Social Media for Events

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How to add Social Media to your Event Strategy.

How to add Social Media to your Event Strategy.

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  • Thanks a lot. Bonus tip, create a QR code link to your tweet and get delegates to interact with you on twitter.

    QR codes aren't just for sending website links. You can set them up to prewrite a twitter message, respond to your tweet or just follow or retweet a message you've sent.
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  • 1. • Create an event on your existing Facebook business page • Post event link to Twitter + LinkedIn. • Create an Event page on Eventbrite. • EventBrite Link:
  • 2. • Announce that there are only a limited number of seats left • Announce that there is only a limited amount of time available to buy them • Run a Sale or a Special discount for a short amount of time • Notify visitors in real-time when an offer is about to expire
  • 3. • Post short updates that build buzz and excitement • Introduce event speakers + presenters with short 1 minute videos • Broadcast event setup, prizes, or special features about the event
  • 4. • Hashtags are typically a word preceded by a # sign • Brand all posts about your event with the same hashtag (i.e., #OurBigEvent) • Encourage attendees to do the same when they mention your event on their Twitter
  • 5. • 90% of meeting attendees have smartphones & 25% of event devices are iPads • Great opportunity to collect attendees data • Giving all attendees the opportunity to stay connected
  • 6. If you’re using a Twitter hashtag, mention it at the event so people use it in their updates. • Think about placement • Put it in a central place where people can see it • Create conversations with attendees by using the Hashtag somewhere on the screen • Invite your speakers to announce the Hashtag before they make their presentation
  • 7. • Have speakers produce teaser content which then goes LIVE only at your event • Introduce Speakers with a Short bio + Headshot • Start a Twitter Contest for Event Attendees, awarding them a Free Registration to the next event • Post Blogs that have been pre-assembled in Conjunction with each Speakers presentation • HootSuite:
  • 8. • Assign a Social Media Curator to your Event to engage with your audience • Monitor your Hashtag so that you can connect with attendees and absent guests • Share LIVE images of the event, so that attendees who weren’t able to make it can join in
  • 9. • Show your audience how much fun people had • Ask guests to tag themselves in the pictures & grow your likes • Grow your email list by only allowing access to certain content with sign-up to your newsletter
  • 10. • Share your event reactions and key takeaways • Publish your Twitter wall and embed it in a blog for absent guests to review • Invite key speakers or panelists to write a guest post
  • 11. • Post links to event pictures, videos through a Mailchimp Newsletter • Share material such as presentation slides through Slideshare • Create a “Thank You” e-newsletter with a promocode to the next event • Mailchimp: