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  1. 1. PSFK presentsFUTURE OFHEALTH prepared fora report Co n s u lti n g
  2. 2. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gShared By The Manyadvances in technology are allowing for the provision of affordable, decentralized a change is also occurring that is seeing increased access to and sharing ofhealthcare for the masses and are lowering the barriers to entry in less developed health information. this is made possible by the proliferation of systems designedmarkets. to overcome infrastructure insufficiencies. these systems are enabling the broadcast of information and receipt of subsequent feedback in virtually anythe analysis in PSFK’s Future of Health Report has yielded a number of insights, setting. From ‘town crier’ systems to ‘internet by text’, the collective knowledgethe most evident of which is mobile technology as a catalyst for change. the found on the web is being made available to populations around the world whomobile phone and connected tablet computer are allowing for the distribution of previously lacked access. the connectivity that is enabling the sharing of healtha broad range of medical and support services. this is especially important in information is also powering the growth of social networks focused on healthcountries with little or no healthcare infrastructure and areas in which there are and medical care. these networks are allowing professionals, health workers andfew trained healthcare professionals. these technologies also allow trained individuals to connect and share knowledge quickly.professionals to perform quality control remotely. PSFK’s Future of Health Report details 15 trends that will impact health andamongst the many significant developments is a shift towards one-on-one, in- wellness around the world. Simple advances such as off-the-grid energy and thefield diagnostics and monitoring. Services that were once only available at a introduction of gaming into healthcare service offerings sit alongside moredoctor’s office or hospital are now available on-demand through low-tech, future-forward developments such as bio-medical printing. It is our hope that thisaffordable solutions. personal systems allow for ‘good enough’ diagnostics that report will inspire your thinking and lead to services, applications andwould have been difficult, expensive and timely to attain previously. Using a basic technologies which will allow for more available, quality healthcare.phone with adapted software, a health worker can test for myriad symptoms -even cancer. this information can be relayed to a central medical care centerwhere doctors and trained professionals can react to the data, provide prompt piers Fawkesdiagnosis and suggest treatment options. the ability to capture this data and get Founder & presidentquick responses remotely means better healthcare, fewer trips to the hospital pSFK(which, for many means days away from home and family), and less time awayfrom work.WWW.PSFK.COM 2
  3. 3. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gIn the first half of the Future of pSFK invited the world’s leading GOALSHealth Report, pSFK provides an advertising and design agencies to • provide a snapshot of the key trends ABOUT PSFKanalysis of the trends impacting the react to the Future of Health driving change in personal health and healthcare pSFK is the go-to source for new ideashealth of many. We explore this Report. By imagining solutions for • Inspire businesses to react with innovative and inspiration for creative business. thefuture from the perspective of healthcare in emerging countries. solutions to help vast numbers of people lead New York City based trends and innovation healthier lives company publishes a daily news site,organizations, patients, healthcare We asked UNICeF to identify their provides research and business consultancy,providers and communities. We also key challenges in the field and set PSFK PROCESS manages a network of experts and hostshighlight how technology and idea-generating events. pSFK aims to inspire these as a brief for the creative pSFK conducted a research cycle during readers, clients and guests to make thingsaccess to information play a vital companies. In the second half of which they searched for signs of change better—whether that’s better products, betterrole in the ways that people the report we feature the and spoke to opinion leaders about shifts services, better lives or a better world. in the health and wellness landscape. ourunderstand, manage and receive responses. the solutions put forth researchers gathered several hundred pieces www.psfk.comcare whether that’s at home, in by these innovators, are not meant of data that provided both literal and lateralhospitals and clinics or in doctors’ inspiration within the areas of personal health CONTACT FOR mORE to anticipate every challenge faced and healthcare.offices. the trends identified within in the field, but rather are meant to iNFORmATiONthis document and the examples inspire new thinking in likeminds in at the end of the research period, pSFK’s piers Fawkes - project Lead team conducted pattern recognition to piers.fawkes@psfk.comused to bring them to life are companies, organizations, university identify trends, the strongest of which areinspired by innovation taking place researchers and governments. featured in this report, along with supporting Jeff Weiner - Business Developmentaround the globe. examples and analysis. jeff.weiner@psfk.com For copies of this report visit: www.psfk.com/future-of-healthWWW.PSFK.COM 3
  4. 4. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH TABLE OF CONTENTS Co n s u lti n g iNTROdUCTiON 2 CORE THEmES 5 CHALLENGES & imPLiCATiONS 6 KEy TRENdS 1. sms consultation 7 2. distance learning 15 3. temporary communities 23 4. handheld hospital 31 5. tracking matters 37 6. remote diagnostics 47 7. diy check up 55 8. picturing our health 63 9. wellness tracking 71 10. gaming for health 79 11. offline web 87 12. mobile distributed wealth 95 13. off the grid energy 103 14. hacking healthcare 111 15. bio-medical printing 119 CONCEPTS FOR HEALTH 127 ABOUT 207WWW.PSFK.COM 4
  5. 5. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH CORE THEmES Co n s u lti n geach of the trends identified in this report falls within one of four core themes identified by the innovation team at UNICeF, and is defined byrelationships between actors, aggregators, and interactions. the images below visualize how each trend is characterized by these relationships: COMMUNICATION FEEDBACK LOOP TOOLS Temporary Communities Personal Tracking Handheld Hospital Remote Diagnostics Gaming for Health DIY Check Up Offline Web Mobile Distributed Wealth Picturing Our Health GLOBAL NETWORKS Hacking Healthcare Bio-Medical Printing Distance Learning SMS Consultation Energy Off the Grid Tracking Matters HEALTH LAYMAN/PATIENT COMMUNITY SOCIAL “THE CLOUD” (REMOTE TO INFO AND/OR PROFESSIONAL NETWORK DIGITAL DATABASE) LOOP ACTORS AGGREGATORS INTERACTIONSWWW.PSFK.COM 5
  6. 6. PSFK presents CHALLENGES & prepared forFUTURE OF HEALTH imPLiCATiONS Co n s u lti n gHow will the trends identified in this report impact health for the many? the Innovation team at UNICeF identified ten critical challenges their localteams face in the field, and in the table below we describe how change reported in this document is helping to overcome them. CHallenge: laCK oF aCCeSS to Relevant and aCtIonable CHallenge: dIFFICulty In exeCutIng dIStanCe tRaInIng InFoRmatIon Access By Anyone Remote guidance information and health services are now more easily utilized by people without access treatment of patients by non-experts can now be augmented with professional doctor to an internet connection or costly hardware. guidance in emergency situations. CHallenge: lImIted abIlIty to ContaCt PHySICIanS and HealtH CHallenge: lImIted avaIlabIlIty oF doSage InFoRmatIon FoR woRKeRS wHen neCeSSaRy CeRtaIn age gRouPS Anywhere Diagnosis Virtual Medical Records temporary, ad-hoc hospitals can be set up for doctors to monitor larger groups of patients can carry their personal medical record easily, allowing access to medical people who get too sick to travel to hospitals. history at any hospital or health clinic. CHallenge: laCK oF ConneCtIon/CommunICatIon between CHallenge: dIFFICulty wItH IdentIFICatIon oF CommunIty HealtH CommunIty HealtH woRKeRS woRKeRS Community information officers Phone As iD messengers have influential roles within their immediate communities, serving as a financial services are addressing security and identity concerns on mobile devices, contact point and service provider. making it possible for health services to use the mobile number as a means of id. CHallenge: ImPoRtant need to ContInue buIldIng tRuSt and CHallenge: lImIted metHodS FoR SCHedulIng vISItS and CHeCK-uP ReSPeCt wItHIn CommunItIeS RemIndeRS FoR PatIentS Empower local leaders Frequent Check-ups, Early Detection helping citizens create their own message boards around relevant topics can provide a mobile devices can be used to monitor healthy patients and larger populations, forum for discussing local issues. therefore reducing the amount of visits for patients. CHallenge: IdentIFyIng needS In dIFFeRent PaRtS oF tHe woRld CHallenge: dIFFICultIeS In RegISteRIng new bIRtHS and adaPtIng tHe uSe oF PRogRamS/teCHnologIeS aCCoRdIngly shared insights targeted updates crowdsourcing data can allow multiple groups of people (universities, medical triggered events, such as purchasing habits of new parents, can send out alerts to institutions, etc.) to analyze it and react to findings or changes. appropriate personnel.WWW.PSFK.COM 6
  7. 7. SmSCONSULTATiON photo: catalina kulczar-marin ©2010
  8. 8. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH SmS CONSULTATiON Co n s u lti n gSummaRyIncreased access to mobile phones with evenbasic capabilities has led to the developmentof SMS services that connect users, allowingfor the exchange of vital information andexpert opinions in near real-time. this simpleformat provides a trusted resource for askingtime-sensitive questions, while providing ananonymous forum for gaining insights onpotentially sensitive subjects.ImPlICatIonS• trusted and Reliable sERViCE MonitoRs thE hEAlth stAtus oF hEAlthCARE PRoFEssionAls CollABoRAtE soCiAl nEtWoRking FRoM Any PhonE SMS systems can build trust and CoMMunitiEs thRough tExt encourage repeat usage by providing timely responses to questions and submissions.• bite-Size Info Concise information is easy to remember and spread, while also serving as efficient use of user time and battery on mobile devices.• low tech SMS negates the need for more advanced smartphones and cellular infrastructure in developing countries.• maintains Privacy Services can provide users with the option to maintain anonymity and privacy when EntiRE WoRlD As DisPlAy tExting tEEns gEt REliABlE hEAlth instAnt tWo-WAy gRouP MEssAging in-APP PuRChAsing FoR AugMEntED iDEntiFying FAkE MEDiCinEs ViA MoBilE EDuCAtion REAlity ContEnt PhonE asking sensitive information. The widespread use of mobile phones now connects “The questions asked are really very simple, the world like never before. How can new services but the answers are very vital things for leverage this unprecedented access to deliver people to know. SMS allows of-the-moment relevant information in a timely manner to those who type questions and answers.” need it? Katie Malbon, M.D. SMS Healthcare Expert Mount Sinai Adolescent Health CenterWWW.PSFK.COM 8
  9. 9. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gSERviCE mONiTORS THE HEALTH STATUS OFCOmmUNiTiES SmSChildCount+ is a mobile health platform developed by the Millennium Villagesproject aimed at empowering communities to improve child survival andmaternal health. Built on top of the open source platform rapidSMS, the CONSULTATiONservice uses SMS text messages to facilitate and coordinate the activities ofcommunity based healthcare providers, allowing them to register patientsand report their health status to a central web dashboard that provides a real-time view of the health of a community.http://www.childcount.orgWWW.PSFK.COM 9
  10. 10. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gHEALTHCARE PROFESSiONALS COLLABORATETHROUGH TExT SmSSan Francisco-based truth on Call has gathered a panel of physicians toanswer questions through text messages. Geared towards a professionalaudience of media, government, pharmaceutical executives, and doctors, the CONSULTATiONservice encourages critical communication between healthcare providersduring situations that warrant collaboration.http://www.truthoncall.comWWW.PSFK.COM 10
  11. 11. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gSOCiAL NETwORKiNG FROm ANy PHONEFinnish company Sibesonke, a spin-off from Nokia Siemens Networks, has SmSbuilt a social networking service that is available on even the simplest phones.It gives people access to chat, classifieds and other information. the serviceworks using SMS and the USSD text-based browsing protocol, both of which CONSULTATiONare part of the GSM technical standard, meaning there is no need to upgradea phone or establish an Internet data connection.http://www.sibesonke.comWWW.PSFK.COM 11
  12. 12. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gTExTiNG TEENS GET RELiABLE HEALTHEdUCATiON SmSMount Sinai adolescent Health Center has partnered with a mobile marketingcompany to develop the ‘text in the City’ program to encourage a closerrelationship with its clinic population. this initiative provides a free and CONSULTATiONreliable health education platform for teenagers through their primarymeans of communication, texting. the service offers a questions and answerfunction, birth control reminders and weekly “healthbytes.”http://textinthecity.posterous.comWWW.PSFK.COM 12
