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PMI Breakfast chapter meeting - Social Media overview for Project Managers 2012

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Pmi social 2012_tmp

  1. 1. Social MediaPMI Breakfast October 2012
  2. 2. Agenda Social Media for Project Management • LinkedIn Groups • SlideShare • Twitter Social Media for Job Search • Marketing Yourself • Relevant social posts
  3. 3. LinkedIn GroupsLinkedIn groups are great for sourcing candidates and gaininginsight to different industries and skill sets.Groups are often formed around common interests and allownetworking within its members.This can include career advice, general questions and discussionsas well as job postings. The maximum number of groups allowableis 50 so make sure where you join are industry relevant.
  4. 4. SlideShare Overview • Share/view presentations on any topic • Largest professional “Sharing site” • 50,000 slideshows uploaded weekly • Average time on site – 8 minutes • 28 million unique visitors per month How to Use • Showcase company expertise on topics • Marketing materials • Share content virally • SEO
  5. 5. Twitter TipsFollowing:Who you follow on Twitter is just as important as what youTweet. It defines your Twitter presence and focuses yourconversations and interests on Twitter.Search:There are many ways to search Twitter to enhance yourcandidate or topic search. Twitter has a real time searchlocated at the top of the page. You can use this featureanywhere throughout the site.!/search-advancedhas the same search function as the one that lives in theTwitter platform but it also allows you to conduct moreadvanced searches to focus on bios, regions andkeywords.
  6. 6. Twitter TipsHashtags (#)Hashtags help add tweets to a category which narrows down content within a search. Hashtags are created by putting a# in front of a word or phrase they want to be categorized. Note: phrases must be typed as one word. Some strong jobrelated hashtags are:#jobs#jobadvice#jobhunt#jobsearchhashtags make twitter easily searchable and relevant – use these:#jobs @KPCareers #[CITYNAME]+jobs #[CAREERFIELD]+jobsFor example:Come join #Kaiser #SF in #nursing #jobs
  7. 7. Social Media and JobsSource:Bullhorn Reach 2012 Social Recruiting Activity Report Q2 2011
  8. 8. What Candidates Are, December 2011
  9. 9. Twitter TipsWhy do you Tweet?Twitter is a 24 hour discussion, happening 365 days a year all over the country, you never know who,when or why someone will find your tweet. Your next star candidate could be just 1 tweet away.In order to get the most out of Twitter, it’s important to understand all of it’s messaging functionality.There are three main ways to directly communicate on Twitter besides tweeting.• Hashtags (#)• ReTweet (RT)• @username (ex: @JArdonLa)• Direct Messages (DM)
  10. 10. Twitter TipsReTweetReTweeting is exactly what the word implies. You are ReTweeting content someone else has tweeted. Thisgives credit to the person who originally posted the content and shows your followers what you’re interested inand want you want to share. You can ReTweet by clicking the ReTweet link on .NOTE: All of your followers can see what you ReTweet.
  11. 11. Twitter Tips@Username@username messages are tweets that indicate who you’re tweeting to. These are messages that are visible toall of your followers and indicate who you’re speaking with directly. In order to create an @Usernamemessage, just put @ symbol in front of the users Twitter handle and you will have created an @usernamemessage.
  12. 12. Twitter Tips• Have a human voice. People want to hear from a person or people, not an automated machine.• Tweet regional info, jobs, company career news, events, company news, career related tips such asresume and interview tips, career related articles and career shadowing tweets that portray the a day inthe life of an employee.•This is extremely important for two reasons. One, it humanizes the experience showing viewers youcare about their career and two, tweeting company related news and articles gives the potential applicanta first hand look into what they will be a part of as an employee in the Company as well as the companyculture.
  13. 13. LinkedIn Updates • Showcase expertise • Ask questions and encourage interaction • Network within your industry • Comment on other’s posts
  14. 14. Facebook - Use your Settings! •Lists •Privacy Levels •Privacy on EACH post •Subscribe to those you want to hear from
  15. 15. Others to Consider • Pinterest • Google+ • Klout • YouTube
  16. 16. Thank you!