont want to publish personal contact info)