  13. 13. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n giNSTANT TwO-wAy GROUP mESSAGiNGFrontlineSMS is a free, open source software that enables instantaneous SmStwo-way communication on a large scale by turning a computer and a mobilephone or modem into a group messaging hub in any location that has amobile signal. With the platform, users can send messages to wide groups CONSULTATiONof people and collect responses to questions or surveys via SMS, as well asmanage contacts and export data to spreadsheets.http://www.frontlinesms.comWWW.PSFK.COM 13
  14. 14. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gidENTiFyiNG FAKE mEdiCiNES viA mOBiLEPHONE SmSthe mpedigree system is attempting to establish an electronic library ofmedicine being distributed in developing countries. By creating a largeresource of drug classifications that label drugs as illegitimate or genuine and CONSULTATiONmaking it available on a basic mobile platform, users from anywhere can beassured that they are purchasing or using safe medicine.http://mpedigree.netWWW.PSFK.COM 14
  15. 15. diSTANCELEARNiNG photo: catalina kulczar-marin ©2010
  16. 16. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH diSTANCE LEARNiNG Co n s u lti n gsuMMARythe development of faster mobile networksand improved device technology is allowingfor an unprecedented level of quality contentto be streamed to and viewed on consumerhandheld devices. this is enabling accessto the web’s entire library of video tutorialsand how-to programs, and can lead to thecreation of virtual classrooms that canhappen anywhere. this will evolve to includelive person-to-person video chats on mobilephones, allowing for a level of real-timeinteractivity that will bring new opportunities mOBiLE vidEO ASSiSTS HOmE viSiTS ConnECting DistAnt hosPitAls to mOBiLE APP HELPS dOCTORS ExPLAiNto how and where people learn. iMPRoVE tREAtMEnt CONdiTiONSImPlICatIonS• anywhere, anytime Classroom Citizens can learn proper care techniques in home, rather than travel outside, for up- to-date medical information• Reusable learnings Multiple people can receive training and learning from one information source.• Remote guidance treatment can be augmented with guidance from a highly trained medical professional in emergency situations.• Improved training training can be made faster, cheaper and WEB ViDEo tutoRiAls lEARn AnytiME on youtuBE VisuAl sElF-hElP gRouPs more efficient by using virtual classrooms to teach courses remotely. “Mobile devices make the jobs of remote Numerous attempts are being made to change the health workers easier. And when these end traditional top-down model of education. How can users have their needs addressed, they don’t new developments in internet and communications require much training and then they suggest technology, increase the reach of these new teaching more types of services that could help them.” methods and make them readily accessible to all populations? Merrick Schaefer Remote Communications Expert Project MwanaWWW.PSFK.COM 16
  17. 17. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gmOBiLE vidEO ASSiSTS HOmE viSiTStwo projects are leveraging the power of mobile video to supplement work diSTANCEin the homes of developing countries. First Days is a project by the BerkeleyInstitute of Design that gives healthcare workers in India short videos relatedto maternal health to show to their clients and help guide consultation. In LEARNiNGtanzania, healthcare volunteers are being aided with mobile video tutorialsduring home visits by a collaboration of D-tree International and BraCtanzania.http://bid.berkeley.eduhttp://www.d-tree.orghttp://www.brac.netWWW.PSFK.COM 17
  18. 18. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gCONNECTiNG diSTANT HOSPiTALS TO imPROvETREATmENT diSTANCEIn late 2009, hospitals in Sierra Leone launched a satellite link-up to connectdoctors in the country to doctors in India where there is better equipment fordata analysis. this facilitates real-time consultations between doctors in the LEARNiNGfield and specialists in hospitals.WWW.PSFK.COM 18
  19. 19. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gmOBiLE APP HELPS dOCTORS ExPLAiNCONdiTiONS diSTANCEthe Blausen Human atlas is an app for the iphone and ipad that contains alibrary of 150 interactive 3D animations, 1200 images and over 1,500 medicalterms to help explain human anatomy, common medical conditions and LEARNiNGtreatments. the app was designed to improve communication betweendoctors and patients by providing a visual method for understandingcomplicated diagnoses and procedures. Human atlas can also be a usefultool which can be shown to patients to help explain conditions out in thefield.http://blausen.com/iphoneWWW.PSFK.COM 19
  20. 20. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gwEB vidEO TUTORiALSaltus Learning Systems recently launched vSearch Mobile, a cloud-based diSTANCEservice that allows users to search and access audio and video contentfrom internet connected devices including the ipad, iphone, BlackBerryand android handsets. the service enables an organization to create a LEARNiNGrepository of searchable cloud-based content, delivering knowledge to large,geographically-dispersed audiences.http://www.altuscorp.comWWW.PSFK.COM 20
  21. 21. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gLEARN ANyTHiNG ANyTimE ON yOUTUBEthe Khan academy is a non-profit dedicated to the idea of democratizing diSTANCEeducation by making quality tools available to everyone in the world. to thatend, the organization has created over 1400 videos accessible on Youtubethat cover a breadth of topics from basic arithmetic and science to more LEARNiNGcomplex subjects such as business finance and medicine. over 70,000students visit the site every month and 35,000 videos are watched every day.other organizations have also begun distributing copies of Khan’s videos onoffline servers to rural areas in asia, Latin america and africa.http://www.khanacademy.orgWWW.PSFK.COM 21
  22. 22. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gviRTUAL SELF-HELP GROUPSpatientsLikeMe is a collective website that allows people with life- diSTANCEchanging conditions to connect with one another. It provides a platformthat helps people who have certain diseases to share their experiencesand teach coping strategies to those who have been recently diagnosed. LEARNiNGBy taking away geographic boundaries, users can learn first hand abouthow to deal with sicknesses that those in their immediate vicinity mightnot have experience with.http://www.patientslikeme.comWWW.PSFK.COM 22
  23. 23. TEmPORARyCOmmUNiTiES photo: catalina kulczar-marin ©2010
