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Marketing Product copy

  1. 1. TOUPBJBJ050509M_US_EMAIL.html 5/4/09 12:06 PM YOUR PRAYERS NEED THE HOUSE OF PROSPERITY TO END YOUR MONEY PROBLEMS BY MAY 16thfile:///Users/vivianho/Desktop/TOUPBJBJ050509M_US_EMAIL.html Page 1 of 8
  2. 2. TOUPBJBJ050509M_US_EMAIL.html 5/4/09 12:06 PM Dear , I am a strong believer in the power of prayer. It is a force to be reckoned with. Prayer definitely changes things. When times are hard, prayer can be a great comfort and it can pull us out of our desperate situations and bring us to a new beginning. I was musing on how prayers can turn our world around, taking us from a life of hardship to a life of prosperity and good fortune. I found myself wondering how I could help you to get the most out of your prayers. Just then, an email from an old friend hit my inbox and as I read its contents, a knowing smile formed on my lips as I realized yet again that the Universe had delivered exactly what I needed at the precise moment that I wanted it. You really need to see this, was the excited gist of my friends message. I stared at the screen: there in front of my eyes was the image of a house but not one that I had ever seen the likes of before. While only a few inches high, this beautiful house was fashioned from the finest porcelain and highly decorated with colorful designs. There was another picture of a hand holding the house to reveal an opening in its bottom, and a card of some sort was being inserted into the opening. I was intrigued and I resolved there and then to discover everything I possibly could about this little structure in order to see if I could put it to use in some way to help you improve and enrich your life. Well, , the more I delved, the more I realized that what I now know as The House of Prosperity could be the key to the breakthrough I have been looking for in my efforts to help you attract into your life everything that you feel is missing right now and you know deep in your heart of hearts you deserve. Universal Energy connects you to the Divine and brings you what you wish for in life Let me explain the power and potential of The House of Prosperity. As I mentioned right at the start of this letter, prayers have the power to change things for the better and a house, whether it is a house of worship or a house for dwelling in, symbolizes the connection between human beings living here on earth in the physical world and the spiritual realm of the Divine. The faithful of so many religions felt drawn to conceal their prayers and petitions inside houses, either their own or a communal house of worship, because both of these places were domains where they felt secure, ensuring that the Universe would hear and grant their wishes. As Im sure you know, , there is a ceaseless flow of energy between and through the Universe, the earth and all of us as we go about our lives. This energy is impersonal, but if we learn how to connect with it then it can create the kind of ideal conditions for us to enjoy happiness, prosperity and emotional, spiritual and physical health. Simply ask...and you will receive your fondest wishes I am now going to let you in on a secret, . I am sure you have noticed that some folk seem to sail through life, seemingly incapable of failure in any way. Whatever they want seems to just fall into their laps without any obvious effort on their part. However the truth is that these people whofile:///Users/vivianho/Desktop/TOUPBJBJ050509M_US_EMAIL.html Page 2 of 8
  3. 3. TOUPBJBJ050509M_US_EMAIL.html 5/4/09 12:06 PM are considered lucky or blessed arent any more intelligent or educated than you and they are certainly no more deserving of the riches that they enjoy. But what they are skilled at doing is asking for what they want! This may seem blindingly obvious and you may suspect that it is far too simple a concept to have any worth but in my experience it is remarkably common for the nicest and sweetest of folks to go without because they cannot bring themselves to simply ask for what they want. I have a sneaky suspicion that you might just fall into this category, my friend! You may have been brought up in the kind of home where you were not encouraged to openly state your desires. This might be because it was considered selfish or in bad taste, or simply because your family had to make a little in the way of resources go a very long way. However I am going to tell you that the secret to getting what you want really isnt a secret at all. To get what you want all you have to do is state clearly and simply exactly what your prayers and wishes are and how you want them to come into your life. And this is where The House of Prosperity enters the picture - I cant believe this is such a clever idea and yet it is simplicity itself. But I am getting ahead of myself and I need to slow down - I really want you to understand just why I believe The House of Prosperity could be such an incredible and positive addition to your life. Remember that right at the beginning I told you about the opening in the bottom of the House of Prosperity where a card of some sort was being inserted? Well, this is so that you can place within the House a prayer of your very own asking for something that you really want to attract into your life. The House then acts like a mini safety deposit box protecting your wish from negative energy in the environment. This will be your statement to the Universe that you are now ready to receive your hearts desire and that you are opening yourself up to the flow of energy and power that has always been there all along if you had but realized it, . Now you can open your heart to embrace all the riches, love, success and sheer happiness that you have always longed for! It couldnt be easier to get what you want with the help of the House of Prosperity Yes, it really is as simple as that my friend. When you write down your prayer or wish and place it inside The House of Prosperity, you will be moving in synch with the Universal energy and creating the perfect set up to enable your wish to come true in exactly the way that you have hoped it would. Make no mistake, this is a golden opportunity to ensure that your dreams come true. Remember, this is not something that only happens in fairy tales or to other luckier people. It is time that you let go of that negative and damaging perception and welcome the positive energy that resides inside of The House of Prosperity. 