Advanced Production A2 Music Video


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A2 Media Production.

This powerpoint shows our initial ideas and thoughts about our A2 task to create a music video.

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Advanced Production A2 Music Video

  1. 1. ADVANCED PRODUCTION Vicky Lewis and Jess MUSIC VIDEO Dinmore
  2. 2. BRIEF We chose to do a music video because it is something which we are both passionate about. We also chose a music video because after YouTubing short films, film trailers and music videos we chose a music video because that is what we thought we could do best and use a variety of skills. To decide what song we were going to use we talked about the artists that we both liked and were familiar with. We came to the conclusion of Ben Howard.
  3. 3. INITIAL RESEARCH We looked at lots of other people’s A2 work on YouTube to help give us ideas. Some were more useful than others, we look at a few genres including rock, pop and singer -song writes. We found that the majority of people didn’t re -create the songs just mouthed the words to the original track and that is why we decided we would re -record the song using a dif ferent voice.
  4. 4. INITIAL RESEARCH We then looked at the Ben Howard videos to obser ve what type of style he used. We then had to choose a song, we did this by a process of elimination we finally got down to two songs:- Only love- Keep your head up We decided on keep your head up because we looked at the lyrics and saw that we could easily build a stor y around them Af ter this we had to find out how to get copyright of the song and we looked up the record company (Islands record which is owned by Universal) and a draf t email has been created. We obser ved that the majority of his video’s had a filtered ef fect (such as in the still below) and were set in the autumn season.
  5. 5. TARGET AUDIENCE We wanted our target audience to be the same as Ben Howard’s because he appeals to a young generation of people like our selves so we know what they like and don’t like. Allowing us to put in or leave out certain elements. His music videos are very naturalistic with high contrast colours and appealing to the target audience not only through his lyrics and music but from the informal characteristics of the happy go lucky artists fun loving, common, every day setting videos. Therefore our target audience is 14 -23 year olds.
  6. 6. RESOURCES Sound Track:The sound track will need to be recorded again. We are also making the track acoustic using a guitar. Singer:We have asked and received a yes from a singer Josie. Locations:We have a couple of locations in mind and because we want to use a rural setting places such as high rocks in Tunbridge Wells or a lake in the Ashdown Forest is very useful. Of course we will need to ask permission for these before using them. Costumes:We have decided that we want the actors to be dressed in earth, pastel colours to suit the relaxed and everyday looking video. Actors:Yet to be decided.
  7. 7. THE USE OF NARRATIVE We understand that to create a successful and realistic music video, there needs to be an element of narrative to the video. The narrative of the original song we have chosen is very simple yet effective. We plan to create something similar but with the narrative easier to follow. The narrative is going to follow the lyrics of the song more literally so that it is easily translatable and easier for people to understand what’s going on.
  8. 8. PROBLEMS The main problem we will face is the weather, as this will have a huge impact on the location of the video Whether we can get permission from the land owners to use these facilities To aim to get our video done in the right weather conditions, we will have to start shooting soon but if the weather is not in our favour, then we can think about adjusting the season within the narrative of our video By making sure that we approach the land owners politely and in plenty of time.