  24. 24. PSFK presents TEmPORARy prepared forFUTURE OF HEALTH COmmUNiTiES Co n s u lti n gsuMMARyBetter networking tools are enabling peopleto assemble quickly around one or moreshared connections such as location, interestor affiliation. these gatherings can occuranywhere and are often centered aroundaccomplishing a common goal. thesesystems create hyper-relevant networks thatcommunicate ideas and distribute informationacross groups.iMPliCAtions• Faster Formation sERViCE kEEPs PEoPlE ConnECtED in A MoBilE PhonE nEighBoRhooD MEssAgE instAnt hyPERloCAl shARing Groups of people can be quickly brought CRisis BoARD together for training, vaccination and emergency relief.• decentralized broadcast Citizens can gain information without having to go through potentially unreliable information channels.• task-Based Messaging local teams can quickly distribute tasks among geographically diverse people.• Relevant Messaging allowing users to create their own message boards around relevant topics can provide a forum for community issues. WEB PlAtFoRM PRoViDEs A WAy FoR ViRtuAl AssistAnt tuRns ChECk-ins into ChAt tool AlloWs gRouP ConVERsAtion PEoPlE to oRgAnizE sPontAnEously MEEtuPs oVER tExt MEssAging “Imagine hundreds of rescue workers, NGOs We’ve seen what groups of dedicated individuals and doctors as in Haiti, all passing around can accomplish when they’ve formed traditional data. That gives unparalleled up-to-date communities around common goals. Can the addition information of where people are, plus details of mobile technology increase their efficiency and such as movement patterns. It could help relevancy? faster relief, epidemic prevention and more.” Ulrik Hogrebe Communications Design Expert ASHA ProjectWWW.PSFK.COM 24
  25. 25. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gSERviCE KEEPS PEOPLE CONNECTEd iN ACRiSiS TEmPORARyInSteDD has developed GeoChat, a service for coordinating the efforts ofdifferent relief organizations on the ground to help ensure an organized,rapid response following a crisis. the platform is a flexible open source group COmmUNiTiEScommunications technology that lets team members interact to maintainshared geospatial awareness of who is doing what where -- over any device,on any platform, over any network, using SMS, email or web browser.http://instedd.org/geochatWWW.PSFK.COM 25
  26. 26. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gmOBiLE PHONE NEiGHBORHOOd mESSAGEBOARd MoBilE PhonE nEighBoRhooD MEssAgE BoARD TEmPORARyBlockChalk is an application for the iphone that allows people to leave behindvirtual messages and see what other people are saying in the immediatevicinity. It acts as a localized digital bulletin-board where users in its proximity COmmUNiTiEScan ask or answer questions and share useful information about theneighborhood.http://blockchalk.comWWW.PSFK.COM 26
  27. 27. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n giNSTANT HyPERLOCAL SHARiNGNokia Instant Community is a technology in development that can create TEmPORARycommunities on mobile devices within close range of each other. Withoutthe need for an internet connection, it relies on an ad-hoc wifi to establishand exchange information with others. through the service, users can instant COmmUNiTiESmessage with people nearby, as well as share pictures, songs, contact infoand other types of content.http://www.research.nokia.comWWW.PSFK.COM 27
  28. 28. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gwEB PLATFORm PROvidES A wAy FOR PEOPLETO ORGANizE SPONTANEOUSLy TEmPORARyMeetup is a web-based platform that provides social groups the ability toannounce, organize and meet in the real world. their “everywhere” servicehelps followers of companies and organizations to know about each other so COmmUNiTiESthat they can communicate and even meet up.http://www.meetup.com/everywhereWWW.PSFK.COM 28
  29. 29. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gviRTUAL ASSiSTANT TURNS CHECK-iNS iNTOmEETUPS TEmPORARyMeetGatsby uses location-based data from Foursquare to match nearbystrangers who may be interested in meeting. Users participate by linking theirFoursquare account to the Gatsby service, identifying interests that they may COmmUNiTiESshare with others. Upon check-in, Gatsby sends a text to notify users when amatch is nearby, allowing for a text conversation to be held instantly.http://meetgatsby.comWWW.PSFK.COM 29
  30. 30. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gCHAT TOOL ALLOwS GROUP CONvERSATiONOvER TExT mESSAGiNG TEmPORARyUS-based onebluebrick has created Fast Society, a tool that lets users createa message board-like forum just with text messaging. When a user sends outa text through the service, it creates a group chat that lets multiple people COmmUNiTiESread and respond to the thread through text messaging. Users start an eventwith a text, then when it’s over can review the event on its own web page.the service also allows groups to easily coordinate conference calls. thisallows easy, short communications among groups without the need for aninternet connection.http://www.fastsociety.comWWW.PSFK.COM 30
  31. 31. HANdHELdHOSPiTAL photo: catalina kulczar-marin ©2010
  32. 32. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH HANdHELd HOSPiTAL Co n s u lti n gsuMMARyMobile applications, peripherals and add-ons are becoming sophisticated enough toperform tasks comparable to their hospitalequivalents, at price points that are moreaccessible for members of emergingeconomies. although they often offer onlybasic functionality, these devices approximatevital diagnosis protocols closely enoughto provide people in remote areas withimmediate diagnosis.iMPliCAtions loW-Cost MoBilE PhonE EyE tEst lEns-lEss DigitAl MiCRosCoPE Plugs into PoRtABlE MiCRosCoPE DEliVERs• Provide good enough analysis MoBilE PhonEs stREAMing ViDEo to MoBilE DEViCEs patients in remote areas can receive basic diagnosis without having to travel to health clinics.• mobile Phone as tool Services can be built that augment the capabilities of basic phones enabling them to provide mobile care.• anywhere diagnosis temporary, ad-hoc hospitals can be set up for doctors to monitor larger groups of people who don’t have easy access to medical facilities.• Frequent Check-ups, early detection Mobile devices can be used to monitor healthy patients and larger populations oFF-thE-shElF DigitAl CAMERA sEEs Plug-in tEChnology FoR MoBilE PhonEs hAnDhElD DEViCE FoR CAPtuRing identifying and preventing pandemics by CAnCER in REAl tiME DiAgnosEs PnEuMoniA BioMEtRiCs in thE FiElD treating people before disease spreads. The notion of ‘good enough’ technology has proven “What people don’t realize is how much we to be successful when applied to the basic needs can already do using existing technologies and of consumers in the marketplace. What if this same mobile devices. The challenge is making these idea was established in the healthcare industry? technologies understandable, usable and relevant in people’s lives.” Richard Fine Health Product Innovator Help RemediesWWW.PSFK.COM 32
