Cfi biotech video series participant overview and onboarding 071712


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Cfi biotech video series participant overview and onboarding 071712

  1. 1. CFI Biotech Video Series Participant Overview and OnboardingProject OverviewThe Center for Food Integrity is developing a five-part video series aimed at educatingconsumers about a variety of topics related to biotechnology or GM crops including their safety,nutrition, benefits to health and the environment and labeling on packaged foods. Each video inthe series will include two individuals: an expert in the food, nutrition and biotechnology fieldfrom a respected independent institution and a consumer representative who has questionsabout the given topics. The goal of the video series is to help consumers walk away with abetter overall understanding about the food we eat every day.What Participants Can ExpectAs a participant in the video series, we want to help you understand your role and prepare togo on camera. First, there are some initial housekeeping items we would like to put in placeearly in the process: Sign a letter of agreement. We are asking all participants to sign a letter of agreement with CFI that simply outlines the activities and expectations for your involvement. Share all of the background materials. In addition to this document, we will send you three other pieces for your review: o The results of consumer focus groups that were conducted in April/May 2012 that helped us to identify the primary topics that consumers are most interested in learning more about o A full list of participants and topics of all of the videos in the series so you know the other individuals involved in the project o A few PowerPoint slides that outline the video format and style, and shows how we will film you and use the footage for the final product Schedule the video production and book any necessary travelneeded to connect the expert and consumer, as well as the project management team. We will work with you on identifying the dates that work best for all parties with the goals of completing the videos in July and August 2012. Identify the “shot list” and locations within the community or city where we will film the video. We are interested in showing you as a professional and parent/everyday person who is relatable, friendly and engaged. Ideally, we would love to capture video of you doing what you do every day related to food such as cooking for your family, going to the grocery store. If you are a parent, we hope you will allow us to include your children in the video with you.
  2. 2. CFI Biotech Video ProjectParticipant Overview & OnboardingPage 2Once we have these elements in place along with a signed agreement, here are the steps wewill take leading up to production: Take part in an initial background discussion to be held via phone.The discussion will include: o Introduction to the project o Introduction to the expert or consumer participant the subject will be paired with in the video o Review of top consumer concerns that were heard through focus groups and a list of questionsbased on those concerns as well as questions the participants have. These will be used as guides, not as a script, for video content o Ask consumers to identify questions ahead of time they would like to pose to an expert on the given topic. Participate in an in-person preparation session the day before production o You will meet the expert or consumer representative in person o We will review the content and questions the consumer will ask; content will not be scripted ahead of time Participatein a live video shoot at the agree-to locations and within the scope of the identified shot list o This could take place over the course of a few hours up to a full day of two depending on your availability and the shots neededFinalizing the Videos and ApprovalsApproximately 1-2 weeks after production, we expect to have a rough cut of the video.Participants will have the opportunity to view the video prior to finalization.CFI can choose touse or not use any footage or messages captured during production. CFI is committed to ensurethe video accurately represents your views and opinions.DistributionThe videos will be available for viewing on CFI’s consumer information Additionally, we are looking at other online distribution methods thatare yet to be determined.CompensationCFI wants to ensure the videos are credible and that all content was obtained honestly throughrespected and independent third parties. For this reason, no compensation will be made foroutright participation or to garner special opinions or messages as content for thevideo.However,in full consideration for any expenses incurred, a stipend will be made availableto cover travel, accommodations and meals as needed. The participant may decline acceptanceof the available stipend.
  3. 3. CFI Biotech Video ProjectParticipant Overview & OnboardingPage 3About the Center for Food Integrity (CFI)CFI was established in 2007 to build consumer trust and confidence in todays food system.We are a not-for-profit organization whose members represent each segment of the foodchain, including farmers and ranchers, universities, food processors, restaurants, retailers andfood companies. We have four distinct competencies aimed at equipping people in today’s foodsystem with the skills and messages they need to effectively communicate with consumers onissues of concern: We design and develop models that fundamentally define and communicate trust. We research and develop messages that build consumer trust. We train and develop highly qualified messengers to deliver positive and accurate information on today’s food system to key influencer audiences. We lead the food system in delivering programs and messages that build consumer trust.On behalf of our members we: Share accurate, balanced information Correct misinformation Highlights best practices that build trust Engages stakeholders to build consensus on issues that are of concern to consumersCFI does not lobby or advocate on behalf of individual food companies or brands.A full list of members can be found at www.foodintegrity.orgCFI manages the website that allows consumers to connect with foodsystem experts from the top universities and institutions in the U.S. The site offers a wealth ofexperts and information on just about any topic related to food. Consumers can post questionsthat will be answered by one or more of the many available experts. Experts who provideanswers and content to the site are not paid and their opinions and research results are solelytheir own.Project TeamThe following individuals will be working with you on the video series project: Video Sponsor Lead - Roxi Beck (Kansas City/Iowa City), Center for Food Integrity Project Managers – Elizabeth Castro and Todd Hansen (Chicago), Jeff Grass and Kelly O’Malley (St. Louis), O’Malley Hansen Communications Video Production – David McClain, Hatfield Post Production (Chicago)