Does Twitter Vine have a place in your advocacy program?


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If a picture is worth a thousand words what can you get for 6 seconds of video? A big impact according to Vine, the new app from Twitter. Brands like Alzheimer's Society, Nordstrom and General Electric think so too. So is it time for your group to start using Vine?

Hear SevenTwenty's Vine expert Jamey Ballo has she explains Vine, shows you some innovate ways Vine is being used by companies, associations and nonprofits and how you can make Vine work for your Advocacy program.

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Does Twitter Vine have a place in your advocacy program?

  1. 1. What is Vine?•  Vine is a mobile app that allowsusers to share 6-second videoswithin the app.•  Can be shared externally toTwitter and Facebook orembedded on a blog or website.•  Vine was designed in a way foryou to film short, allowinganimation-like effect.Vine’s monthly activeuser base soared from2% to nearly 8%of iPhone ownersin the U.S. betweenJanuary and April.* *According to the newMary Meeker internet trend study
  2. 2. Vine For Advocacy?Why Not?•  A unique opportunity to leverage the power of videoand Twitter to promote their issues.•  Your cause and your advocates canuse Vine to:o  Promote organizational events.o  Promote new initiatives and issue-basedcampaigns.o  Capture activist testimonials about theorganization and its work .
  3. 3. Children’s Advocacy Dayat The Capitol
  4. 4. The AlzheimerNS TeamProvides Contact Info
  5. 5. Volunteers Vine Charityto End Alzheimers
  6. 6. The Diabetes UK NonprofitThanks Followers
  7. 7. Nordstrom’s Talking Shirts
  8. 8. Developing IdeasFor Vine"Like Tweets, thebrevity of videoson Vine inspirescreativity.”- Mike Sippey , Twitters VP of Product
  9. 9. and/or Electric Gets CreativeTo Engage Followers
  10. 10. American AirlinesThanks Customer Vine
  11. 11. Time’s 90 years of TIMEsPerson of the Year Vine
  12. 12. Rolling Stones, “Guess Who’sOn the Front Cover”
  13. 13. Dunkin Donuts UsingVine Contest in New Campaign“We see Vine as an untappedresource that is in thebeginning stages of itspopularity. Our interest andinspiration to launch ourofficial Vine account camefrom Dunkin’ Donuts guests.”- Dunkin’ Donuts Representative
  14. 14. How To Tell A Story With Vine•  Advocate for an issue.•  Personalize your cause.•  Thank advocates.•  Make a statement about your issue.•  Capture the progression of issues throughout the years.•  Be creative.•  Provide a sneak peek.•  Engage advocates.
  15. 15. How to Use Vine•  Download and Create a Vine accounto  Sign-in using your Twitter account or email.•  Record a Vineo  Tap on the screen to record.o  A status bar at the top will show you muchof the six-second length you have recorded.•  Sharing your Vineo  Give it a caption and an optional location.o  Choose what networks to share it with.
  16. 16. Making Use of VineFor Your Advocacy Campaign•  Build into your social media team to create vine videosin real time.•  Make it part of your overall Twitter Strategy.•  Use a call to action.•  Tag other users.•  Engage your followers in conversation.
  17. 17. Global Fund To Fight AIDS)Uses Vine ToRaise Awareness
  18. 18. Global Fund To Fight AIDS)Uses Vine ToRaise Awareness
  19. 19. Global Fund To Fight AIDS)Uses Vine ToRaise Awareness
  20. 20. Global Fund To Fight AIDS)Uses Vine ToRaise Awareness
  21. 21. Key Takeways•  Be Spontaneous!•  Make Emotional Connections.•  Give Your audience A Reason To Share.•  Use Teasers In Your Vine.•  Use Hashtags.•  Vine In Real Time.•  Amplify Your Brand/Organization.
  22. 22. Places To Watch Videos On Vine, Even If You Don’tHave The App:Seenive.comVinething.coVineroulette.comVinesmap.comAllaroundthevines.comVineszap.comJustvined.comVpeeker.comTo get more info on new Internet products, andbreaking tech news, visit"If a picture is wortha thousand words,then a video isworth a million"- Napoleon Bonaparte
  23. 23. QUESTIONS?
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