  33. 33. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gLOw-COST mOBiLE PHONE EyE TESTthe Near-eye tool for refractive assessment (Netra) project from the MIt HANdHELdMedia Lab provides eyesight tests by utilizing the screen of a smartphoneto display images while the Netra sensors measure the optical distortionacross different regions of the eye. this method eliminates the need for more HOSPiTALexpensive components found in traditional optical sensors.http://web.media.mit.edu/~pamplona/NETRAWWW.PSFK.COM 33
  34. 34. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gLens-Less DigitaL Microscope pLugs intoMobiLe phones HANdHELdUCLa’s ozcan research Group has developed a small digital microscope thatcan plug into a cell phone through a USB cable and perform basic medicaldiagnostics. this inexpensive, lightweight microscope doesn’t use a lens, but HOSPiTALinstead incorporates a light-emitting diode to illuminate the sample alongwith a light-sensing chip to capture images from slides. an algorithm is ableto analyze data from the images, determining patient blood counts andidentifying if any diseased cells or bacteria are present. this helps ensurequicker access to medication and treatment.http://innovate.ee.ucla.eduWWW.PSFK.COM 34
  35. 35. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gPORTABLE miCROSCOPE dELivERS STREAmiNGvidEO TO mOBiLE dEviCES HANdHELdJapanese firm Scalar Corp has developed a powerful microscope called theairMicro model a1 that can transmit video to the ipad or iphone over wirelessLaN. the microscope is equipped with a 50x lens for precise imaging, HOSPiTALenabling users to examine skin textures and blemishes on one or more mobiledevices using a proprietary mobile application.http://www.scalar.co.jp/englishWWW.PSFK.COM 35
  36. 36. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gOFF-THE-SHELF diGiTAL CAmERA SEES CANCERiN REAL TimE HANdHELdUsing a $400 olympus digital camera, biomedical researchers at riceUniversity and the University of texas are able to distinguish between healthyand cancerous cells with the addition of a small bundle of fiber-optic cable. HOSPiTALthe tip of the cable is placed against the inside of a patient’s cheek, whichhas been treated with a common fluorescent dye that causes cell nuclei toglow for better imaging. the pictures captured can then be examined on thecamera’s LCD screen to detect if abnormal cells are present. In the future,software upgrades could be developed to perform this analysis automatically.http://www.rice.eduWWW.PSFK.COM 36
  37. 37. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gPLUG-iN TECHNOLOGy FOR mOBiLE PHONESdiAGNOSES PNEUmONiA HANdHELdresearchers at the University of Melbourne in australia are adapting cellphones to help health workers quickly diagnose pneumonia. the teamhas developed a low-cost oximeter, a device that measures the oxygen HOSPiTALcontent in red blood cells by tracking the absorption of red and infrared lightwaves as they pass through a patient’s fingertip. this can be plugged into asmartphone with special diagnostic software to analyze readings obtainedfrom the sensor and determine a patient’s health. the next step is expandingthe prototype to work with simpler cell phones.http://www.ni.unimelb.edu.auWWW.PSFK.COM 37
  38. 38. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gHANdHELd dEviCE FOR CAPTURiNGBiOmETRiCS iN THE FiELd HANdHELdthe HIIDe is a portable biometric tool developed by the US army that cancapture people’s iris, finger, and facial profiles in field environments. With65,000 currently in use in Iraq and afghanistan, the device integrates with HOSPiTALworldwide databases housing biometric data, facilitating the quick care andtreatment of patients living in remote areas.http://biometricesc.mi.army.mil/SoftwareWWW.PSFK.COM 38
  39. 39. TRACKiNGmATTERS photo: catalina kulczar-marin ©2010
  40. 40. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH TRACKiNG mATTERS Co n s u lti n gsuMMARythe availability of low cost sensors and otherdigital technologies to collect and broadcastdata is enabling virtually any object—frompeople to packages—to be tracked andmonitored. existing mobile and web-basedplatforms can offer almost real-time access toinformation that can provide both positionaland conditional insights, resulting in greateraccountability and understanding.iMPliCAtions• Position and Condition sEnsoRs PRoViDE CoMPlEtE MonitoRing RFiD to tRACk PAtiEnts AnD RECoRDs in using sMEll to DEtECt sPoilAgE Medicine and vital supplies can be tracked oF MEDiCAl DEliVERiEs hosPitAls more accurately and easily to ensure they arrive untampered and in good condition.• targeted updates triggered events can send out alerts to appropriate personnel.• automated Inventory Inventory survey times can be shortened by requesting objects to check-into systems.• Continuous monitoring patients with chronic diseases can be monitored more easily and receive ongoing care.• Increased accountability personnel can be monitored to ensure sMARt lABEls hElP PAtiEnts tAkE Pills using RFiD FoR ACCountABility in GPS ENABLEd TRACKiNG OF CiTy RESOURCES attendance and delivery of services. EDuCAtionAl institutions “Integration of new technology (GPS, web “Whether you’re a healthcare provider, drug mapping) and the tried and true paper maps company or device maker, most of your and mobile phones ensure successful health interactions with patients are short and mapping.” mysterious. There’s a brief interaction and very limited opportunity for follow up. Everyone is Joshua Goldstein looking for ways to deepen that relationship.” Community Mapping Expert Map Kiberia Project Richard Fine Health Product Innovator Help RemediesWWW.PSFK.COM 40
  41. 41. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gSENSORS PROvidE COmPLETE mONiTORiNG OFmEdiCAL dELivERiES TRACKiNGSenseaware is a Fedex-powered service that uses comprehensive sensortechnology for web-based monitoring of packages. packages equipped withSenseaware deliver real-time information about location, temperature and mATTERSlighting, and other environmental cues, helping ensure that critical medicalsupplies and other sensitive materials are received in the proper condition.http://www.senseaware.comWWW.PSFK.COM 41
  42. 42. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gRFid TO TRACK PATiENTS ANd RECORdS iNHOSPiTALS TRACKiNGChina-based Daily rFID’s single-use tracking kit is designed to be used forhospital patient management tasks such as patient monitoring, medicationrecords, and tracing of newborn babies in hospital settings. the rFID- mATTERSenabled, wristband-based kit gives physicians and medical staff an easy wayto immediately identify a patient and their medical record with a wifi-enabledpDa hand-held reader, while simultaneously updating the system withcurrent information.http://www.rfid-in-china.comWWW.PSFK.COM 42