30-Day Trial entirely obligation-free I am so convinced that this is the foundation stone for your futurefile:///Users/vivianho/Desktop/TOUPBJBJ050509M_US_EMAIL.html Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. TOUPBJBJ050509M_US_EMAIL.html 5/4/09 12:06 PM prosperity, success and overall happiness that I have arranged for you to enjoy the benefits of your House of Prosperity for 30 days obligation-free and without paying out a single penny. And even then if you decide that it isnt all that I have told you it is, you can return it to me within an additional 30 days after the free trial period for a complete refund...and you dont even have to tell me why. But if this isnt incentive enough, I have also arranged for some very special FREE GIFTS that are brilliantly designed and carefully chosen to enhance and increase the power of The House of Prosperity. FREE GIFT Number 1 In order to create the optimum conditions for your House of Prosperity to work its magic, I have commissioned to my exact specifications an exclusive and beautiful pure silk scarf. On it you can see the outline of a village complete with streams, lawns and pathways. Here is where you can place your House of Prosperity in the way that you choose so that it can protect your wish and assist it to come to fruition for you. FREE GIFTS Numbers 2 and 3 Your wish is very personal and absolutely your very own. It deserves to be carefully inscribed as a message to the Universe that you matter and your wish is important to you. So I want you to have, completely FREE, a special Wish Card that fits perfectly into the opening in the base of The House of Prosperity. This maximizes the power of the House to preserve the integrity and intent of your prayer or wish. Not only that but I have also included FREE a special Gold Ink Pen with which to write down your prayer or wish and give it the added gravitas that is part of the special quality of Gold. FREE GIFTS Number 4 and 5file:///Users/vivianho/Desktop/TOUPBJBJ050509M_US_EMAIL.html Page 4 of 8
  5. 5. TOUPBJBJ050509M_US_EMAIL.html 5/4/09 12:06 PM FREE GIFTS Number 4 and 5 In order that your House of Prosperity can function at its highest power and allow the energy from the Universe to help your wish come true, I have created a unique Activation Ceremony, which, when carried out with the finest quality Incense that I also want you to have as a FREE GIFT, guarantees that your House of Prosperity is ready to accept your prayer or wish that you have written down. My 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Once you unpack your House of Prosperity and study it for a few minutes you will see just how exquisitely crafted it is. I bet you wont believe that it is coming to you at the incredibly low price of just $29.95. But there is yet more good news, because, remember you have 30 days to use, enjoy and study your House of Prosperity. If at any time after you have made your purchase you decide that it is not having the effect I promised you it would, you can return it to me within an additional 30 days after your free trial period, without even going to the trouble of giving me an explanation, and receive a full refund including the shipping and handling fee. Naturally, because you are my friend, you get to keep all of the FREE GIFTS for always. Your friend, Bethea I want The House of Prosperity tofile:///Users/vivianho/Desktop/TOUPBJBJ050509M_US_EMAIL.html Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. TOUPBJBJ050509M_US_EMAIL.html 5/4/09 12:06 PM empower my most urgent personal prayers and wishes to give me a wealthy life Yes, Bethea, Please send me my exquisitely handcrafted House of Prosperity, meticulously decorated by master artisans and complete with its opening where I can post my Prayer or Wish so that it can tap into the abundant energy of the Universe and start to give me a wealthy life. Please also send me my FREE GIFTSfile:///Users/vivianho/Desktop/TOUPBJBJ050509M_US_EMAIL.html Page 6 of 8
  7. 7. TOUPBJBJ050509M_US_EMAIL.html 5/4/09 12:06 PM Free Gift #1 My unique, pure silk Scarf artfully designed to show the layout of a magical village where I can place my House of Prosperity. Free Gift #2 My individual Wish Card so that I can inscribe my prayer or wish in order for the House of Prosperity to preserve its integrity. Free Gift #3 My incredible Gold Ink Pen with which to write my Prayer or Wish. The golden ink enhances the power and intent of my Prayer or Wish. Free Gifts #4 and #5 My individual Activation Ceremony and Incense to use when I am ready to post my Prayer or Wish. This Ceremony ensures that The house of Prosperity is primed and ready to accept my Prayer or Wish. I understand that this is completely 100% Risk and Obligation Free offer. I have 30 days to use and enjoy my House of Prosperity and only if I am completely satisfied at the end of this period will my credit card be billed for the sum of $ plus $ shipping and handling. I further understand that because this Offer carries your Unconditional 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, I for any reason return my House of Prosperityfile:///Users/vivianho/Desktop/TOUPBJBJ050509M_US_EMAIL.html Page 7 of 8
  8. 8. TOUPBJBJ050509M_US_EMAIL.html 5/4/09 12:06 PM to you within an additional 30 days after the free trial period and be sent - a complete refund including the cost of shipping and handling. I dont have to explain why and neither do I have to return my FREE GIFTS - they are mine to keep for all time. Since I am committed to nothing, please send me on the exact same RISK- FREE basis another House of Prosperity each month plus more FREE GIFTS until I have built my very own Village of Prosperity.file:///Users/vivianho/Desktop/TOUPBJBJ050509M_US_EMAIL.html Page 8 of 8