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How Social Media has revolutionized Talent Acquisition! LWHRA 2013 Symposium - 5 Trends

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LWHRA SocialMedia 2013_FInal

  1. 1. How Does Social MediaRevolutionize Talent Acquisition? Jessica Lagala Young TMP Worldwide
  2. 2. Social Media Use In Recruitment  Five Trends: 1. Personalization 2. Transparency 3. Not Just HR 4. Marketing 5. Sharing  How to get Started
  3. 3. Social Media Use In Recruitment  Five Trends: 1. Personalization 2. Transparency 3. Not Just HR 4. Marketing 5. Sharing  How to get Started But first some Statistics…..
  4. 4. • 1 billion Facebook global profiles• U.S. Internet users spend more time on Facebook than any other web brand• Twitter has over 200 million active global users• Google+ has over 135 million active users• LinkedIn has 200 million global profiles• YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google• Pinterest reached 10 million users faster than any other standalone site in U.S. history
  5. 5. Source: WSJ Jan 2012, PCMag & Morrison Foerster Dec 2012
  6. 6. Social Media and Finding Jobs • 18.4 million Americans said Facebook got them their job • 8 million Americans said Twitter got them their job • 10.2 million Americans said LinkedIn got them their job Source: Bullhorn Media 2012
  7. 7. What Companies Are Doing Of companies surveyed: • 45% use Twitter to Find Talent • 80% use LinkedIn • 50% use Facebook 50% of companies plan to invest more in social recruiting Source: CareerEnlightenment.com 2011 RemarkableHire 2012
  8. 8. Source: Jobvite (2012) Up from 89% in 2011 and 83% in 2010
  9. 9. Source: Jobvite (2012)
  10. 10. Source: Jobvite (2012)
  11. 11. 1. Personalization• Connecting with candidates and employees• Creating communities• Having conversations
  12. 12. Personalization
  13. 13. Engage Employees on Pinterest• Rocket Clicks: Get to know the staff – Introductions• Red Door: Share perfect Office Visions
  14. 14. Job Matching with Social Profiles
  15. 15. 2. Transparency • Less stuffy look at your organization • Breaking down barriers • Using blogs • Pinterest • SlideShare
  16. 16. YouTube• Second Largest Search Engine• Show culture instead of writing about it• Testimonials• Work-Life Balance• Company activities
  17. 17. A Look Inside - No Matter What!
  18. 18. Pinterest Examples Project manage THIS! #job - #work at tmp• http://jobsattmp.com/new-york-jobs The work environment & Job Description visually• Hashtags• Links Our new conference room for the bigwigs - #work at tmp http://jobsattmp.com/new-york-jobs Want to eat #lunch with me? #work at tmp http://jobsattmp.com/new-york-jobs
  19. 19. SlideShare Overview • Share/view presentations on any topic • Largest professional “Sharing site” • 50,000 slideshows uploaded weekly • Average time on site – 8 minutes • 28 million unique visitors per month How to Use • Showcase company expertise on topics • Show internal thinking • Marketing materials • Share content virally • SEO • LinkedIn Integration
  20. 20. 3. Not Just HR • All kinds of referrals & sources • Influencers on Brand • Social ERPs
  21. 21. There‟s a Conversation Happening XYZ has such great potential but they are too slow to adapt and change. The career path is very limited or non-existent. Outside hires are treated better. Low pace of innovation and creative developmentGood work cultureand environment. Even with so less experience, they gave me a fair chance to express my ideas. - Given a lot of opportunities to grow myself both technical and non-technical. - Flexible hours, very appreciative management.
  22. 22. Influencers • Who is talking about you? • Who is leading the discussion about your product/technology/industry?
  23. 23. Showcase EVP Use your employees! • Develop a social media policy (rules) • Develop a social media guide (tips and suggestions) • Encourage uploads • Ask questions • Share networks and connect with employees • Employee Referral Programs – with a social component
  24. 24. 4. Marketing • What are the monthly priorities in Marketing? • Create Themes • Employer Brand showcase • Who is creating what is out there? • Content Sourcing
  25. 25. Content Sourcing • Calendar – Partner with Marketing for messaging • Listen - What is being said, respond appropriately • Measure – What kind of posts are successful?
  26. 26. Regular Posting 8am 2pm Share News story Share Job 2pm Comment Event 8am 9am Announcement 2pm Share News story 2pm Share Job Share Content Office Highlight Employee Shout Out 8am Work 2pm 2pm 2pm Share Job Accomplishment Share News story Office Highlight Post Photo Employee Shout 2pm Out Comment 2pm 2pm 4pm Work Employee Shout Post Photo Share News story Share Job Accomplishment Out 2pm 2pm Comment Share News story 1pm Event 8am 2pm 2pm Job Seeker Tip Announcement Share Job In the Community Share News story 2pm 2pm Office Highlight Comment
  27. 27. Dedicated Posting Share News story Share Job Employee Shout Out Comment Industry News Share News story Share Content Employee Shout Out Work Accomplishment Share News storyShare News story Event Announcement Comment Work Accomplishment Industry News Share News story Comment Office Highlight Share Job Comment Post Photo Share Job Office Highlight Share Job In the Community Employee Shout Out Share Job Post Photo Share News story Event Announcement Comment Share Job Share News story Job Seeker Tip
  28. 28. 5. Sharing • Pushing out the Employee Value Proposition • Work-Life Balance • Viral Campaigns • Referrals
  29. 29. Literally SHARE Share buttons are Free! • Benefits page • Each job posting • Company awards, events & news • Mobile Career site
  30. 30. Enticing „Shareable‟ Content Larger StoriesUse site Features• Star and Hide Stories Milestones• Milestones• Pinned posts• Hide content of lesser quality• Reduce clutter Starred Stories• Can Drive to Tab Content• Larger Stories• Expanded Photo/Video/Link view
  31. 31. Now What?
  32. 32. A Social Recruitment Strategy • Is a marathon not a sprint – needs long term commitment • Integrates with other parts of your recruitment strategy: career site, employee referral program, media plan, etc. • Requirements: Resources, time, technology, planning and measurement • Must be Measured
  33. 33. Considerations for Getting Started• Establishing and communicating Social Media Policy• Establishing and defining organizational objectives and goals• Understanding target audiences using social media• Crafting the game plan & deciding on platforms• Train and generate awareness among key stakeholder groups• Content, Content, Content• Execution & Monitoring• Metrics and ROI
  34. 34. Choose the social platforms that best fit your strategy: Personal Professional Referrals Active Seekers, Higher Level Interest SEO Visual Current, Hourly Male, Students/Tech Female
  35. 35. Start With Your Social Media Policy and Consider the Five Trends… Personalization Transparency Not Just HR Marketing Sharing
  36. 36. Summary: Recruitment StorytellingJob Seekers are looking more and more for how a company or job fits in their life:• Career Growth• Work-life balance• Fun & friendlyFor Example:• Images of the office and fun events on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter• Augmented reality apps about what is inside the office/campus• Maps showing gyms, daycare and public transportation nearby• Custom “fit finders” to match jobs to user‟s personal history and attributesShowcasing Culture is Key – Social Media can do that!• Make it Appealing• Personalize it• Consider its Viral potential
  37. 37. Social Media allows for conversations on a personal level. It can help showcase a company inside and out – with full transparency. When speaking to candidates all aspects of the organization can now be seen and heard – it is no longer just HR’s voice.Collaboration with Marketing can help develop social content and help create a robust EVP that employees and non-employees want to share.
  38. 38. Thank You! Jessica Lagala Youngjessica.young@tmp.com Twitter: @JArdonLa
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