  43. 43. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gUSiNG SmELL TO dETECT SPOiLAGEGe is developing sensors that combine rFID tracking with an acute gas TRACKiNGsensing capability, which can detect the presence of distinct chemicalcompounds in the air. When attached to food products, these sensorsperiodically check for spoilage, alerting consumers either through an mATTERSintelligent label or by wireless notification.http://ge.geglobalresearch.comWWW.PSFK.COM 43
  44. 44. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gSmART LABELS HELP PATiENTS TAKE PiLLSpatients that opt into the eMedonline system are given a cellphone equipped TRACKiNGwith an rFID reader and pill bottles with rFID labels. a mobile applicationthat runs on the phone schedules their medication and alerts patients atappropriate times, explaining what they should take and what it is for, while mATTERSproviding a walkthrough succession of steps for more elderly users.http://www.emedonline.comWWW.PSFK.COM 44
  45. 45. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gUSiNG RFid FOR ACCOUNTABiLiTy iNEdUCATiONAL iNSTiTUTiONS TRACKiNGNorthern arizona University is working to implement a system for using rFIDproximity card readers to automatically take attendance in its classes, withan aim to increase attendance and student performance. the system calls mATTERSfor embedding rFID into the personal cards of each student in an effort tomonitor their whereabouts on campus.http://home.nau.eduWWW.PSFK.COM 45
  46. 46. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gGPS ENABLEd TRACKiNG OF CiTy RESOURCEStrash track is a project by the SeNSeable City Lab at MIt that aims to help TRACKiNGresidents see the path of trash after it leaves their homes. By placing rFIDtags on trash and following its path with both cellular triangulation and GpS,it allows users to view the path of their trash on a map. the project also hopes mATTERSto give residents a better understanding of the “removal Chain” process andtheir impact on the environment.http://senseable.mit.edu/trashtrackWWW.PSFK.COM 46
  47. 47. REmOTEdiAGNOSTiCS photo: catalina kulczar-marin ©2010
  48. 48. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH REmOTE diAGNOSTiCS Co n s u lti n gsuMMARyWeb-connected devices are now ableto capture an individual’s health-relateddata and communicate that informationto healthcare professionals situatedanywhere. this information allowsfor distributed care enabling remotediagnoses, alerting doctors to changingconditions as they occur and providing atotal picture of a person’s health so thatnecessary care can be administered. WEB-BAsED stEthosCoPE FoR REMotE ANALySiS OUTSOURCEd TO SLEEP ExPERTS Pill AlERts DoCtoRs WhEn sWAlloWED DiAgnosisiMPliCAtions• less beds, better Health treatment centers and hospitals can track patient health without patient visits.• Family-Centered a patient’s family life and work is less disrupted with remote diagnosis.• Picturing Health More relevant, accurate, real-time data of the health of populations can be gathered.• Foreign expertise Specialists can be utilized in geographically remote areas through technology-enabled consultations. intElligEnt BoDy MonitoR PREEMPtiVEly WEB ConnECtED CuFFs MonitoR REmOTE PATiENT mONiTORiNG viA THE PREDiCts hEARt FAiluRE hyPERtEnsion FRoM AFAR iPHONE “Fitness trackers, whether as wearable devices Traditionally patients have been required to travel or embedded into smartphones, will offer to a hospital or clinic to have their basic health data doctors the ability to see in real-time how taken and to receive consultations. What happens active their patients are, helping them glean when these measurements can be taken individually, from the data generated how best to modify a when the person being monitored does not have to patient’s lifestyle.” travel, and when they can instantly see progress or problem areas? Peter Rojas Technology Expert GDGT.comWWW.PSFK.COM 48
  49. 49. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gwEB-BASEd STETHOSCOPE FOR REmOTEdiAGNOSiS REmOTEthe Zargistelemed platform by Zargis Medical streams heart and lungsounds to anywhere in the world using a web-connected stethoscope. thesounds are transmitted in real-time either over the internet or a private diAGNOSTiCSnetwork allowing for remote diagnosis and expert analysis. the platform isintegrated with the Cardioscan heart sounds analysis software and the ZargisStethassist heart and lung sounds visualization software.http://www.zargis.comWWW.PSFK.COM 49
  50. 50. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gANALySiS OUTSOURCEd TO SLEEP ExPERTSSleep apnea is a condition that is costly to diagnose and often requires that a REmOTEpatient spend several nights in clinic for proper analysis. Watermark Medicalhas developed an at-home device that helps doctors diagnose sleep apnearemotely. the sensor-equipped headband is worn by a patient for a night or diAGNOSTiCStwo during their normal sleep cycles, measuring various metrics includingblood-oxygen saturation, air flow, pulse rate and snoring levels. the datais downloaded to a personal computer, then sent to a network of sleepprofessionals, one of whom delivers a report to the physician within 48 hours,with a diagnosis and suggested treatment.http://www.watermarkmedical.comWWW.PSFK.COM 50
  51. 51. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gPiLL ALERTS dOCTORS wHEN SwALLOwEdresearchers at the University of Florida have developed a prototype of REmOTEan ingestible pill capsule containing a microchip and an antenna, whichautomatically alerts doctors or family members when it is ingested. after it isswallowed, the microchip in the pill transmits a signal to an external electronic diAGNOSTiCSdevice which then alerts a cell phone or computer, informing the patient’sdoctor or family. the pill doesn’t require a battery as it is powered by shortbursts of low-voltage charge sent by the external device.http://news.ufl.edu/2010/03/31/antenna-pill-2WWW.PSFK.COM 51
  52. 52. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n giNTELLiGENT BOdy mONiTOR PREEmPTivELyPREdiCTS HEART FAiLURE REmOTEpiiX is a wireless, water-resistant sensor developed by Corventis that sticksto a patient’s chest, monitoring heart rate, respiratory rate, bodily fluids,and overall activity. It transmits this data to a central server for analysis and diAGNOSTiCSreview by both doctor and patient. the designers are working to generatealgorithms that can analyze the data and predict when a patient is on theverge of heart failure by comparing trends in his or her vital signs againstother cases.http://www.corventis.comWWW.PSFK.COM 52
  53. 53. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gwEB CONNECTEd CUFFS mONiTORHyPERTENSiON FROm AFAR REmOTEKaiser permanente Colorado recently concluded a trial to test if an easyhome-based monitoring system would lead to better control of a patient’shypertension. In the study, individuals were given a blood pressure cuff diAGNOSTiCSwith a USB connection that transmitted readings to the american Heartassociation’s Heart 360 website and a Microsoft HealthVault account viaa home computer. Clinical pharmacists and doctors looked at the reportsand used standard treatment algorithms to figure out whose drugs neededtweaking. patients were contacted by phone or email with any changes. Datasuggests positive outcomes from the experiment.https://www.kaiserpermanente.orgWWW.PSFK.COM 53
  54. 54. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gREmOTE PATiENT mONiTORiNG viA THE iPHONEthe airStrip series of applications for the iphone are a collection of mobile REmOTEservices that allow physicians to monitor patient status information awayfrom medical centers in real-time. the technology platform taps into thehospital systems and provides waveform data sets such as heart beat, vital diAGNOSTiCSsigns and imaging data via a secure connection from hospital to doctor.http://www.airstriptech.comWWW.PSFK.COM 54
  55. 55. diyCHECK UP photo: catalina kulczar-marin ©2010
  56. 56. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH diy CHECK UP Co n s u lti n gsuMMARyConsumer electronics such as mobilephones can be used by people to detectearly warning signals related to illnessand other medical conditions usingsimple biomedical inputs. By periodicallychecking their personal wellness, usersare able to better manage their ownhealth before visiting or consulting adoctor.iMPliCAtions DiAgnosE DisEAsE thRough sounD MoBilE APP Puts A thERAPist in youR low-teCH SelF-dIagnoSIS tool PoCkEt• at-Home Convenience access to self-administered tests encourages better health awareness.• empowering Citizens people can rely less on outside help for managing illnesses and ask more informed questions during routine checkups.• Increased Choice Interactive experiences can walk patients through diagnosis and treatments.• more efficient Healthcare Decreased time spent diagnosing non- critical illnesses at home enables health facilities to focus on more pressing cases. DEtECting PotEntiAl skin CAnCER intERACtiVE APP FoR DiAgnosing BACk APP PRoViDEs FRontlinE MEDiCAl inDiCAtoRs At hoME PAin ConsultAtion “The ability for people to test themselves We’ve already seen how wider access to web-based effectively will change the healthcare industry. information has empowered people to make more Focus will be taken away from in-clinic testing informed decisions in many aspects of their lives. and placed upon self-analysis.” How will further advances in these tools through a combination of ease of use and reliable results help Piers Fawkes, President, PSFK individuals take a more active role in managing their personal health?WWW.PSFK.COM 56
  57. 57. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gdiAGNOSE diSEASE THROUGH SOUNda new iphone application being developed by Star analytical Services is diydesigned to diagnose respiratory disease using the sound of a cough. Userssimply cough into the microphone; the acoustic properties of the soundare then compared against a database of coughs which indicate various CHECK UPmaladies.http://www.staranalyticalservices.com/WWW.PSFK.COM 57
  58. 58. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gmOBiLE APP PUTS A THERAPiST iN yOURPOCKET diythe Mobile therapy application being developed by Intel works by displayinga “mood map” on a user’s cell phone screen at random times during the day.Users tap the screen to indicate their current mood. Based on the information CHECK UPentered by the user, the application offers therapeutic exercises ranging frombreathing visualizations and progressive muscle relaxation to useful ways todisengage from a stressful situation.http://www.intel.comWWW.PSFK.COM 58
  59. 59. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gLOw-TECH SELF-diAGNOSiS TOOLDesigners at Honeywell technology Solutions in Bangalore have created a diyself-diagnosis tool for people living in rural India, empowering patients andhelping doctors by aiding patients in accurately identifying their symptoms.the simple design consists of a set of rings, each listing symptoms, a disease CHECK UPchart and other information. the patient rotates the rings and choosestheir symptoms by bringing them into a single line, below the marker. eachsymptom has a number printed on it. the user maps the disease code on thechart, and the chart provides tentative results: disease name, severity, nextsteps, diagnostic tests required to confirm the disease, the particular specialtyof doctor they should see, and contact information for doctors and hospitals.http://www.honeywell.com/sites/htslWWW.PSFK.COM 59
  60. 60. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gdETECTiNG POTENTiAL SKiN CANCERiNdiCATORS AT HOmE diythe Factor 61 concept by designer antonia Haaf is a home-use medicaldevice made for the early detection of nodular melanoma. the user holdstheir thumb over a sensor and the device analyzes visual characteristics from CHECK UPskin abnormalities with image recognition technology, identifying potentialindicators of skin cancer.WWW.PSFK.COM 60
  61. 61. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n giNTERACTivE APP FOR diAGNOSiNG BACK PAiNpain Free Back is an iphone application designed to provide individuals with diya rudimentary diagnosis and treatment guide for lower back pain. the apptakes sufferers through a personalized, guided discovery of potential causesof their pain and demonstrates simple and effective exercises to help relieve CHECK UPdiscomfort and improve spinal health.http://www.smarthealthsoftware.com/pain-free-backWWW.PSFK.COM 61
  62. 62. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gAPP PROvidES FRONTLiNE mEdiCALCONSULTATiON diyUS based WebMD has launched a free mobile application that lets users getbasic medical information before going to a doctor. the app allows usersto find local health providers, check symptoms and access basic drug and CHECK UPtreatment information.http://www.webmd.com/mobileWWW.PSFK.COM 62
  63. 63. PiCTURiNGOUR HEALTH photo: catalina kulczar-marin ©2010
  64. 64. PSFK presents PiCTURiNG prepared forFUTURE OF HEALTH OUR HEALTH Co n s u lti n gsuMMARyas more data is captured about individualsand communities, better tools are neededto make this often complex informationmore meaningful and easier to understand.the development of highly visual and ofteninteractive formats are providing experts andamateurs alike with methods for investigatinghealth on any scale, allowing for deeperanalysis and greater insight.iMPliCAtions• understand large Sets of data Faster MAking VisuAl sEnsE oF hEAlth DAtA Diy PlAtFoRM FoR VisuAlizing PERsonAl MAPPing outBREAks experts can get a better understanding of stAtistiCs overall health of an individual or region in less time than was previously possible.• overcome language barriers Citizens with little or no formal education can come to a better understanding of their own health, enabling them to be proactive in their healthcare decisions.• Shared Insights Crowdsourcing data analysis can allow multiple groups of people (universities, medical institutions, etc.) to react to findings or trends.• better Indicators Understanding history and past actions allows for the optimization of future tRACk AnD shARE gluCosE lEVEls APPliCAtion hElPs usERs sEE hoW WEll DAtA VisuAlizAtion tools FoR thE PuBliC behavior and healthcare practices. thEy’RE slEEPing From tools like growth charts (for monitoring a “People just need a snapshot of their behavior child’s nutritional status over time) to information and they will learn to interpret this data and about whether a mother has had the correct adjust their lives based on it. This information vaccinations, healthcare professionals collect doesn’t require a professional to interpret it.” massive amounts of patient data. How can the ability Jay Parkinson, M.D. to see individual data in easily understandable Healthcare Innovator visualizations or compared on a national scale allow The Future Well healthcare to be more accurate and efficient?WWW.PSFK.COM 64
  65. 65. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gviSUALiziNG GEOGRAPHiC HEALTHGe’s Healthymagination project is an effort to help users understand PiCTURiNGcomplex data sets. one aspect of the project is an interactive map that letsusers navigate health issues in the US on national, state, and county levels.the map can be filtered to view categories related to physical and mental OUR HEALTHhealth, socioeconomic status and even the physical environment. this giveresearchers the ability to see a high-level view of a country, then zoom downin to examine individual problem areas and the variables that affect them.http://www.healthymagination.comWWW.PSFK.COM 65
  66. 66. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gdiy PLATFORm FOR viSUALiziNG PERSONALSTATiSTiCS PiCTURiNGDaytum is a mobile and web-based platform that provides intuitive tools forcollecting and communicating data through a series of simple visualizations.the site features a dashboard where users can easily add, display, distribute OUR HEALTHand archive relevant information. It creates a larger picture of personal staticsthat can be tracked over time to provide deeper insights into behaviors andother metrics.http://daytum.comWWW.PSFK.COM 66
  67. 67. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gmAPPiNG OUTBREAKSGeographical visualizations of outbreaks and health incidents allow users PiCTURiNGto gain a broader understanding of occurrences across regions. Serviceslike Google Flutrends aggregate data from search terms, while services likeHealthMap filter news reports across media outlets. More localized solutions OUR HEALTHsuch as Ushahidi populate data points through user submitted SMS reports.Insights generated from the data can be used towards prevention efforts andallocating resources.http://www.google.org/flutrendshttp://healthmap.org/outbreaksnearmehttp://www.ushahidi.comWWW.PSFK.COM 67
  68. 68. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gTRACK ANd SHARE GLUCOSE LEvELSthe Bant app for the iphone enables users to visually track their blood PiCTURiNGglucose levels throughout the day. after recording glucose levels at pointsthroughout the day, users are then able to view their levels as a trend graphof daily, weekly and monthly views, sharing them with others as needed. OUR HEALTHhttp://bantapp.comWWW.PSFK.COM 68
  69. 69. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gAPPLiCATiON HELPS USERS SEE HOw wELLTHEy’RE SLEEPiNG PiCTURiNGSleep Cycle is a mobile application for the iphone that helps monitor andvisualize a user’s sleep patterns during the course of the night. throughmonitoring factors such as movement, snoring levels and other ambient data, OUR HEALTHthe applications provides visualizations in the forms of graphs that providevisual feedback. this gives user’s an understanding of their sleep patternsthat helps them make changes to their sleeping habits.http://www.mdlabs.se/sleepcycleWWW.PSFK.COM 69
  70. 70. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gdATA viSUALizATiON TOOLS FOR THE PUBLiCCreated under IBM’s Collaborative User experience lab, Many eyes is a set PiCTURiNGof web browser tools that allow users to generate interactive visualizationsof data sets. Users can submit their own data and decide on the best wayto visualize their output. Visualization types include geographic maps, word OUR HEALTHclouds and block histograms. the purpose of the project is to enable thegeneral public to focus efforts on gathering insights from data rather thangenerating and programming the visualizations.http://manyeyes.alphaworks.ibm.com/manyeyesWWW.PSFK.COM 70
  71. 71. wELLNESSTRACKiNG photo: catalina kulczar-marin ©2010
  72. 72. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH wELLNESS TRACKiNG Co n s u lti n gsuMMARytechnologies are being developed to helppeople self-monitor their health from anylocation, tracking and delivering basicbiometric data and performance statistics.apps are taking advantage of the sensorsin mobile phones to provide real-time,personalized feedback to individuals that theycan then share with their healthcare providersand families. When linked to action, thisinformation can help people lead healthierlifestyles. WEAR-EVERyWhERE DEViCE MonitoRs MoBilE APP tRACks DAily nutRition VisuAlizE youR RuniMPliCAtions FitnEss DAtA• ambient tracking passive tracking technologies allow people to collect important stats without interrupting normal activities.• virtual medical Records patients can carry their personal medical record easily, allowing access to medical history at any hospital or health clinic.• Instant diagnosis Frequent updates enable users to pinpoint problems in real-time. Constant updates allow for early detection and prevention.• easy-to-learn Introducing technology will be easier because it requires less effort and requires ClouD-BAsED nutRition sCAlE hElPs PEoPlE iMPRoVE WEight oVER LiFE-LOGGiNG GLASSES CAPTURE a smaller learning curve for users. tiME EvERyTHiNG THE wEARER SEES “A positive thing that can come out of tracking “Imagine what we could be doing, if we could is that patients learn to use data, and adjust just give people something as seemingly their lives based on it, on their own. Whenever simple as an electronic medical journal that you think about it, you don’t really spend all could follow the patient using the same low- that much time with your doctor.” tech principals that ASHA is built on.” Jay Parkinson, M.D. Ulrik Hogrebe Healthcare Innovator Communications Design Expert ASHA ProjectWWW.PSFK.COM 72
  73. 73. prepared forPSFK presentsFUTURE OF HEALTH Co n s u lti n gsuMMARyiMPliCAtions• • • BikE PoWERED PhonE ChARgER APP tRAnsFoRMs iPhonE into CREDit stoRE-FREE shoPPing ViA tExt CARD MAChinE EntiRE WoRlD As DisPlAy in-APP PuRChAsing FoR AugMEntED MoBilE CouPons oFFER oPPoRtunity FoR REAlity ContEnt REtAilERs to REWARD shoPPERs The Future WellWWW.PSFK.COM 73
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